Saturday, October 27, 2007

So cute! So small!
Any1 knows where to get one?

Since Spore is so persistent on holding the F1 race (I dun really care where it's held as long as nt next 2 my flat. If nt I everyday throw water bombs @ the racer 4 creating noise pollution), I decided to contribute some pics 2 help the organizers have an idea on how races was held in other countries(I know F1 is not similar to motor racing, but both are races mah. Make do lah...).

Will you bear to eat these?

I think I dun dare 2 eat, just put for display until it turns bad...
Btw, my bdae coming soon(26 Nov, dun pretend 2 4get). Any1 wan 2 get 1 for me? I promise 2 cherish it (put until turns bad lor, cherish enuff?)....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

High crime rates in Jap lead to this????

Hey check this out! And dun say my fashion sense is bad anymore okay? Compare to this, I feels that I'm pretty alright....