Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Southern Ridges

Went on a hike with my dear twin on mon. Supposed to be a walk. At least that's what I thought I heard my dear twin said.
Anyway, lotsa things happens on the way so I won't be doing any elaboration here but I have 2 say, although things can't be exactly called "smooth-sailing" during the entire hike. I enjoyed myself a lot. It's not everytime you can go on a hike this long in Singapore (a total of approx 13.5km when you count to and fro.) It's really fun!
Oh and we took some....ok, a lot of pixs on the way. I look like I'm on drugs on sth with my paleness and dark eye rings and ...my increasing pregnant-like stomach. Must be the irregular sleeping hrs and unhealthy lifestyle I'm leading. Haha...mostly eat and sleep. Have to do sth abt it soon.

Sothern Ridges. Look nicer in "person" than in photo.

Ain't I the most handsome thing u ever seen? ^^....Wierd, I think I heard puking....

Only half of me can be seen in this photo.

OMG!! Look at the freakish hair! I seriously need 2 go 4 a extreme makeover...

Us stepping foot on the southern ridges...map.

Looks like a maze from up here. What a waste of metals. But I like~^^

I bet we can roll down if we want...

I never realised I can be ever called "petite". But hey, I did it!

Twin slippers.

Hort Park logo.

Again, another nicer in "person" than in photo scenery.

Me taking photo of 1t taking photo of the wedding couple. Cool rite?

Do I look like I'm peeing in public? Well at least I tried....

See-saw! Arh...the good old days~

I'm stuck in the ball like thingy when 1t took this. She must be the "best" twin I've ever had. Instead of helping, she took pictures.

Snakey path. So we took the short cut instead. What on earth is the designer thinking?

1t vaporising. Lucky 4 me it wasn't that dark yet.
View from somewhere on the Kent Ridge. I think. If not one of the many other bridges.

This is how long we took. From mid afternoon to the sun goes down~ Oh and the bridge is supposed to be purple in color. My hp camera is color-blind.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick Update

A few things happen recently. Keep wanting 2 blog them up but due 2 some reasons or another I didn't. Here's a summary:

- Upgraded my XP to SP3. Finally! Whenever I tried 2 do this in the past, it always fails for whatever reason (My Windows Update is damn useless. Now I ignore it whenever it says it has "updates" because it never succeed). Heard its faster and not so error-prone as SP2. We'll see.

- Anyone heard of Camp Rock? Apparently another "High School Musical" to be starring Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas. I'm nt really interested in the musical (or movie. Whatever they like 2 call it) but this song really "caught my ears".

- I always wanted 2 dye my hair blue & nw the urge is coming back. Do u think I should? I'm gg 2 work soon. Do u think they will allow an "ET-lookalike" 2 work there? Hmmm....but I still want 2 look like ET!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman-The Dark Knight Review

Watched "The Dark Knight" on its opening night with Vanessa.

It was not doing especially well since the front seats were not filled and you expect theatres to be packed on its opening night. But that might be because they have like 3 or 4 halls with the same movie (My chin dropped when I saw "The Dark Knight" like showing every hall. Is that the only movie they have left?). Another reason might be I am watching it in sub-urban areas so the response might not be as over-whelming as in the town.

Now to my piece of mind on the movie itself. Surprisingly it makes me think (might be too bored). What I thought was - "Damn, the Joker is clever. He cover his tracks so well that the only way to find him is to wait for him to find you. Why does he have to be a villain? Wouldn't it be better if he is a scientist or detective or sth?"
In the movie you will see into the past of Joker and there he gave 2 explanation on how he got the scarred "smile" on his face. Frankly I am confused. I have completely no idea which one is the true reason. But I feel the "drunken father" story might be the truth as it is more detailed and he kinda shows his disgust when he tell the story. For the "scarred wife" story, I feel thet he show more of glee at making the female lead frightened.
Is the unhappy childhood the reason for what he is now? Will it be different if he lead a completely different childhood? Hard to tell.

Another thought that I have is "who choose the female lead?". She's not exactly pretty and she kinda looks old. What makes the 2 male lead fall in love with her? Personality? Not exactly convincing. Pardon me but I am someone who goes for looks. Especially if the movie is as long as this one (est 2 hrs 45 mins), I expect someone more pleasing to my eyes. The male leads aren't exactly drop-dead gorgeous material either but they will do. Usually I will expect more out of the female lead since they don't really have much acting to do, the least they can do is be a good "vase". But the female lead hardly pass for a "fish bowl".

But all in all, not exactly my type of movie. I only went because my friend wanted to watch this movie and I kinda have nth better 2 do. So in my bias-ness, totally rating for this movie: 2.5/5. At least I didn't fall asleep during the movie so I will let it pass.

My Life Ends. Now

Turns out this Thursday is not either an un-auspicious day for interviews or too auspicious.

I got the job. Again! And this time I can't back out!

I did everything I could. Went late. Came totally unprepared. Dressed totally in-formally. Used my lousy printer to print so that the application form will look totally ugly. And still I got the job.

What does a girl to do to NOT get a job?

And before that I thought that this will be my last interview and I can rest my ears for at least 2 weeks because I told my mum that I am gg for 2 many interviews (3 for 3 weeks. One per week) and ought to rest. I treat her silence as consent.

And this happens!

In some way I got my wish. I don't have to go for another interview for at least 7 months since I am bonded. If I quit before that I have to pay SGD$600. Not that I do not have the money, just that there's no reason I am going to spend money on a job!

Talking abt the damn interview, I only have one word to say - LONG!!!

It lasted a total of abt 3 hrs, from 2.30-5.45pm. With a lot of waiting in between. I have to cry for the loss of my afternoon nap to pass the time. It's that boring.

Another stupid thing that I am gg 2 have a one mth training. No, I dun mind the training. Training is fine, I expect training in some form or another. But the stupid part is that throughout the training I am gg 2 have EXAMS & TESTS every other day???!!! What? Now back to school time? Hello~ I have just graduated. Notice much?

Upon these, I am going to formally saluate and wave goodbye to my leisure life. It's been nice while it lasted. And I can predict that I am not going to have any for the following 2 years. Boo hoo~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interview Addict

Recently I had an interview craze.

Been gg 4 interviews, getting in, and rejecting the job offers. Haix...really lost count of how many I went.

Just went for 2 this Mon, rejected both offers and gg for another one this Thur.

Although this was fun initially, it was beginning get on my back.

When will this ever ends??!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

FINALLY! All These Wasted Years!

Just to show evidences on how I destroy my phone. This is one of them.

I finally get to changed the fonts on my phone!!!




Isn't this the greatest!

And I install another software just to be able to capture screenshots on my mobile phone too! Wahahaha~
My hair is getting longer & longer.

At this rate, Ima mop the floor with the damn thing.

It's weighing me down. I can barely hold my head up as I used 2.

Enough talk. I have 2 rest my neck now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shuji To Akira Seishun Amigo lyrics

Narihibiita keitai denwa iya na yokan ga mune wo yogiru
Reisei ni nare yo mi amiigo

Nasakenai ze tasukete kure rei no yatsura ni owareterun da
Mou dame ka mo shirenai mi amiigo

Futari wo saku you ni denwa ga kireta

Si oretachi wa itsu demo futari de hitotsu datta jimoto ja makeshirazu sou daro
Si oretachi wa mukashi kara kono machi ni akogarete shinjite ikite kita
Naze darou omoidashita keshiki wa tabidatsu hi no kirei na sora dakishimete

Tadoritsuita kurai rojiura shagamikonda aitsu ga ita
Ma ni awanakatta gomen na

Yararechimatta ano hi kawashita rei no yakusoku mamorenai kedo
Omae ga kite kurete ureshii yo

Furueru te no hira wo tsuyoku nigitta

Si oretachi wa ano koro tadoritsuita kono machi subete ga te ni hairu ki ga shita
Si kokyou wo sutesari dekai yume wo oikake waratte ikite kita
Kore kara mo kawaru koto nai mirai wo futari de oikakerareru to yume miteta

Si oretachi wa itsu demo futari de hitotsu datta jimoto ja makeshirazu sou daro
Si oretachi wa mukashi kara kono machi ni akogarete shinjite ikite kita
Naze darou omoidashita keshiki wa tabidatsu hi no kirei na sora dakishimete



My cellphone rings, and a terrible premonition flashes through my heart
Calm down, mi amigo*

I'm in a mess, help me, those guys are chasing me
Maybe this is the end, mi amigo

My phone died, cutting me off from you

Yes, the two of us were always one, at home we were invincible, weren't we?
Yes, we'd longed to come to this town for a long time
For some reason, I remember the scenery, embracing the beautiful sky the day we left

When I reached a dark alleyway, you were crouching there
I'm sorry I didn't get there in time

I can't keep the promise we made the day it all came crashing down
But I'm so happy you came

You held my shaking hand tight

Yes, when we came to this city we felt like we could have anything we wanted
Yes, we left our home behind without looking back to pursue our big dream, smiling the whole time
We dreamed that together we could chase after a future that wouldn't change

Yes, the two of us were always one, at home we were invincible, weren't we?
Yes, we'd longed to come to this town for a long time
For some reason, I remember the scenery, embracing the beautiful sky the day we left

伍家辉 虽然我愿意







Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Phone. To Me.

Changed my phone again for the umpteen time.
I seriously should quit this habit of changing phones every so often. But then again this time it's a down-grade. I think. Similar to what my twin from the other race did, I downgrade (I think) my N82 to N80. I wonder if it's really a downgrade after all? Since it's still N80-sth and functions & specs are somewhat the same. Even the OS is the same.
Now my phone is like oh-so-bulky. Feels like I'm weight-lifting everytime I try to make a call or try to sms. And I really don't dare to drop it on the floor. My mum would surely know from the hole it makes on the granite.
All in all, I'm rather satisfied at the purchase though cause it's like so damn cheap (The seller cheated me of my memory card though. Even though I don't really need it but still you promise! And a promise is a promise! Lou-sa!). And it's like so damn loud as well. I enjoy comparing the loudness of my N80 with their 5700 and N73...and win! Ahh~ this is life! However now it's like still my honeymoon period as the N80 has only been with me like for like less than a week. So I wouldn't be surprised if I got the impulse and change another phone again.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just received this:

And got this:

Hehe...used Saggy instead of my own name. Must keep it mysterious.

Wow I felt like I did sth great or sth. But probably not that great. Oh well...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Super Cute Kitten

Arh~ So damn cute! Look at the big eyes!
Looks just like the one I used to feed underneath the block where I used to live. Missed it so~ much!