Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kind Soul

Was looking through the comments on the Yahoo! News page regarding the statement issued by MM Lee regarding the recent floods all over Singapore. Most of the commenters are dissatisfied with MM Lee's failure to address the problem and admit the mistake, in addition to shifting the blame on Singaporeans again.

But this...really make it on the top on my list.

So kind. Still show concern for the rest of the Singaporeans cause he scared other people kena dragged into the matter. I can imagine the end 'OK?' is spoken with a cute pleading tone.

You go, Local!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lenovo S10-3

Been having Lenovo S10-3 for quite sometime now and can't really bring myself to truthfully say this is my new "Digital Pet". My Dell Studio One 19 currently still holds that spot. For a number of reasons.

For those who have no idea what a S10-3 is. Well..its a netbook. Look at the picture below to get the ball rolling.
Everyone who seen it so far likes the criss cross mosaic pattern of the cover. I do too and still love it now. In fact that's what make me purchased it in the first place.

What a big mistake. A SGD578 dollars mistake.

Okay first thing first, let's start with the thing that's REALLY BOTHERING ME - ITS FREAKINGLY AGONIZINGLY HAIR-TEARINGLY SLOW!!!!!

If i know it will be this bad. I should had just get a laptop. Don't mind the size.

The netbook seems light enough to my friends but I had weighed a number of netbooks on my hand before. And trust me, my hands had felt lightest. I did weighed the S10-3 before the purchase though. But that was without batteries. Once again, I had fallen into prey of the infamous 'battery trap' again. Just like what I did with my Dell laptop (now in the hands of the evil twins). When will I ever learn????

Something fascinating is the QS (Quick Start) button. Main purpose of the thing is for quick access/bootup for web surfing purposes. Tried it but since it doesn't startup my Mobile BroadBand program, I'd never really see the whole thing go through. Once day I might bring it out someday but that will be quite a painful chore as till date, I had seen no netbook bag to my fancy.

The touchpad.......Arh....one big joke. Nobody in the world, judging for personal experience and online readers and editors reviews, would use this thing in his or her right mind unless he or she is desperate without a mouse at hand. Nuff said.

Well the rest is still minor issues, its the speed (or lack of) that is really killing my impatient soul. Regardless its the only thing I have and is able to bring to the states so I guess I have to really make do. Let's pray pray pray HARD that it will get SO MUCH better. PLEASE~~~

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PPS Fever - Alvin and The Chipmunks

PPS fever continues today. Today its Corpse Bride and Alvin and The Chipmunks.

I watched Corpse Bride years ago in the theaters....I think. If not I can't explain the familiarity of the movie. Its alright, just a little disgusting to watch when having a meal. Especially the ugly maggot.

Alvin and the Chipmunks however is something totally new to me. I remember years ago I used to scoff at people who paid money to watch it in the theaters. Boy was I wrong. Once I started, I can't stop! Theodore is the cutest. Still puzzled why Alvin is the "main chipmunk lead" though. He did nothing really special in the movie. Must be a personal favorite of the script writer.

Dave last job is in an advertising firm! So related to what I just studied!

I discovered this always happens. Things related to my studies usually appears after the entire thing (course and exams) is over. Seldom do things appear in between studies. Not to say they don't though. They do, just SELDOM.

Twisted !

Was playing the game [Natalie Brooks: Mystery at Hillcrest High] when I saw this....So messed up.

They got the astrology part right. Well...at least the Sagittarius. That's all I knew anyway. Haha~

But they really need to get their facts right on the Chinese horoscopes. I born in 1987 but I don't think I'm a Cat. In fact I know for sure that I'm a Rabbit! I am Chinese and I know these things.

Seriously~ Can't they just go a Google search or something? Surely that wouldn't take much of their game developing time! Moreover it will reflect better on the company. Now its just a joke!

What I Do During Break - June 2010

PPS is a good thing! Been watching so many wonderful stuff on it the past two weeks. So great I decided to rekindle my interest for PPS. Haha~

Fav anime at the mo is “天才宝宝” aka Aka-Chan To Boku and How to train your dragon 3d.
Speaking of "How To Train Your Dragon 3D", really regret no watching in its wonderful true Imax form while its in the theaters. The 3D effects looks damn cool~ Esp the beg where the waves looks like it will splash into your face and the end where Toothless was flying through the rocks.

This time I am going to watch Despicable Me no matter what. If nobody's watching with me I will drag my family along. Bwahahaha~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friendship Trauma

I guessed I am not good in making and maintaining friendships. To be frank, I always felt that its a miracle I have ANY friends at all. I am not a good friend and I always knew that. I do not give people presents mostly because I am brought up in a family whose tradition is doesn't include celebrating birthdays. Looking back, my primary school and secondary school do not celebrate birthdays as often as they do now.

Even so..... I am all the more grateful for all the friends that stayed with me till now. Eva, Shereen, Vanessa, LD....I know it wasn't easy. I am not the automatic sort. Neither am I the super fun and exciting type.

But then I do not think I deserve this. If you don't want to be friends. Just tell me so. We both know the relationship is strained. And its making me bad tempered cause its just so damn irritating to see us pretend.

Many a times I wanted to just tell you straight so that we can get it over and done with. But deep inside, I keep hoping that it will blow over and everything will be alright again.

I dunno if that day will ever comes. But right now, I don't how much more I can take.

So I am begging you....please end it?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Did I Do Wrong? Don't Think So~

Seriously. U never treat me right and now you expect me to be responsible for ur stuff?

How old do you think you are?

No thanks, I already have 2 immature brothers. Don't need you 2 to add to my headache.

And all those craps about you understanding us...pui~ Den you should have either saw it coming or at least understand why I back out, don't you?

And I told you 2 days before. You ample time to avoid panicking during the last min. When you said you respect my decision, I was relieved. I should have known. You respect nothing. Especially not me.

This US trip has already turned into a disaster. If you don't wanna travel w/me in the end, its fine. Good thing I have backup plans. Don't think you are the only 'friends' I have.

If you are angry, lemme tell you sth. You shouldn't be. CAUSE I AM F***ING FURIOUS RITE NOW! I SHOULD BE responsible? Now you look me yeah? Why don't you give me all your money then? I will be responsible and spend it all for you. I will try my hardest to spend it all so just give me your money. I promised I will complete this 'difficult' mission.

So much anger in my stomach. It's making me look fatter than usual. And I don't look very slim in the 1st place.

ARGGHHHH....F*** you!