Wednesday, November 24, 2010

US Trip (6st day, 24th nov 2010)

Woke up by the sound of Hailey' alarm. She must be tired too since she took quite a long time to reach it and turn the alarm off.

Dammit...just as I was getting a good night's sleep.

We went for another field trip today - to Witchita mountains. Awesome place with many endangered animals in the refuge, e.g. Buffalos, Elps, prairie dogs etc.

Prairie dogs are the cutest thing ever! And doesn't look anything like a dog.

Don't believe me? Just see the pic below:

Its like a safari tour today.

Might be going to gym today if there's mood and time. Cya tmr~

US Trip (4th & 5th day,22th & 23th nov 2010)

22th is a full day of school. Super boring! The teacher is a nice old lady who likes to mumble to herself. Drained my energy just trying to listen to her talk.

23th however is an outdoor field trip day! Not very happening but at least we get to go outta the classroom and wander around instead of listening to her talk...and talk...and talk. We went to this urban praire which has a creek where another professor (fat with long curly white hair) explained to us how they determine if the water is healthy. Seems that there's such way of just looking at it and you will know for sure. You will have to examine and take the water samples back to the lab for testing.

So science right? I know.

I have no idea why I am taking this class. Unless I want to be a weather reporter with really atas scientific knowledge.

Not really that interested frankly.

After that we went to lunch at this Louie's Sports Grill place. Not sure how good is their grilled food, but the pizza is good! Beats Pizza's Hut anyday. And please go bankrupt soon, California's 2-for-1 pizza. No idea how you can survive this long with pizza that tastes like flour, cheese and tomato paste. Separately.

After lunch, we went back to the school for a presentation by OERB (Oklahoma Energy Reservation Board I think...), and after that to a lab where they tested various water, oil or other samples.

Went to Dollar Tree when class ends (at 4.30pm...YEAH!!!), but we didn't bought much. Even Jayvern agrees that it gets boring the second time. Seriously its fun, but only when you have things to buy and is in a shopping mood. And even then I don't get as high as Jayvern when she sees cheap sweets.

Photos up asap. Stay tuned...

Monday, November 22, 2010

US Trip (3nd day,21th nov 2010)

Went for orientation. Expected it to be the super childish kind with lotsa ice breakers but fortunately its just Virginia Oden sharing lotsa much needed information (and warnings) with us.

Went for a tour in the 'school bus' and visited the Oklahoma bombing memorial park and museum. Nothing much there. Got bored after just a few minutes.

Then the bus drove us to the Golden Corral for lunch. In the midst we past by the liquor warehouse 2 times and Jayvern and Sendya got real excited. Ironically the only alcohol in the house is Mojito.

Golden Corral (yup, 2 'r's) is fantastic. Akin to Mache but so much better! Unlimited refill. Buffet style! What's more, its like a standard price for everything. With so much good stuff to eat, I am starting to worry about my parents' reaction to my new body size when I dropped down at Changi Airport 3 weeks later.

Sendya arranged 3 gummy bears together (in Jayvern's unwanted bow of ice cream) to form a 'threesome'. Jayvern stubbornly refused to tell Sendya how to spell 'threesome'.

After that I was so shagged when I got back home, I slept at 7 p.m.!


US Trip (2nd day,20th nov 2010)

Was supposed to be fetching Gena from the airport today. Arranged with Shirley (is it spelled this way?) and Jocelyn (same previous comment applies) to go to Walmart. Instead we head to Dollar Tree where every single item is EXACTLY USD1!!!!

Try beating that Value Dollar shop. Your item varies from $1.05 to $12.05 (I think...higher or lower depending on items on sale for the period) lor. No consistency at all. QC failed big time.

After fetching Gena, we went back to our hotel and sleep after a expensive and not really that tasty lunch. Lunching at restaurants (other than the fast food kind) is so not worth it.

We head to Walmart for some heavy grocery shopping. The shopping power of women can never be underestimated. We shopped for a total of about 3 plus hours. Some minor melodrama happened when we lost Jayvern and Hailey missing. literally. For a moment there Ic contemplate the use of intercom. But "Can Jayvern and Hailey reports to the customer service counter please? Your friends are waiting for you. I repeat.." sounds...erm...cheeky? Therefore we decide to save both them and us embarrassment lest we get mistaken for country pumpkin.

Luckily we found them in the end. Stay energetic for quite sometime after that. Managed to only fall into deep slumber at around 2a.m.

*Photos up asap. Stay tuned...*

Saturday, November 20, 2010

US Trip (1st day, 19th nov 2010)

Using the in flight moving map application. I see that I am in the air above Philippines. Already I wanna get down. Can't find the toliet initially. Such a noob. Can feel the other passengers laughing at me. I like the turbulence, the setting off and touching down (◦'⌣'◦)
- Touched down at narita and to our surprise, our flight is delayed for abt 2 hour! (From 3.15pm tkt to 4.50 tkt) Luckily it turned to be a scare, still delay though. To 3.50pm tyt. Now its 3.14pm. Still waiting....
- Saw snow at Minneapolis airport! White blanket covering entire Minneapolis! Awesome!
- 2nd flight delay of the day from Minneapolis to Oklahoma City for abt 45 mins! What luck!
- Small and cramped Delta Connection has a wide array of soft drinks. Still prefer the comparatively spacious (but still tight aisles) to this domestic flight. Pretzels are yucky but I finished 2 packets of those biscuits. The ONLY flight attendent (compare that to abt 6-12 attendents on an international flight) is a fat male with an attractive voice. Lol!
- Touched down at Will Rogers airport. Waiting for our luggage when the coveyor belt stops suddenly. Turns out some idiot kicked the emergency stop button. But we got our luggages in the end. Met 2 nice part-time 'schoolmates/modulemates' (.....watever....). Nice persons. Bonded with them over a salty macdonald meal. Its dirt cheap btw. Hate the strong winds and blazing cold though.

*Photos up asap. Stay tuned...*

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weather Conditions from The Weather Channel

This alert was sent from a friend.

Severe Weather Alert for Oklahoma City, OK

Freeze Warning until Thu Nov 18 2010 08:00 AM CST


For more weather information, visit from your PC or mobile device.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beyond Expectation (The Competitor in Me)

This is the email sent to me by my values and culture lecturer:

Dear Megan Tan Wei Shan- 

Your grade on Essay #2 is "A-".
 --Leo Werneke

This might not be a great grade for most, but I am already exceptionally grateful. Especially considering the fact that I missed most of Leo's classes and never return after the break until the lessons are over.

I so afraid he will flunk me cause I am 100% sure he knew about my absence.

Even got caught red-handed a few times.

To show my gratitude, I am gonna work real hard on the post assignment!!! real.

I had already finished the post assignment and it was sloppily done. And it will take a giant buffalo to make me redo it again.


I promise to add in if I think of anything Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡

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Packing (12 Days to OKC)

Luggage packing is a tiring job. I didn't even get much today!

But thank goodness I made a checklist of the stuff I would put in my luggage, handcarry and what I would wear respectively! How's that for orderly?

I thought I misplaced my US dollars yesterday. Nearly broke into tears. I probably won't had found it if not for my determination of 'not gonna sleep tonight if I don't find my usd".

Sometimes you just need pure determination and a stroke of luck. Memory is important too but then its not always reliable.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nothing beats the real thing

After staring for several hours at my computer (doing my v&c essay. Extremely slow progress, dammit!), the view out my window seem to have more vibrant colors than usual. HD LCD monitors can't beat this even if they tried...
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Testing Post - Nails

I don't think I'm apt for growing nails. Since I start growing them about 3 weeks ago, I had been scratching my neck with them. Either I should just learn to not flick my hair (always scratched my neck with my nails when I brush my hair away from my face) or I should just cut my nails.

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