Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wanted: Runaway Lobster

Lobster on the loose!

The ever so active lobster that have killed many victims (it pinches fishes to death) has just escaped from its cell (the fish tank)!

Public is advised to keep a lookout and report to
me when the lobster is spotted. Do not approach!

If the lobster is captured, it is advised to put it in a steamer and cook until bright red.

Hmpphh....who call u anyhow run away. Steam u and eat~

Thursday, November 27, 2008



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday my bro bought a new phone (I know, i know. U are thinking 'again?' everytime of the year there's bound to be someone in my family changing handphones. I am becoming quite the handphone expert already).

He bought a W910i @ $100, singtel recontract after 1 yr. Pretty decent walkman phone I must say.

One step closer to transforming the entire family 2 SE freaks! Yeah!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

There's an article on Yahoo that says sleeping more boost memory.

No wonder....I feel so intelligent lately.

All I do is sleep all day since I am pronounced jobless.

Another reason for me to sleep all day w/o any hassle from my parents.

Wahahhahahah~~~~ Like the LG slogan, life's good!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nevermind city square. New hot location in SaggyWorld is Haw Par Villa.

Hadn't been there since...i can't remember. It's been a loooooonnnng time. For some time I wonder if it hadn't been torn down already.

Wanna go visit the 18th lvls of Hell. Oh....just checked out some website. They only got 10 courts of Hell. Must have run out of $$ 2 build the other 8. Wonder if there's any admission charge. Some blogger say you must 'pay 2 go 2 Hell' so I assume there's some fees or another...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Suki no ganji? Shinjirarenai


Sorekara shinjirarenai
I wanna go City Square. City Square. City Square!

Gotta stop this sudden shopping urge.

No good for my health and pocket.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hart Problems

My heart is beating very fast right now. It has always been like that lately. Like I am nervous for no good reason.

Maybe I am gg 2 have a heart attack? Haha...I've told my mum and she told me that because I am too not working. She can always relate whatever same things to me not working. She hates seeing plp relax la. Jealous la. Next thing, she will relate me having small eyes to not working - sleep too much already.

Maybe it's just ever lingering feel of me seeing gay photos yesterday....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gay Talk

My heart is pumping very fast around. Breathless.

One of my friends used to ask me since I've only been reading or watching comics about gays, will I like gays in real life? cause they are like.... totally different. So far I'm all talk and no action. But I found the answer today.

Just saw some photos of a so called famous Beijing gay couple (Iam not so sure about the famous part) by accident (I swear!) and its....................beautiful~~~ guys should have expected it (esp 1t) since I should be quite famous for liking gays by now. Every guy in this world is being 'fantasized' by me. Including my twin brothers (they are really so damn gay. lah!).

The younger gay looks girlish though. Very cute. Very young also. No wonder the guy falls in love with him.

Not just gay lah. I like love between homosexuals in general. Maybe because it's harder to come by? People generally view relationship between 2 of the same sex as wierd and unnatural (which in a way is true) so it takes quite a lot of courage for couples like that to step out and reveal their relationships to the public. I am sure they also have some sort of internal conflict with themselves before they finally admit that they are different and only likes the same sex.

Of course there are some which only do that because of sex or some other reasons. Let's not talk about them. Yet.

I'm not sure I'm that open to lesbians yet. Never come in contact with them in anyway. Reality or virtual. So I won't talk so fast. But it shouldn't be too much a problem if I am not the one directly involved ;P

Another reason that I am so open to gays is that I, unlike most girls, dun think it's a waste that all the handsome guys turned gay. In fact I will hate to see ugly gays (stay away from me!). It will be so~ dirtying my eye. Moreover I dun think I am the one that will really cherish love when it comes. If it comes. Socializing is such a chore. And if I have a boyfriend who need me to think of topics to talk about all the time (it happens to a lot of my friends), I rather say sayonara~ I am too lazy to put in that much an effort. Which I think is another reason why I stay away from relationships.

Anyway. To conclude, Gays Rulez!!! Pls scroll below for pics of the Beijing gays to disturb your senses (eye candy 4 me!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Everything's gone! gone! gone!

Reformat w/o backup and my laptop is now as good as new! A good thing? Not!

Stupid me should stop anyhow downloading stuff.......ermm, that's not possible.....

Stupid me should go buy a hard drive. Judging at my frequency of reformatting my laptop, it will be $$ well-spent. @ least 100GB will do. Just for those impt stuff like bookmarks, animes and my vast collection of games and software... Waaaaaaa~~~~~~*breakdown & cry*

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have a sudden shopping urge.

Target location: bugis.