Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Day~

Founda  new awesome site to follow!

Brings back so many painful (cause I was a tomboy so I had many bruises "created" back then) but wonderful memories!

Added the link to my "Places 2 Go" corner.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So so dead

Made a huge mistake at work.  Not sure if you can call scheduling a meeting wrongly due to not knowing how to operate the system huge but...

And it's only my 6th day of work.

I'm so screwed.

The head is famous for being super particular. Nobody in the entire institution likes her. That's saying a lot.

Everyone warns that I'm going to get a scolding of my life if she finds out.

And she is bound to use harsh words.

Oh be honest I'm scared. However I don't believe in trying to cover up.

Have to face up to it anyway. Might as well get it over and done with.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lazy Review of Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell (Gift Set Sample)

Just realised I have a lot of samples in my closet (some from way back, courtesy of Princess Milk), others recently acquired from my 2013 Seoul trip.

I feel like clearing them before I touch on my purchase of snail cream (sadly that's the only skincare purchase I got there. I am very surprised and dissappointed with myself as well ).

Today I am touching on the first use of Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell. Sad to say I don't really like it. Mainly due to the packaging. More on that later.

Description of Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell Emulsion & Toner
(taken from

  • Skin Brightening & Anti-wrinkle.

  • A premium anti-aging emulsion containing grape cells and platinum particles that brighten  and firm aging skin from the inside out.
Sounds promising! I am already at the age where I need a lot of help to keep my face from sagging so this is really going on my Christmas list if it really works as claimed. Not to mentioned that the design is super unique! Looks totally like a wine bottle! ^^

I am just testing using the gift set sample.This is the box it comes with. I am a huge fan of the color purple and I like the rustic feel of the embossed design on the box. Up to there I am truly pleased.
Here's where things starts to go wrong. And no I am not complaining about the obviously not fully filled bottle of toner. Both toner and emulsion are thick liquids. Usually in this case, manufacturers with intelligence and those who give the slightest damn will place it in a sealed foil package instead of bottles like this. Don't get me wrong. I hate the sealed packages with a passion. Just that it makes more sense in this scenario.

In the end I got really frustrated, not to mention that it hurts a lot , trying to dump the slightest bit of the emulsion and toner on my palm.

The retail bottles looks like it might be some kind of pump. Hopefully that will be better as something with such a thick consistency really ought to be packaged in something beside just bottles like this.

After application it gives a sticky feeling and it doesn't fade away after 20 mins.

  • Cool design.  Especially on the retail versions.
  • Solution is slightly purplish!
  • Sweet smell, between wine and grape candy.

  • Solution is hard to retrieve (from sample bottles)
  • Solution stays on skin for a loooong time.
  • Sticky consistency

Verdict: Hmmm...don't think I will be purchasing the retail version. My skin seems helpless in absorbing the toner and emulsion. Got to look for other anti-aging alternatives then. :(

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Passed my 1st exam! 5 more to go~~ T_T

Got 44 over 50 in my first open-book (open computer, open everything) exam. Passing mark is 80% aka 40 marks. So in other words, I just barely made it.

Still got so many tests! And mock calls! And SVC ( Skills Verification Centre)!

Will I be able to last long in this job? The other trainees are awesome people, but they are not the ones I have to work with. I was assigned to Comtech and we are told that we will be further broken down into individual teams after this.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wasted Purchase ? 19 Dec 2012

I think this keyboard is great though it might be made and designed in China.

Okay. Random.

Erm...let me give you a little background. From the top, my current keyboard decided to infinitely until the end of time.Thus making it impossible to key in anything especially logging in to Windows since  will be press after every entry on the keyboard (if lucky), your 3 tries will be used up in an instant and you will go into Temporary Locked Out Heaven.
My Current Keyboard - For those interested or simply kpo

So...I bought this keyboard today at CyberActive CompassPoint cause I decided that the on-screen keyboard is about just as irritating as a faulty keyboard.

Comparing it to my current Dell keyboard which decides to work properly again for whatever stupid reasons (yes I am frustrated that I am now stuck with 2 keyboards despite them being perfectly good ones!), I still prefers the Dell wireless keyboard which I got free with the purchase of my workstation.

It probably is perfect for gaming, which is its primary function and what was advertised on the box. Either that or its brand name is Gaming. You can never tell what China manufacturers are actually thinking when they comes up with "innovative names" for their products.

I can only cross my fingers hoping that my keyboard will last.

I did tried to look for one that is not made in China though - Mission Impossible. In the end I settled for the value for money (??) set mentioned above.

Seeing as I would not be using this keyboard again for a very very long time, I can  only hope this keyboard will work as well then. In the meantime I will curse my current keyboard to malfunction just so that I can use this keyboard asap before it dies out on me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm back! REVIEW - Brazilian Wax Down Under @ The Strip

Feel like updating this blog for no good reason. God knows how long this craze will last this time. 

Anyway, Vanessa has been harping about this awesome and affordable place where she did her underarm waxing so I manage to persuade her to let me tag along today. 

I asked Van to book me for bikini line Brazilian waxing at 2.45pm and was totally late. Can't help it. I tend to drag leaving home when my parents are around. Love talking to those old fellas. LOL. 

Anyway I got there about 2.50pm plus minus, strip down bare from waist down removing everything including my undies and that's when the lovely Malaysian lady told me that i don't have anything along my bikini line to wax! For a moment I was deciding between to be proud (hey, its kind of a privilege!) or to be paiseh (feels like I deliberately come and strip down to show off my private parts). In the end, I decided to do the full pubic Brazilian wax which cost $58 (before GST) by the way. Can even smell my pockets burning.

As you probably could tell from the "lovely Malaysian lady" part then I rather enjoyed my session. Not to say it wasn't painful. Mind you I even burst out Hokkien curse words in front of a cantonese speaking lady. Crossing my fingers she don't understand a thang I've said. However she was caring and helpful the entire session so it really makes the burning wax (and pockets) all worthwhile. I am always a sucker for good customer service anyway.

I will definitely head back again, probably to do my underarm waxing next time. The LML (Lovely Malaysian Lady) said that it grows super slow and there's nothing in the first place so I am gonna heed her advice and spend my 60 over bucks on something else. The Strip definitely provides professional service and as long as it continues to stay that way, you can be assure I will rain money on that place for a long, long time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Butterflies In My Stomach!

3 more days to go before I head to Taipei for the first time in my entire 25 years of consuming oxygen.

I'm so excited!!!

Heard so much from my friends and family (mum has been there like at least 26 years ago?) and now even my colleagues are telling me things are freaking cheap in Taipei!

Omg, that's so gonna bring out the long subdued shopaholic in me T-T

And I so wanna dip in those natural thermal hot springs.

Me and baowei (travel buddy for this trip) has been planning this for a little more than a month now and NOW ITS DRAWING NEAR!!! TELL ME HOW NOT TO GET EXCITED? ?

So not in the mood to work this week. Lah.