Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yun-nam, help?

If anyone wants to know where I've been, just follow the trail of my hair.

No joke. The amt of hair that clogged up the entrance to the pipes when I bath is simply unbelievable. And scary.

It is often said that an average person lose abt 50-200 (what a huge range. The person who researched and made this conclusion must have really no confidence in him/herself) strands of hair per day. But I lost at least 3 strands everytime i brush through my hair. At this rate, let's say I got nth to do but touch my hair all day at the rate of every 5 seconds, minus away my sleeping and eating time - est. 9 hrs), I lost abt 32400 strands per day! I will soon be in the state that I was 1st borned with (hairless) b4 I turned 21 and a half yrs old!

And I have to clarify, I did not abuse my hair by brushing too hard or soaking it in chemicals too often. I cut, reborn and dye my hair all at once at the rate of once per yr. Sometimes less often but nv more. Brushing it too hard? Puh-lease~ I seldom even brush my hair okay? I like the way it curls sometimes so I dun even brush most of the time for fear of disturbing 'da look'.

Forget it, I am not gg to trim my hair anymore. Even if I cut nice nice, it will be gone the next second when I brush through my hair anyway. Fed up!

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:

Every wish I make is to be treated fair and equally. And everytime I get dissapointed.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pretty...Or Not?

Recently, one of my friend has been asking me if she is beautiful. Too often. Like 10 times in 10 mins.

I know that what she really wants to know is just regarding her appearance so I just say 'Quite' since a few of my friends saw her photos and say she looks pretty(I seriously have no idea she is pretty or not. And I WON'T LIE).

But does it even matter?

I have to admit I'm pretty vain myself and likes to put on makeup for fun (when I have the time. It's no fun when you are rushing) even when I'm not going out. But I won't go to the extent of feeling 'less beautiful' when you didn't put on makeup whenever you go out (even to fish market??!!! Hello~).

So I'm furious when she confront me and scolded me when I did not put on makeup when going out with her shopping at CompassPoint (which is like what, 10 mins from my hse?). Even though I kept it all inside and did not mention anything to her, I can't help but wonder if this is what women have become nowadays. No longer 'beautiful' w/o makeup. I know I look like a ghost w/o makeup but I've seen many others w/o makeup but glowing with natural beauty. And this is what I call 'true beauty'.

Anyway, I dun judge friends based on their appearance. Those that are considered 'friends' must be beautiful by me in one way or another. But never based on appearance. Somehow or another, I seem to be overlook appearance when it comes to friends. I won't be 'niao' abt making comments abt plp's beauty but that is sth you will seldom, if not never, get from me when you are my friend. Well, this is one part you have to sacrifice.

So queue up here friends, if you wanna forgo our friendship & hear more praises abt yourself.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
There's a price to everything. Even having a gd nite's slp. Ridiculous.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
I'm in a dilemma. Over-eating is not a good habit. Then again, so is wasting food.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I've just finished a box of 20pcs Mcnuggets all by myself! Along with 1 litre of mineral water!


This is life, man!

Btw any1 feels that Mcdonald's curry sauce taste different? Like used 2 be nicer....

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Never promise what you cannot do. This only shows that your brain is like your promise - empty.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Any1 gt any BETTA whitening toothpaste 2 recommend?

I've being using Colgate's Advanced Whitening. Promised 2 give results in 14 days. Shit lor. I've been waiting 14 WEEKS also no results. AND I"M NT GG 2 WAIT UNTIL 14 YEARS!!!

So exp summore. Cheat my....mother's hard-earned $$( I put inside trolley when she shop. She only discovered @ the cashier. Too late! Haha~).

Oh She-human, u asked abt ways 2 save $$. I haf one. Put it inside my quote of da daz la, have 2 update it sumhw.

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Shop with your parents if you wanna save $$. They too paiseh to let you pay them back. Wahahahah~

Monday, December 15, 2008

No idea y M1 phones are so darn expensive all of a sudden.

It's like all above 200 plus compared to other telcos lor. I even saw 1 that is $400 more de.

My bro (yes my family changing phone again) who wanna make use of my plan 2 recontract, keep scolding me that why I subscribe to such a sucky telco. How I know? It isn't liddat in the past de mah.

Now economic crisis M1 still dares 2 charge so much. No idea why there's still crowds at the outlets. Maybe the higher charge is 4 'friendly' customer service? Seriously lor. I wouldn't pay $200-$400 for 'friendly' customer service de lor. Too much liao. And it's for sumthing that I can't even see & touch, much less keep.
It's a season 2 be hungry. Farlalalalalala (hmmm....the farlala part remind me of sum1...)

*chomping blissfully on her free ichigo pocky*

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
A friendship that lacks of trust is easy to break and should not be called a 'friendship'. I prefer the term 'trade agreement'. Trading goods? Loneliness.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I straightened my hair for the umpteen times in my life today!

I like it!

Although its like damn exp and my bro says I look like a nerd after the haircut.

! still like it!

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Spending $$ is my forte. If u need help spending yours, I'll be glad 2 be of service anyday (hey it rhymes!).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Segment!

From now onwards, Imma gonna start sth called the "Saggy Quote of Da Daz". Cause since I'm so free, I'm always thinking nonsense. These nonsense only consist of a few sentences, which can be crapped & elongated to form an article but den I wouldn't be so tempted 2 update everyday. But I'm keen 2 put down these my so-called thoughts of the day. So tada, "Saggy Quote of Da Daz" was born!

This is also a promise 2 myself that I will be updating everyday (regardless of one full page article or one sentence) cause there's sure 2 b sth happening everyday so I wanna make sure I dun miss out anything. Even my teeny weeny meaningless random thoughts.

Saggy Quote of Da Daz :
Rulez 1: Always push things that u cannt/dun wanna do to 2m.
Rulez 2: When 2m comes & u still cannt/dun wanna do, refer 2 rulez 1.

Monday, December 8, 2008

HKH (Hello Kitty Hospital)

So cute~~~~~

I wanna be continuously born and reborn there~~

PSP-3000 released???!!!!

Arghhh...why do they have to release a PSP 3000?????

Can't they just stop @ PSP-2000 aka Slim? After I paid so much for it as well, now I itchy hands wanna buy PSP-3000.

I want the anti-glare function!!!!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Haw Par Villa Cum Sentosa Trip (27 Nov)

I guess I better start on this since my dear old evil twin has been nagging me for this 4 ages. And I better start before I forget everything. In fact....I think I've already forgotten everything!!!! Thanks for reading this post guys. End of post~

Actually there's not really much to say. Me & 1t got so bored so we decided to go some place we've haven't been to - namely hell. So sleepily we met at Vivo, grab sth 2 eat & drink (Old chang kee and some Yeos drink, i think) then head off 2 the harbourfront interchange to board a bus 2 Haw Par Villa. All throughout the trip we try 2 stay alert coz we have no idea where 2 get down from so 2 prevent from getting a joy ride, we looked head 4 any 'temple-like' structure (4 more info pls refer 2 entrance of haw par villa).

Haw Par Villa is boring. Even the hell inside is boring. Only part that can be considered interesting is the stalker terrapins that follow us everywhere we go. I wonder how long they had been starving since the terrapins obviously thought we are there 2 deliver food. We did in the end, at least 1t did. She took a piece of my crab nugget (or sth) and feed it a teeny weeny ant bite size. The rest she eat herself. Yeah~ feed the terrapins. Feed the twin more like!

We fled when we saw a huge swarm of mosquitos. Having nth 2 do, we decided 2 take the bus back 2 Vivo & take the tram 2 Sentosa. This time round I searching for mosquito bites and scratching to make them more red & obvious.

We intially decided to bring what is left of the old chang kee snacks 2 sentosa and have a mini picnic or sth. But then an ang mo looks like he wanted some as well. So I finished the entire thing as fast as I can on the tram.

I will go brief on the Sentosa part. We took the lug, walk around 2 see what else 2 do, saw a sore throat peacock, took the cable car 2 ways, walk around 2 see what else 2 do again, play some traditional games, walk around 2 see what else 2 do, get sth 2 drink, walk around the beach 2 find the missing bridge which really gone missing, escape from emo girl, go back 2 Vivo & wave goodbye (Wow~try 2 say the sentence in one breath! Die dun find me).

The end. Now 2 the pixs. These will either have 1t/me in it. For those scenery kind of pics, pls refer to my FaceBk/1t's blog. Now it's time 2 flood!

<---Now u look like chinese...

There. Mission completed. Signing off....
I am starting to fall in love with hanging out on FaceBook.

I'm meeting plp from all walks of life there. X-drug trafficker (the question of whether he is still a drug trafficker is unanswerable. He didn't say & I didn't ask), divorced tattoo artist & a soon to be lawyer.

I guess i will be meeting a filthy rich old man (there's no such thing as filthy rich young man. By the time that they are filthy rich. They already collected dust) & I will spending his money like nobody's business. Wahahaha~

Hey it's no crime to dream rite?