Monday, February 28, 2011

Today I found Latte a bit too smelly (hamster breast milk must stink!!!) that I put her through the hamster bath.

I loved it when she turns around to look at me! Cute max!

Latte looked so cute when she "dances"! And if you look carefully she is still hiding some food in her left cheek pouch, that was probably the reason for her urgency to get out.

Mocha got his chance to go into the bath later on. Though he smell relatively okay compared to Latte.


I lost two baby hammies....hopefully they will turn up tomorrow. I know its normal but still I don't really like the thought of a barbaric Latte...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today new mother Latte seems tired of her motherly duties. Already!

She keeps wanting to be let out of the cage and once out, she absolutely REFUSED to go back. This had never happened even when she was a young hamster child of 2 months old. Seems like being a mother is not as easy and fun as it seems.

Anyhow I am so scared that the hamster babies will die and I become one of the accomplice of the crime of starving them to death then I had to force poor Latte to go back into her cage. Literally stuff her back in and locking the door of the cage secure.

Sorry Latte, one life versus 10 young ones. I have to go for the latter. Your sliming program via the hamster ball can wait.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Just gave Latte some dates to gain back some of the energy she lost during the delivery. Dates are good for replenishing bloods for women right? Not sure if the same is true for hamster but I checked online that dates are not poisonous for hamsters, so either way it can't hurt her.

I removed the seed though since its advisable to do so. I am getting to be such expert on hamsters with this frequent visiting of hamster care related sites.



Just drop by the cage and saw that Latte has a huuuuuuuuggge collection of stored food! Ok, it should be enough to brave her through till the afternoon. Since I am unable to change the bedding for at least a week, I have to monitor closely so that she doesn't store that many food until it attracts ants as babysitters.

Well at least this should bring some spice into my boring life.
The wonders of nature...

Latte was just a newborn about 4 months ago and now, 4 months later she is breeding her own. And there's absolutely no need for lessons on nuturing the young. She seems like she is born to know what to do and what not to do when dealing with her young.

Mother instinct is great, isn't it?

Latte's Childcare Diary 1

Damn...time flies. This morning I am still a "young" 24 year old woman and a few hours later I am a wrinkly grandmama.

As the chinese proverb goes - Time spares noone. And Mr Time certainly have no mercy for the poor me.

I didn't even see what she did during the delivery. I am only not looking for 2 hours and this happens. If only humans are this efficient....

All my family members are delighted at the birth of the 9 young ones (I think should be 9. My brother is the one who did the counting), except for a certain individual who possess a deep hatred against animals.

Haiz...I have to look for owners soon after my trip. My mum said so many pets will stink her place up and since it IS HER PLACE afterall, I have no choice but to oblige.

If you know anyone who is interested in adopting please lemme know yeah?

Okay...gross picture alert. To me its cute, but to my mum its super disgusting so I have to spare a thought for those with the same mindset.

Please finish whatever you are eating before viewing. And also...not for those with weak heart.

Okay here goes......




Blast off.......

Latte Pregnancy Diary 2

I read somewhere that hamsters like to use tissue paper to create beddings for babies after they are born, so I gave Latte one piece. She seems to be playing with it instead of shredding it to create beddings!

Well, whatever. As long as she didn't eat it...I hope.

I will closely monitor her eating behavior from now.


Latte Pregnancy Diary 1

I'll probably be monitoring Latte's pregancy using this blog from now on.

Sick of flooding twitter everytime I got something to say. What's more have to follow the 140 characters limit. Go eat shit.

I might as well just flood my own blog. Its free anyway and I wouldn't have to worry about flooding - It's MY BLOG for goodness sake.

Hopefully she will deliver before my Australia trip. I wanna be there when it happens.

Anyway she is currently agressive (can't put your hands close. She will jump on it, hogging food and kinda making a nest. Why I said kinda is well...she's more of making a boundary - a long straight strip where she will place her food and whatever she seems fit.

Very active too. Mocha's sleeping all day long (is he pregnant too? Lolx..jkjk) and she hasn't really been sleeping much. Very jumpy - all I gotta do is bend over the cage, count to 3 and she will wake up with a jerk (not literally as in the word for scolding males. I will like to see that happen though).

Been wanting to get out too. Probably the cage she's been sleeping for about 4 months is suddenly not to her liking? Whatever, that's one thing I am not going to give in. She already have the bigger cage, so that's that.

I am curious as to how many babies she will deliver. She is enormous! Lots of hamsters owners online said that they didn't even realise that their hamsters were pregnant. Well, let's see you try to ignore this one! It's like, BAM! Right in your eye! I can't even fool myself anymore and have to admit that Miss G is right - she's really pregnant. DAMN!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

杨丞琳暧昧 日文版歌词+罗马拼音+中文歌词 对照

a i shi a u ko to na ku

se tsu na i ka ko ni na ru no

手(て)を繋(つな)ぐ 勇気(ゆうき)さえも
te o tsu na gu yu u ki sa e mo

mi tsu ke ra re na i ma ma de

sa yo na ra na n te

de ki na i ko no ma ma de wa

友达以上(ともだちいじょう) 恋人未満(こいびとみまん)
to mo da chi i jyo u ko i bi to mi ma n
朋友以上 恋人未满

to o ku te a me no ke ha i

na i ta ho u ga i i

i so gi su gi te ru ka na

to do ka na i ko no o mo i

hi to ri de to ho u ni ku re te ru wa ta shi

a i ma i na wa ta shi ta chi

ko ko ka ra do ko e yu ku no

ko no ko i o a ki ra me te

o wa ri ni su re ba i i no

a i ma i na ma ma da ka ra

a i wa ki e te yu ku no

ke tsu ma tsu o e ga ka na i

o mo i de na ra ba u tsu ku shi i

Hahaha...actually this song has been around for quite some time. But I like it so so much! Maybe because the japanese used in this song is fairly easy...hahaha.