Monday, January 31, 2011

Power Shopper

Shopping is not really my kinda thang. Those who know me well enough knows that its relatively hard to get me out of the house. You literally have to drag, seduce and force me to agree. Unless I am in the mood. That's the reason why I am late most of the time - still bonding with my desktop computer.

My Mum decided to drag me for to buy a new pair of shoes for CNY. I had bought nothing this year - no tops, no bottoms, no underwears...nada for CNY. I have told her that I wanna try heels this year (an inspiration I got from a anime with a short female lead. It makes me realised that I am short too...), that's why I put up no resistance when she drag me along to Hougang. I forgot exactly what the place is called, the whole thing is like right next to the Hougang Police Station.

Kawaiiiii~~~~ rite? Erh...not really....

I went into the first shop I see, saw the shoes, fell in love. Then I let my Mum bargain with her over 90 cents and got out with my trophy. Frankly my Mum and I was shocked at the speedy purchase. I usually take quite long to find what I want, but once I found it the rest is in fast-forward mode. If not for the shoes, I wouldn't tolerate the shop auntie who talks and behave just like my bitchy cousin. My face turned black for a minute there but I still held tight to the shoes, not wanting to let go.

Shows how much I want those shoes yeah?

Too bad they run out of black for my size (size 7, according to the shoes). It will be so much low-maintenance compared to this pair of white platforms.

Friday, January 28, 2011

MayBank Security Message

Received the following in my email inbox:

Dear Maybank Customer,Maybank Internet Banking, is here by announcing the New Security Upgrade.We have upgraded our new SSL servers to serve our customers for a better and secure banking service,against any fraudulent activities. Due to this recent upgrade,you are requested to update your account information by following the reference below.

• Update Your Account Information Thank you,Maybank - Online Banking 

Funny thing is....I do not have a Maybank account in the first place!!!!

I am pretty sure this is a scam to get your account details. Dear friends, please don't fall into this lousy trap ya? 

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Zodiac Signs Confusing You?

Well you are not alone.

Read this and you will find out why...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saddest day ever - I LOST MY WALLET.

Inside is a bunch of important cards and most importantly my IC.

WTF replacement of IC needs SGD100. Since when is it so exp? It used to be just SGD50 a couple of years ago? Inflation also affect your plastic?

To the lousy thief that took my wallet - I am praying hard that your entire bank account kena hacked and all your money transferred to mine. Bwahahah~ Need to cover my loss somehow...

Fuck! 2011 is turning out to be a lousy year. Rabbit years also sucked for me. The worst thing always happened in Rabbit years =(

Not to be superstitious but I really need someone/something to blame to prevent my emotions from spiraling downwards more. At least its inevitable will make me feel so much better. I think.

My parents are not going hear a word about this. Last time when I NEARLY lost my wallet, they already holler at me even before I managed to finish the story. This mood to hear them holler.

Then again, stress and negative emotions really help me to perform today in the gym! I wonder if the same goes for strong positive emotions?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Hamster Nanny - Escape Artiste, Latte

Now I am breathing a sigh of relief.

To cut a long story short, Latte (the female white hamster, breed unknown. Can't tell between Roborovski and Syrian hamsters. Should be Syrian judging from its sharp face) jailbroke while I was hanging out with Mama and Daddy yesterday. Mum found it when she opened the storeroom door just now.

Till date, how it escaped is still a mystery since the cage is still firm and secure when I got back and found Latte to be nowhere in sight.

I am so glad it didn't jumped out from the window as what my Dad said.

So ironic that the only person scared of it is the one who gets to find it though.

Mama said that if she opened the door wider, Latte will be crushed to death. Or at least end up with broken bones all over. Coincidentally the night before I was so worried about Latte that all my dreams end up to be about her, and the one that I remember the most vividly is that I found her behind my parents' bedroom door, crushed to death!

Anyhow I am gonna take extra precaution to make sure the cage is secure. Most probably I will get a new cage after all the scare.

I feel like I lost a few years off my already short life. I am gonna die at 76 remember? Only 53 years to go! Oh....that seem like a long time...