Saturday, June 30, 2007

Egyptian Zodiac

I came across a website on eyptian zodiac and suddenly felt inspired 2 find out more(kena possessed i think. I gt things 2 do and here I am drifting away...). Did a search on Yahoo! Search & to my surprise find out 3 totally different outcomes (actually I too lazy so only click on 3 websites, if I click on 24 websites, I wouldn't be surprise that I will have 24 totally different sayings). I paste the 3 here and see which one you like most... (Wahahah..someone complain no pictures, now I flood you with pictures)
1st one (Key in birth month & date. The rest u see urself)

2rd website(got details such as suitable jobs bla bla blah)

3rd website-here! Dun need 2 click anything! (Mostly on relationship approaches)
Ammon - God of Prophets - January1 - February 2
Those born under this sign have a sure talent for recognising Mr./Ms. Right the first time they see him/her - for them it’s often a matter of love at first sight. When this happens, usually at a chance meeting in public places like shopping malls or restaurants, you can attract him/her by radiating happiness. You’ll find it will captivate him/her.

Suchos - God of Sacred Nile - February3 - March 4
Better known as the Crocodile god, Suchos guarded the treasures of ancient Egypt. Those born under this sign are attracted by beauty, and ancient wise men warned them not to be blinded by it. “Look beyond an attractive appearance and find the real man beneath” they warned, “Listen to your heart, instead of what your eyes tell you.”
Osiris - God of Fertility - March 5- April 9
If you were born under this sign, don’t expect to fall in love at first sight. Those ruled by Osiris need time for love to put down roots in their hearts, but it will grow stronger until it blossoms into a romance that will last a lifetime.

Ptah - God of Truth - April10- May2
Ptah’ s people are very sincere and have to be careful to avoid being hurt in romance. You’ll find your Mr/Ms Right practically on your doorstep because you’ve known him/her for a long time. Because he’s / she’s a down-to-earth type who appreciates sincerity, he’ll / she’ll be attracted to you sooner or later, so don’t be pushy when you recognise him /her.

Horus - God Of Life - May3 - June16
The hawk-headed god rules a fickle sign - those born under it have roving eyes and a passionate nature. Life for them is finding a series of Mr/Ms Rights, and they have no trouble doing it. For true romantic happiness, you need a very strong, steady type of man/woman who can tame your restless spirit and still give you the excitement you crave.
Nephtaphis - Goddess of true Love - June17 - July 21
Beautiful Nephtaphis watches over this most dreamily romantic of all signs. Her children are incredibly loyal to their lovers, and are actually capable of becoming one with them in body, mind and soul. For this reason they have to be careful to choose men/women as caring and considerate as themselves, or they will cruelly be taken advantage of.

Seti - God of Thunder and Lightning - July 22 - August 18
Like their turbulent guardian, those born under this sign have quicksilver temperaments and have to keep their thermostats lowered if they want their love lives to heat up. You need an even-tempered, understanding type who can put up with your occasional outbursts.

Annubis - Protector God -August 19 - September 21
If you were lucky enough to be born under this sign, you can look forward to life-long romance that will never stop growing. Mr/Ms Right for you is the mystery man type who has a multi-faceted personality and will Forever be revealing new and fascinating aspects of himself/herself, Thereby continually giving you something new about himself for you to love.
Ra - Sun God - September 22 - October 15
You’ll have no trouble finding Mr/Ms Right because you’re what every man/woman is looking for - tender,understanding, passionate, and Intensely loyal. Men/Women will flock to you, so you can afford to be choosy. Pick the man/woman who is most deserving of the prize you are, and don’t look back. Your only fault is a tendency to wonder if you made the right choices in the past, so keep your eyes peeled on the future. Isis - Godess of Miracles - October 16 - November 9
Those born under the sign of this ancient Egypt’s chief goddess have a magic touch. With a smile, they can captivate any man/woman who attracts them. Finding Mr/Ms Right is easy for Isis’ sons/daughters - they can spot him/her a mile off and snare him/her with their great charm.
Thoth - God of Light -November 10 - December 3
Thoth’s children have a hard time displaying their feelings, especially the romantic ones. When you meet Mr/Ms Right, show him how you feel - don’t keep him/her guessing.

Hathor - Godess of Music and Arts- December 4 - December 31
Hathor’ s children are in love with love. They tend to fall head over heels in love with the first man that shows any interest in them, and they stick to them like glue. Keep a level head and be sure he’s really Mr/Ms Right. Your type of man/woman likes harmony, and you have to show him/her that you’re the one who can provide it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jac used 2 say that there's a type of person you can play with, talk with, joke with but cannot do projects with for some wierd reasons.
I think I'm this kind of person. I have no problem with making jokes and making frenz but I have a feeling I might not be a gd leader. Take for example today, we are meeting for MR in PS Starbucks. I think halfway through I looked a bit angry towards the middle cuz I was frustrated at the all the diversions. Many of the members have 2 go b4 3 pm so there's a stress of finishing as much as possible b4 3pm. However no one else xcept me seems 2 mind. During the journey home I reflect and thought 2 myself was I wrong in getting angry? I mean the members who are in a urgent nd 2 go doesn't seem 2 care, why should I bother so much?
I mean I understand that we still gt a bit of time before we have 2 hand up the thing. But there's still a lot of other projects that we have 2 do and I dun wan 2 fight for the same timeslots when sch reopens and everything comes at one go. That will be very tiring. Moreover I feel that since I'm put in charge I have the responsibility 2 see it through and make sure that every1 stays on the track. Was that wrong? I seriously have no idea.
Maybe it's just me though, I am getting easier and easier 2 get angry and I think my friends has seen in more than one occasions when my face just turns black. Whether they understand the true reasons behind, I have no idea. I seldom make an attempt 2 explain anyway, I just clams up. I dunno what's wrong with me, maybe it's just a phase that I have 2 go through. I hope it will pass soon. I'm finding it harder and harder 2 laugh whole heartedly.

Till then, ciao~

Friday, June 15, 2007

Meet yy 2day 2 shop in Vivo in the afternoon. Was shocked at so many plp on the streets (dun they need 2 work and study? I thought Thurs should be a day with not so many plp?) den saw a ad stating that it's World Blood Donors Day (though it still doesn't make sense). Onboard the train on the way there, a guy was dozing off on my left. The reason why I say dozing off instead of sleeping is bcoz I keep pushing his head back before it touches me ( This is a male for goodness sake! I dun wan what Wanti experienced 2 happen 2 me). Another girl was sitting on the guy's left and she push the head back coz I push 2 hard and the guy nearly fell into her lap(the guy is still sleeping! I push really hard leh! Can't he feel it?). Lucky afterwards the guy wake up so I dun need to push the head back again. Whew, what a relief!
I was late but yy still haven't reached yet so I shop ard in Giant in the meantime. I must look more mature nowadays bcoz the promoter aunties start offering me samples which never happens before! Yeah! My lunch is settled!
Meet yy and then we walked ard 2 see what freebies we can get with the blood donation coupon/card(it's a card full of coupons). In the end, we manage to get free shampoo and conditioner from The Face Shop and yy get a free eyebrow trimming from ZA (It's really trimming. They never pluck juz shave) and we get a lot of balloon sculptures (In the end yy get a balloon sword and I get a flower which I threw away secretly coz the flower does not look like flower).
We decided 2 watch movie since we got the $5 coupon and there's nth else 2 do. There's only 2 choice - Ocean 13 and Legend of The Sea. Yy say JJ Lin who dub one of the characters sounds wierd so we go for Ocean 13 in the end. Vivo got a long queue so we take mrt 2 PS instead (OMG! 2m I'm gg 2 PS again for MR! Sianz...go PS so many times). The guy @ the ticketing booth has a wierd slang. Think he try 2 sound like ang mo. U think I should be used 2 slangs by now coz got so many foreigners in our class but I still have 2 think for a few secs b4 I can make out what he is saying. Yy on the otherhand keep sayng "huh?'" and look @ me 2 see if I understand or nt. Lol..
Ocean 13 is nt bad although I never watch the previous dunno how many Oceans b4 (It starts from Ocean 10 or 11?) and my bladder reached it's max capacity halfway through the movie. Confusing though coz the scenes are like skipping here and there and the subtitles is really nt reliable so I become independent after a few attempts. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon still looks old as usual and there's a chinese extra inside the good guy's team. Really extra la, nt much scenes and when sitting beside the other plp he looks like a dwarf (U can imagine how he looks when he is standing beside the others. And he is not in the least bit handsome). Oh there's a woman working for the rival (bad guy) who has the most disfigured arms I had ever seen. I was so disgusted that for a few moments I can't enjoy the popcorn (is this suppose 2 be a horror movie?). Her arms are cabbage looking - a few lumps or meat here and there (dun think it is muscle. looks more like tumor so sth).
On the way back, yy bumped into an ang mo's (again?!! They are everywhere! Help!) backpack and complain that her nose will be getting flat. I think she expect me 2 sympathize with her os sth but instead I laugh and say her nose wasn't tall and sharp in the 1st place(cannt blame me, I dun tell lies) so she beat me with her balloon sword.

Till then, Ciao~

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Got nothing to do so blog about my shitting experience. Qin had heard it already this morning so I think she can just skip this part (if she ever sees it).
I'm finally free from constipation!!! Only for 1 day.
The day before when I reached home I finally feel that sth is coming out of you know where, so I rush to the toliet. At that pt in time, my mother and father is in the hse. So after one or 2 mins of struggling, the thing (you know wat. Okay okay, shit la!) finally comes out. Den 2 my suprise, I heard my mum's voice outside the toliet. "Come out le mah? Got come out?", said my mum. "Think got la, so long nv come out. Shan, got shit out?", said my dad. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!!! It was like I'm preganant or sth la, and they are waiting outside so they can celebrate. So in the midst of pushing the thing out (so long nv shit le, hard until can cut my backside), I still have 2 find energy 2 reply them. So i said,"ya, shit le", hoping that they will go away and let me shit in peace! I was so afraid that they would cheer me out while I'm shitting or run out 2 tell the neighbors that their daughter have finally shitted. I would have 2 commit suicide after I shit.
I am now having constipation again. I really dreaded the next time I have 2 shit. I make sure my parents are not ard. I would try 2 ctrl until they are out of the hse.

Monday, June 4, 2007

I dunno when I become so high speed. Better than flash or superman, whoever is faster. Finish rsm on fri (started @ 10pm, finish @ 2am) and finish ps&n on sat. All took juz 1 day 2 finish. Somemore all meet the min. no. of words required. The quality surely sucks big time one. Intially I tot rsm should be the harder one but i juz realised that i was so wrong. Rsm i can copy the info from internet but ps&n muz think off craps to say. Somemore need so many words - 2000 leh! So in the end i juz ask myself questions & answer myself. For example the question: "why....?" The answer immediately follows: " But I think it might be bcuz..." Fail big time la that proj.
Now I am trying very hard 2 avoid revising 4 the rsm 2m. She-ren already "encourage" me this morning le, but still really no mood. From morning 2 now I've been reading novels, play com games, surf internet, watch tv, steam bao, eat bao, wash plates....trying to do everything to avoid studying for the test. Hate studying la. Now already run out of things 2 do so come up and blog (I juz realise I always blog when I gt nth 2 do). But now already nth 2 blog abt. Help! I dun wan 2 study!