Thursday, November 30, 2006


This morning I was a bit hesistant abt whether or nt 2 go 4 the blood donation drive, cuz I lazy mah... But I decided 2 go anyway cuz Mr Chan already approved liao de dun go like wasted liddat (it's like ask him 4 fun liddat). Somemore my MSC "uniform" haven't dry yet, so it's like the 'tian' also want me 2 go help out. And I am usually a faithful person (like real), so I just "ting tian you ming".
Hahaa..lucky I got go lor, cuz 1 donor whom I dunno give me his free Mcdonald Breakfast Voucher! (Yummy Yummy! I ♥ free stuff the best! Haha...).
Den I also got meet a lot of friends over there (feel like Pri sch kid on his/her 1st day :p), but I like Lyana the best! I can talk the most freely with her and won't feel like we are socialising, more like we are just friends chatting ard. Socialising is so tiring man.
After the entire event, I steal a couple of things - a notepad, a pen and a stressball. If can, 2m I'm going 2 steal the organizer, the candles and maybe some other stuff ba. I keep showing off the stuffz that I had stolen 2 Yy. Feel so proud of it man. Lol. Den after the event, Yy and I talk abt crap. But we talk 2 long liao, sky bright bright talk until the sky turns dark. Next time must control a bit. :p
Wahahaha... <---laugh of a professional theif

It's so fun! Maybe next yr I also will join :p

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Surprise Dinner Outing

I just go to school today for 3 hrs then come back, feel so bo liao right? Cause I apply flexi-leave from 1pm- 6pm, so I leave school at 12pm (must fully make use of my 1hr lunch break...haha) den sleep the rest of the afternoon away ;P
When I woke up, it's already evening time (abt 6 plus liddat) and I sleepily heard my mum and my younger brother discussing sth abt going out 2 eat. My eyes insteadly become awake and opened my room's door. easy it is 2 get me out my room ;P
We went to Pungol Plaza 2 have out dinner at a 'zhu cha' outlet inside the food court. The entire meal cost $50.01 (I rmb so clearly bcoz they later came back and asked me for the extra $ The meal is supposed 2 be held in celebration of my bdae yesterday but in the end I still pay a small part of the dinner. Haha...dunno y I feel that I shouldn't let them pay 2 much leh.
Anywayz, the dinner was exp and taste quite okay. I like the sweet and sour fish the best...cause it's fried and dipped in tomato sauce and I like almost anything that can be fried and with tomato sauce :P

Monday, November 27, 2006

My Bdae Day (Part II)

Lily sms me to meet her at CP 7-11 at abt seven-thirty sth (as usual she was late). I was very shocked (and is still shocked) that she blanja-ing me and even more shocked that she bothers to help celebrate my bdae (usually its the other way round u see).
I choose Pizza Hut as the dining place. Its my 1st time dining inside Pizza Hut and thus was quite excited abt the whole thing (mountain tortise ;P). We shared a plate of pasta which doesn't worth its value ($9.20), 6 pcs sweet & spicy drumlets (which ironically doesn't taste spicy at all), 2 drinks ( I got a Strawberry paradise, Lily got a Mango sth. Forgot the name le..), and 2 ice-cream (which I also forgot the names). The entire meal cost close to $40. Wow~
Oh in the middle of the meal, my phone rang. I thought it was Anna as my phone showed her number but actually its Jul and Shirley using Anna's phone 2 call as their batteries are flat. I was touched when they wished me Happy Bdae. I could have cried on the spot if I wasn't aware of the fact that I'm in public. ^^ B4 we go, Lily steal their Tobacco sauce (is it spelled like this? sounds some ingredients of cigarette) bcoz I keep mentioning 4 her 2 do that. I never thought she will steal it! Haha...she always managed 2 surprise me everytime.
After that we took some pictures of the vain Lily and some stupid music videos of her b4 sending her off 2 Fadhli's hse (which is also in SK). She make me promise 2 post the music videos on Friendster 2 help promote her single. Yeah right, as if she will ever release one :P.
What a eventful bdae.! This is the 1st time I have so many plp wishing me happy bdae and celebrating with me. I thank sincerely whoever responsible for giving me sich good friends and such a nice bdae. I will never 4gt my 19th Bdae!!!!

My Bdae Day (Part 1)

Hahaha..first post on my bdae. Just thought it will be more easier to rmb when I started this blog, that's all. ;P Anyway, I just got back from Toa Payoh Kbox with Jac and Yy. Have a really great time althought I wasn't really happy abt the fact that I have to plan my own bdae party. But what to do? (bitter laugh)
However, I really thought it was real sweet of them to come out and celebrate with me on this weekend. Esp when they are both attached and can spent the time more meaningfully with their bfs. Also, I am quite afraid that the whole atmosphere will be wierd as this is our first time outing 2 Kbox 2gether and nobody knows each other habits during singing. It turns out however that we have so much in common that one of us simply have 2 pick a song and the rest of us will just sing along. Like we got rehearse b4 liddat. Haha...
When singing SHE's songs, Yy's voice really sounds like ella, which is gd as few can sing that low. Me and jac can sing either Hebe's or Selina's part, but as Jac doesn't seemed 2 like Selina much, I get the all important role of singing Selina's part. Anyway, all of us are quite broke after the karaoke session (esp Yy as Jac and my bdae are quite close and she has 2 get 2 presents @ the same time. Haha..sorry, Yy. Who call u not 2 be born in the mth of Nov?).
After the K-session, the 3 of us stand in the middle of the Toa Payoh bus interchange and talk abt anything under the sun (but mostly sch work lah) for more than 2 hrs . Yy and Jac, I don't know if u noticed this but we are blocking plp's ways. The girl holding the floating dinosaur past by us 2 times already and we are still standing there determined 2 block plp's way. Haha...
Anyway, thanks again guys! I really have a wonderful time today. It's really nice 2 know that you care. And thanks mum! It's such a surprise 2 find the hongbao at my bedside table 2dae! I thought it will never appear! ;P
Part II coming soon!