Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It Has Finally Ended

The tedious product that I had ever brought has just arrived!

Let's welcome the newest member in the Tan family - it's a new desktop!

Or sort of....I have no idea where to classify it under as it has no cpu but it's certainly not a laptop cause you have external keyboard and mouse (Wireless. Wee~), and just the monitor is abt 4 plus kg. Try carrying THAT around.

The delivery man come so early sia. 10 plus in the morning when they say 2-6pm. Oh well...better early than late. Haha..nice person also. We xchg a few craps before he went off...

God... how I miss typing on a physical keyboard instead of those "it's there but it's not really there" laptop keypad.

So happy knocking and jaming the keys...

Gimme some time...

Just a bit more....

There i'm done torturing the keys.......... Where am I?

Oh, about the unboxing pictures. Don't really have them as me and my bros are too anxious to unpack it. The rest too ugly so I dun wanna upload them as well. You can go search the internet for some. Mine is the red one.

Dam chio rite?

But a bit ma-fan la. Cause they don't have a button to adjust screen brightness so I have to stand the glare until I cannot tahan anymore and called Dell tech support then they told me I have to go DEEP, DEEP inside the Nvidia control panel. And after adjusting the brightness to ''0'', it's still very bright.

Wth right?

Oh...and I luuuuuuuvvv the facial recognition feature(can login with your face using webcam. Meanwhile you can use it as a mirror. Webcam is damn fast!) and the touch-and-open (only touch-sensitive feature on the entire thang, cause I too cheapskate to go for the touch-screen) disk drive.

I'm sure there's more. But it's pretty empty right now. Being new and everything. Not to worry. With me as its owner it's bout to be filled up pretty fast.

That's bout it then, off to torture Dell Studio One 19 (that's its model. Finally find some place to squeezed it in). Byez~~

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's finally due 2 arrive tmr.

Such a sucky, tedious and tiring process.

Might take unboxing pictures if mood is up to it. Hope I don't have to rebox and sent it back for xchg/refunds.

Time is between 2pm-6pm. Long range right? I know. They wanted to come at ard 6pm-10pm. I tell them only my ghost will be there to open the door.

Now time to wait....more wait...and wait....

Update: I'm starting to get a very bad feeling abt this.....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nobody has the right to control me. Especially you.

I hated being controlled.

That's why I'm fight so hard being independent and you still suck your thumb like a baby.

I hate whimpers. And you are one.

You are everything I hate and what i don't want to be.

Man...it sucks being you.

Only 2 yrs to go...goodbye~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Finally got to play my 4D Magix and Cineblast.

4D Magix is more of an experience outta the two though. Aside from the bring storyline, the brilliant 3d effects and the occasional jerks and splatter that helps you to experience what the characters are gg through is really nice, though kinda freaky sometimes. Esp when the scene where the crabs comes out, you can literally feel something that bites you from underneath your seats. I keep complaining that its very painful to Ms. V even minutes after the show.

For the Cineblast part, we went for the logride thingy (totally forgot the name and lazy to check). Pretty amazing experience. Quite akin to the simulation rides at Science centre. The bad parts is that its too short. Feels like you just started and then the ride ends. Totally not worth the abt 30 mins commercial @ the beginning where they crap abt safety features and introduces the other rides they have 'next door' when the ride is like only 10 mins at most? Another thing is the seats are leveled. So for shorties like me, I can't really see when the log comes flying at me or when we are @ a cliff and is about to fall. I just saw parts of the screen with a big shadowy head in front of me. Spoils the experience at least by 80%.

After the 'fun', me and Ms V decided that we can't just come all the way just for the rides so we went for a quick but very expensive bite at Coffee Bean and then chitchat by the beach. Romantic rite? Haha...Afterwards, we went back to Vivo for dinner(Subway again. I hate myself) and went to MY FAV STORE - TOY'R'US!

Btw how do you pronounce it? Toy are us? I always pronounced it as toysaurus. Kinda like a new species of dinosaurs or sth. Anyway, inside the store I keep deciding WAaAAAAAy in advance what kinda toys I will buy for my future kids (if I have any) and what kind I would NEVER buy. And then forced Ms V to do the same.

Then shop shop @ electronic stores so that I can drool at electronics, esp laptops.

All in all this is the ideal kinda outing that i like with my friends. Lotsa sharing of our lives (meaning non-stop chit chat) and fun without a care in the world (meaning lotsa burning of money). So far, Ms V is the only one that can do this with me. Cause Ms V is loaded. Haha...and the best thing, she is a very good listener!

Thanks, Miss V!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm a bit worried.

Some of my friends managed to keep their head up during a relationship, but some totally give up their all.

This certain friend has a boyfriend in the past which demands everything from her, even sex. She nearly gave it to him though. They broke up before they can proceed. But they already moved at a pace I would have deemed too fast for a relationship of 2 mths.

Now she got another and she seemed to be more into him than the previous one. I nearly winced when I saw her french-kissing photos. It's only been what? Less than one month? And I thought this is the guy's 1st relationship? Who taught him to french kiss? Learn from movies?

I'm in no position to judge though. In any case she has more experience than me (2 vs 0) and she's the one in the relationship so she can argue I might not see the 'full picture' (not that i want to...).
I always feels that I dun have any right to meddle in any of my friends' relationship matters except lending a listening ear. I prefer the lent listening ear to be returned as well, if ya know wat I mean...

Still I'm worried that she might be moving too fast too far this time.

Not that I'm afraid she got cheated....ok la, I'm afraid....but I'm more concerned abt her emotional well-being (dun choke when u read this). She had always been like ...not very confident abt her appearance. When in actual fact, she isn't ugly. She just look normal (sorry I dun lie so I can't bring myself to say she's very pretty either. She might be. But then again, I told u b4 I can't really tell when it comes to frenz). And wth is wrong with being normal? I prided myself on lookin like every single person u see on the streets. So many times I've been told I look like their brother's gf, someone who work here, someone who work there, someone that queued up buying roti prata, this certain ugly long-chined someone that act in a taiwanese drama (this comes from my mum. She kps gg 'Shan! Shan! Look! Its you!' whenever the drama comes on)....etc

Already so many plp that looks like me here in SG, I can't imagine if I go to a bigger ctry like China. Probably every single day I will see someone that looks like me on the news, either robbing a bank or committing suicide.....or both.

Ok enuff abt me.

What I'm just trying to say is....what's wrong with being normal? And there's no need to hurry in finding bfs. U are gd-lukin enuff to get bfs whenever you want. Just need time to find the right one. So no need to anxiously give away ur virginity. I'm not insisting that you kp till marriage either. I'm not that old fashioned. Though if you can do that, it will be da best. But for now...take your time to look look, see see, then decide.

Whew...long. Time to massage my fingers. CS here I come!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I stand corrected - order received on 17/6.

They say 3 working days (from the looks of it, they meant excluding the day itself) but call me impatient, I have the urge to call and make a ding dong today. The pace is just faaaaarrrrr too slow to bear.

This might be the last time I'm buying from them.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's count - Payment paid on SUNDAY (13/6), Order processed only TODAY (18/6)...how many more days till it arrived?

Damn...I hate waiting.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The strangest thing happens to ppl ard me - pregnancy, marriage, good bf, wierd bf, black magic....etc.

So happening.

It totally beats watching dumb and boring Mediacorp dramas.

But I'm glad that I helped in some ways - by means of listening and offering help in any way I could. Though in the end we behaved like kittens licking each other wounds.

Anyway so glad it all works out in the end.

But kinda makes me wonder the chinese saying 'Life is like a drama'.

By the looks of it - totally true!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sth 2 look forward 2 this week.

Life will def be less boring this way...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Discovered the inconvenience of not owning my own credit card - again.

It's really high time to be real rich and earn @ least SGD 1,500/mth so that I can qualify for a credit card.


But that can wait until I graduate....not like I can do anything before then....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

new iPhone

I've been wanting Iphone for months now and they decided to release an uglier but more powerpacked version at a dirt-cheap price.

Why not?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Damn funny...to me anyway

Get Extremely Mo-chap Service

Everyone is giving me shit face today.

Ok NOT everybody, but only the lady at M1 gives me excellent service.

Stupid Singtel boy keeps interrupting what I have to say & giving me this god-damn 'you are so stupid' attitude and the Cupwalker China B***h keeps giving black faces for free to simply everyone.

Been thinking of chging over to Singtel due to is lowest mobile phone prices and frequent promotions but it looks like I had to think again. Should I pay more for excellent service? Or should I still pay, but a bit lesser, for a ****-up service?

Esp since I'm thinkin of bring my mobile & broadband over. That's gonna be a helluva ka-ching. Dun think I deserve anything short of an excellent service for that kind of moneee.

Tough question.

Well...I have until Nov to come to my decision. I can REALLY take my time...

Seriously what happened to GEMS? Or does they secretly changed what it stands for w/o telling me?

Monday, June 8, 2009

NK....U should be SOOOOO ashamed

This is stupid la.

Plp never go after you when you shoot giant fireworks at other plp and now you wanna catch plp so that you can ask them to build giant fireworks that would be later used to shoot at them.

God-damn disgusting doncha think?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's a standard package - no matter what time I slept last night, I will always wake up @ 9am.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cheering Me On


I just realised that I got my momentum back! I mean for bloggin.

Cool! I'm updating EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Just hope that it will be more of pleasant memories and less of shit.

Oh well....there's always the NEXT entry....
I'm done with job-searching.

After abt 2 wks of clicking on the desktop and attitudes from HR personnel, I dun really care if I dun have money to sustain my expense anymore.

At least I dun have to put up with super-weeeeeeeeennny wages and extttttrreeeemmmlllly long working hrs.

Then what for I get a diploma? I might as well stop at o'levels for a wage of $6.5/hr and min of 8 hrs per day for a p/t job, Dude, u know what is meant by p/t? Meaning plp only work only up to 6 hrs per day la. 8 hrs is full-time la dey.

Meantime I will go for interviews that I had previously apply for. But STRICTLY no new applications.

At least not till I get my drive back, which I predict will be in abt a dynasty's time.

Anyway, school starting soon. Erm...not so soon la. In abt 2 mths time. But hey I can R&R right? Anyway I did that for abt 8 mths b4. 2 mths should be chicken feet...
It's so hard to find someone who listens nowadays.

Most of them just goes on...and on....and on...and on.....(x infinity)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have no idea why so many HR plp have bad attitudes over the phone (dunno abt face-2-face coz I nv gets 2 meet them.

I am so gg 2 talk bad abt them when I saw their supervisors.

That's wat I'm gonna do 2m...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Due to my current 'very slacking' schedule, I dig out The Sims 1 from the bottom of my cupboard and started playing again.

Quite astonished at what I dug out, I simply have every single expansion pack on my hands, excluding one or two like or .

The first one was bought in 2004....so I was around Sec 4 then right? Wonder where I got the cash from? My pocket money then was ard a teeny weeny $2 per day.

Good thing my labby is able to support them though, but I am kinda itching for The Sims 2. It's far more interesting & realistic with better graphics. I got one but it can't be installed properly. And even if it can be installed, it is too much a burden on my only 496mb RAM (the requirements is at least 1GB if I remember correctly). The characters move far too slowly for my liking and I always have the urge to just slam my labby when that happens, which is like EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.

Maybe I will get a new desktop so that I can play The Sims 2 w/o straining my patience....time to research!

Monday, June 1, 2009

There Sheren goes with her 'update update' chant again. Lolx.

I went ard a few of my friends blog but I didn't see the chant so I guess I should be honored, no?

I normally have a bunch of stuff that I saw or thought of when I am out in da streets but totally forgot abt them the mo I stepped inside the house.

Uber STM. Wished I could have sth to do it on the go.

Like a Blackberry or sth.

But all Blackberries looks super UGLY. And the only one that looks vaguely decent doesn't even have WLAN. How outdated.

Anyway busy job searching rite now. Really need to get the dough rolling in.

Can't wait till August begins.