Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Come across this when I am downloading songs (shhhhh~), looks interesting so I kope it.

Any one gt any idea how many heads there are? Come on, make a guess!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Angelina Saggy

It soared through the skies,
reaching greater heights,
going places where it'd never been b4.

So now my eyelids and lips are swollen.

Angelina, I challenge ur pout.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dad brought a new drink yesterday. Real cheap. It's like 500ml @ only SGD$0.75. Should be introductory offer but still damn cheap all the same.

It's so much easier 2 let the pixs do the talk.

Look! Tadpoles!

Basil Seed? WTH is basil? (Just checked Wiki, the plant does nt look very appetising, unlike the seeds)

Pdt made in SG. Definately must support. I love my ctry. LOL. It's pretty nice 2 drink anyway.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Got sick again.


2nd time in the mth of march. Dun even know wat happen. Been jinxed by my twin I guess.

Seriously, beginning of the mth - major flu infection slimming session, den end of the mth - major skin disease 风膜(no idea wat's it called in eng- rashes maybe?). And both times I gt nth 2 do so feel like fainting and just go back 1 sleep 90% of the time that I'm awake. WTH~

Due 2 this rashes thingy I cannt touch water, if nt more rashes will invade my body, nt like it's nt already covering me from head 2 toe already. Somemore I can't even feel wind blowing @ me(same reason as above) and I am forbided 2 bath. So now I smells even worse than the famous smelly tofu in taiwan(and nope, I will nv put that in my mth EVER! It's eviqualent 2 me eating shit). And it's so itchy until I gave up putting medication (homemade verison-wine biscut smashed into powdery form. My family refuse 2 go c doctor until our dying moments. Until then-we wouldn't be gg 2 a doc cause its most prob 2 late...) on them and then start 2 compare which side is more itchy and which is more disgusting. 

Yesterday I've been thinking - wat if I die like suddenly in my slp. Conclusion - interesting. I mean imagine a news rpt that says a woman in her early twenties died in her slp. Body is already smelly by the time police reached her. Probably due 2 nth bathing 4 2 many days.

Told ya it'll be fun.

But tat's yesterday. Today I'm like much better, at least nt fainting all over the hse. So I will most prob sneak a quick bath. A very speedy one cause my parents say not 2 stay there 4 more than 5 mins. Wonder if I gets anything done in the time? Most prob only the hair part?

Posting some 'rare' photos of my 'precious moments'. Took it just now cause yesterday I can't really get my flash 2 work the way I wanted it 2. Anyway, this is better. Dun wanna scare myself if ever I feel nostalgic & wanna look back and my pervious entries and find myself vomitting in the end.

It's prob hard 2 see in this light but u can vaguely see the red patch @ the root of my 'paying respect 2 ur family' finger and then some red spots here and there on the palm.

Same hand cause I can only operate the camera with my right hand. Left one nt trained yet. Anyway same as above, red patches and spots all over. And it's supposed 2 be better compared 2 yesterday. Believe me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MIA Bloody Red

I've been gg ard telling everyone that my period is irregular since it first started. Even though there's no evidence 2 prove this cause I dun like 2 mark the date of the start of my period, I kinda feel that it doesn't come every mth like every single woman in the world. 

Just 4 the fun of it, I marked the start of my period as 'bloody red' on the kitchen calendar. I make it so cursive that noone can read it just in case anyone was eating on the kitchen table and happen 2 look up and then instantly lost their appetite due 2 my markings.

Yesterday, I kinda miss the feeling of period so I wander 2 the kitchen 2 look @ the calendar. Ta-dah! My suspicions are proven. My last period happens btwn the beg and middle of the mth, and now it's almost the end of the mth and the only blood I see is from my gums when I brushed them 2 hard. 

Now I can continue gg ard telling everyone abt my irregular periods! Yeah~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am watching 康熙 with my mum and married celebrity couples are invited.

They were talking abt proposals when I turned 2 my mum:

I: So did dad proposed 2 u?

M: Yeah.

I: How does he do it? 

M: He just say let's get married and I just say 'ya'

I(-_-III): What! That's it? No other romantic stuff? So bland?

M:Yeah lor. 

I: Meaning if any one guy comes up 2 u and say 'let's get married' and you will 'ya' back?

M(laughing): Ya lor.

I: What are you? Desperate? <--I know I seem rude @ this pt but I can't help it. I was shocked beyond belief

M(still laughing): Ya lor (my mum seems handicap @ that pt. All she know is 'ya lor'). So you should get a boyfriend fast.

I(roll my eyes): I've already said it so many times. I will leech on 2 you even after you die. U can't get rid of me. Regret? Too late~

See what I mean by plp ard me bugging me 2 get a bf? What's exactly wrong with me that makes them so desperate 2 marry me away? My jobless status, my unsightly looks or my age?
Or is it all of the above? 



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recently I'm like so into yogurts.

So I went to pester my father to buy those big big tubs of yogurts, and he did! Yesterday, he bought back the Marigold Non-Fat Strawberry Flavor(only flavor that I like) yogurt! 1 kg of them! But seriously I expect more but 1kg will do for now.

It tastes really great! Say it will aids in my constipating digestive(or non-digestive) system but I see no effect so far. Maybe it requires a stronger power to be able to reach my digestive system, and change anything there. Oh well, I still likes this though. Better than I have 2 pathetically spend $1/2 just to buy a small 200ml cup of yogurt eveytime I crave 4 some. But the 1kg now only left abt maybe 400g. Not entirely my work cause my bro likes yogurt as well but I help 2 consume most of it. 

Searched the net (I dunno wat for. In a moment of folly maybe. This happens a lot 2 me) and found this yogurt lover who makes his/her own yogurt. Nice! Though I will not follow in her(I assume its a her cause makign homemade yogurts sound so gayish 4 guys) footsteps cause the base ingredients for making her yogurt cost abt $5.60 and the marigold one cost abt the same. So I will just save the trouble and go pester my father for another tube! Strawberry again!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lost Hope


I just found out that I missed 2 'free food' exhibitions.

There's a “Food & Beverage Fair 2009″ held @Suntec Hall 403 - 404 from 18th March to 22nd March 2009 and another “Asia Food & Consumer Fair” @Singapore Expo Hall 5A from 19th March to 22nd March 2009. Why must all end b4 2day? And isn't it stupid 2 held @ overlapping dates? And the stupidest thingy...


Oh and I just discovered that studying is a very exp affair.

1st thing 1st I gt 2 replace my long-lost MS Office and my long-thrown printer. I gt a cheapo version of OpenOffice (okay it's free) from Sun Microsystems (you know the one who develops Java and all those shit? Yup they were the ones. The OpenOffice thingy must be their part time jobs) and it doesn't work as well as those from Microsoft so I have no choice but 2 spend...my mum's $$. But not yet. And then all those course fees, textbooks fees, application fees, membership fees...etc. By the time its over. I most prob be in Africa eating animal shit with the starving childrens. 

Any cheapskate place 2 live & study? Maybe I should consider migrating...once again. To puala ubin maybe? :D

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another new place I wanna go - Bintan! 

So chio la. Wanna go there much more than ugly Batam. The only reason I wanna go there is bcoz I wanna get outta the ctry.

But Bintan is damn nice! Go kart also damn cheap. Unlimted for like $6 dollars per day. Imagine, I could lie there and nt move a inch and it cost me $6 anyway. Cool~

Seriously I hadn't been anywhere but I wanna go everywhere.

Tie a leash on my please.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I wonder why nobody wans 2 go travelling with me? Wat's wrong with me? Is it my face?

And everyone's thinking that I am slim enough except me. They are hinting they I am aneroxic. WTH~ Have u ever heard of aneroxics going 2 eat pastamania and then straight away go 4 tibits and then go and have sushi buffet after that?

And does aneroxics have stomachs the 50 times the size of their breast? It's isn't just a prob of hw small the breast is anymore, it's hw big the stomachs have grow.

Anyway after 2 days of being tortured by the acne babee, I've enjoyed the spendthrift trip 2day 2 the Kallang Leisure Park. Went 2 PastaMania 4 lunch, went 2 bowl 2 games cause the ice-skating rink is packed with sardines (no, I dun mean packed LIKE, I mean packed WITH) and then go Kbox 4 a no very cheap but no very exp session of singing and then lunch @ Jap Village (direct translation frm chinese. No idea wat's its eng name). All in all, spend abt $50.40. Already spent like 1/2 of the govt's funding 2 date.

But it's really nice. No regrets. Really like spending money like water. Wahahaha~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Onion Truth

Was sharping my teeth with onion rings when I sudddenly thought of searching for history of onion rings in my typical moment of nth better 2 do.

This is what I got from Hungry Girl.Com:
Onion rings have been around ever since a restaurant chain called Pig Stand (um, yes, that was the name) created the first batch back in the 1920s. A defenseless little onion is hacked into rings, drowned in egg yolk, smothered in flour, and finally meets its death when it's submerged in a vat of sizzling oil!  

Man I feel so guilty. But I dun think extra calories matters 2 me since I only grow fatter and won't grow thinner. So I already gave up on ever having a slender figure. Anyway the above info might nt be really true since most of the websites claim that they do not have the actual history of the onion ring. WTH, god or whatever above doesn't gimme face. 1st time I wanna know learn abt sth and nth really firm comes out.

But it is interesting 2 know onion rings come out of a pig stand! -_-III

Friday, March 13, 2009

I guess I must have gloated too loudly when me & my twin walked beside SMU yesterday. 

The status of my application fee changed from received to pending. Haiz...still have to pay.

The donuts from Donut factory which I brought yest is still nice though nt as fresh. I have no microwave if nt I would had followed the 'microwaved for 2 mins' instructions.

SG is really small and exp, nth 2 see and play but still dare 2 be so exp. Nw in the top 10 of the world but close - No 13.  WTF more exp than NY, y am I still living here? NY seems so much better in terms of its ctry size and cheaper cars. Anywayz, already decide on my migrating ctry - Taiwan. Can't see it anywhere on the Mercer’s Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2008 list so its pretty fine and I had always wanted 2 go there for its entertainment industry and food. Mostly for the food. Security there to me is still tolerable in my sense, fits perfectly 2 my nd
s. All I nd 2 do nw is persuade my mother 2 go there and nv come back.

Here's the entire chopped in half, I dun haf powerpt so I can't sewed them back.

SG is boxed in red while NY is highted in a shade of reddish grey. NY serves as a benchmark of 100 pts in this survey.

For those who can't even see a single shit from the fotos, just go here or here and here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Invasion Target - W7900 The Show

Might be divorcing my current phone if this comes to Singapore. Or maybe push my current W960i status to scandal partner and this phone to legitimate wife. Who knows? But @ the moment, my heart is itching for this.

The projector really hits the spot for me cause I betcha it will work in my room. My room is nt well-lit @ all 24/7 with the windows closed tightly and curtains always drawn. 

Man~ this is so cool!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have no religion but I am a faithful follower of the 'Do whatever u dun wanna do 2m..and 2m..and 2m' clan.

I've been planning 2 revise on my accounting 2 see if I can tahan the accountancy if I ever take it as a degree.

And the plan was before CNY, the implementation.....I can foresee no progress in the near future.

Nt a good habit but then I always believe in nt pushing myself 2 the limits cause then u will feel so drained after u exceed the limits. Strange, I believe in lotsa things for a free-thinker.

And the thing that scares me...I start having wierd dreams again. Been having that for 2 or 3 times consistently in a row.  Here's hw the dream goes: our entire block have a meeting (dun ask me hw I know everyone from the entire block cause I dun. I juz have the feeling everyone present is from my block) and then after then we have 2 walk 2 a CC or church or whatever nearby that pops out of nowhere. But everytime when I was abt to reach the road junction 2 the building, my legs feel so heavy and I can't lift it. But I knew I was gg 2 be late so I force myself 2 walk and then I trip but nobody cares 2 even turn around. And my bro is already on the opposite side looking at me wondering where I disappeared. Even those that I knew for some reason or another left later than I do after bypass me cause the traffic light is always green so u can constantly cross and the cars will constantly be stationary. I managed 2 reach the building and went into the hall which doorway is so low that I have to crawl to get in. Wonder if I am wearing a skirt in the dream cause I rmb the person manning the doorway is a male. 

Usually my dreams mean sth. B4 I start work for the bank, I've a dream which I have the intense feeling of I am caught in a contract or sth and desperately wanting to get out but I can't. So does this implies anything abt the degree I was planning 2 get? Then its 2 tough for me and I am the last in the class?

Oh no....this doesn't sounds good....

Friday, March 6, 2009

For 2 days in a row, everyone's computers has some kinda prob or another.

1st my bro, den my sec sch classmate, den my another bro.

And for some reason they look 4 me.

And for some reason, I can't solve it. 

This is starting 2 get me down. Seems like I am nt the tech genius I used 2 be. Or maybe I nv was. I was just plain lucky in the past and somehow the luck reports MC in all the above-mentioned cases. 

In this critical time, this happens. Now I can't even earn a single cent as a technical support officer. Damn!

Second thing, I had gone through a whitening process w/o having 2 apply anything on my face. Nice right? And I didn't even meant 4 it 2 happen till I saw the 'results'.

For those interested, just gobble down pills @ least 2 times per day for abt one wk as I do and u received those 'miraculous ' results.

No wonder I sense a tinge of panick in my mum's voice these past few days. She must have thought I was gg 2 go transparent any min.

Lotsa my friends including my family members always thought I love 2 eat pills. Well...nt exactly rite, I dun hate swallowing pills or anything - nth 2 fear or hate anyway, but what I am more looking forward 2 is the effects of the pills. 

U seen those rpg games where u have 2 fight monsters or villians and u suddenly kena until ur hp is damn low and u have 2 swallow sth (usually a pill) 2 make ur hp shoot like a rocket. And then u continue being busy-body like nobody's business.

This is what I am looking 4 when I swallow a pill. Headache? Swallow and few mins later, lessen or gone. Same for diarrhoea and other stupid diseases that pops up of nowhere. 

If u think it that way, eating pills in something very fun. And more easy 2 swallow than traditional chinese herbal medicine.
And now, the greatly-missed quote of da day!

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
I might be a 'nobody' in other plp's life, but I will always remains to be 'somebody' in my life.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'd finally give up & put on my winter clothing.

Cause I'm feeling cold and I need 2 sweat.

Result of this stupid flu.

Make me missed lotsa stuff.

Yesterday is my father's bday and we are treated to a 'fest' @ coffee shop. The rest were eating delicacies like roasted deer meat and I'm pitifully eating porridge with peanuts in some corner like an abused maid. Entire meal cost $43 plus and mine only cost abt $2.50 of it. 


I hate being sick! 

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm sick.

It's okay though. I'm kinda like waiting for this moment.

The heat inside me is building up and I feel like I had bad breath for years.

Now it has finally explode.

Just wondering if I gt enough tissue 2 cover me till it over...