Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ok, I run out of words to use. My thesaurus got limited words. But still Arhhh!!!!

There's this unknown species (maybe only to me) in my room! In front of me! Right now! Right here! Right this minute! Thise second! While I am typing (my speed is incredibly fast at this pt in time. U think i will win a guinness world record for the fastest short term typing speed burst?)!!

At first it doesn't look so scary. Until my hand itchy and go and zoom in....

Look! it got 2 heads! 2 heads! Ahhhh!!! 2 heads...!!

Don't believe. Zoom in again. Still 2 heads! Ahhhh!!!

DAM Test

Since I brought the handphone which makes me eternally bankrupt, I had been dying to try out its 5 mp camera. These are some random photos I took(except for one with me standing in front of an aquarium. That is taken by my bro). The black black ones are what I took at the Safari. They say no flash photography so in the end I give up taking any photos as I cannot see anything in my photos...

Jac and 1t acting sexy on the pooltable.

I want am camera shy but I 4gt to use my hand to block my face instead of just putting it closer to the camera.

Taken at the giant aquarium containing giant fish which is in front of the males toliet. My bro's hp really doesn't work well in the night. Or is that how I really look like?

From now on, if you see any dark dark pictures it must be from the night safari. You may want to click to view the full size version. It might be clearer. Don't ask me which animal is inside. I simply have no idea. Den what's the point of uploading? Hey, I had taken so much effort in taking these pictures so I want to upload no matter what. Even if it only serves the purpose of irritating plp.

At last, I can at least see that there is some animals inside this photo...

That's all the dark dark photos for 2day! Tata~