Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Desktop Calendars??!! Argghh!!!

Now den discover my new blogskin is damn useless(the space too thin liao. Put a few words inside den nxt paragraph liao). Haiz..but lazy 2 chg blogskin leh, this one juz chg nia~ Somemore hard 2 find 1 that fits my monkeys 1 leh. Anywayz, juz nw went 2 one of my fav forum & guess wat I found? More desktop calendars!! Y things always turn up when I am nt finding them and always disappear when I need them most? So does that means nxt time I need 2 find sth, I have 2 act like I dun care? Hard sia, I nt professional actress leh.
I found quite a few desktop calendars that I like again (head pain arh). Post it up here lor, so when I wan 2 chg also can chg easily.

Haha...finally found my onion head liao. Like it quite a lot cuz aside from having onion head in it, it also has astrology(the name nia, nt the description. But better than nth rite?) But the resolution of the pic a bit small so when u try 2 put onto ur desktop. It will bcum a bit blurry...

The mono-sth black white pig only gt october's version. Guess I have 2 wait abt 7 mths more b4 I can use...

Bleach 1 also nt bad. Gt the lunar calendar.

Deathnote. L san is so kawaii~

Ouran High! The good old days...

That's all I have. The others they know me I dun know them, take also no use rite? LoL. Paste 2 much liao. Hungry sia. I go find sth 2 eat.
Oh yeah, talking abt food, any1 can reccommend anything 2 eat @ crystal jade? Coz I gt this voucher, but muz reccommend cheap things. Coz the value of the voucher nt a lot...
Dun know y recently every1 complains abt me nt updating my desktop calender. I know it's outdated but this kind of things need time 2 find 1 mah. U think wan den have meh?
So juz nw I finally rmb gt this thing that i muz do (muz becoz it's necessary 2 avoid more nagging), and 刚好本少爷gt time, so I went 2 do a search in yahoo lor ( coz I forgt the website I went 2 the last time) and found the march wallpaper (u happy nw?).
I post some of it up here cuz there are quite a lot i like so i dun know wat 2 choose. Those who want can take.
(Just click on the picture, den right-click and set as desktop background)
But I am now seriously considering putting one of the following images as my desktop background. Coz they show the dates for the whole year so nobody will nag @ my 2 chg my desktop wallpaper again.

Monday, March 5, 2007

It limits my creativity!!! limits my creativity.
Actually wanted 2 send a long msg along with the VOS program installer. In the end, due to the 100 words limit, bcum so short. Haiz..
The original msg is liddat:
To all my fans who are captivated by my breath-taking performance,

Here's the piano game that u all wanted. Just unzip (need either winzip or winrar) and install will do. If u all wanted other songs 2 play with, den please pay $2 for every song to the talented and beautiful miss tan wei shan.

*Note: The file is quite big, so please be patient while downloading it.

Thank you.

Thanks and regards,
The Grand Piano Master
Tan Wei Shan

In the end bcum liddat:
Just unzip (need either winzip or winrar) and install will do. BY talented and beautiful wei shan.

So short got 100 words meh? Cheated my feelings lor. Den write compo of 250 words add 2 more sentences can liao.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Yoz! Changed my blogskin again. Coz the previous one gt some prob (cannt link 2 other plp's blogs) so was thinking mine as well change the entire blogskin. Anywayz i also dun know how 2 correct the problem mah. Hehe...
Anywayz, the font has become smaller so u have 2 strain your eyes (a lot) if u wan 2 read wat i've actually typed. So sorry abt that. A suggestion is to bring a magnifying glass next time u went on the internet.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Wa lao...sianz lor. Just finish doing all the lateness accumulation thingy. Jasmine is shocking. As usual. She won the entire race with a total score of 18:28 mins. I am quite scared for her actually. She's a real nice person so I won't like to see her repeating tep again. But from the looks of it, there's a high chance of that happening....
In the afternoon, skip sch again with wanti, she-ren, suraya and jessie. Skip from sch 2 J8. They are corrupting me again lah.I am a 'guai' person as u all obviously know (I'm famous 4 it). I am scared for my future... Lol...juz jokin. Had really great fun with them, cause of their lameness..hahaha. Also got a new branded name - Louis vutton(LV Tan. Cool~). But it will have been great if siew eng was there also..haiz...
Now the BSU room like deadtown liddat. Everybody take flexi xcept me mah. Receptionists are nt allowed 2 take flexi when the rest are taking. I express a solemn bow to all the receptionist in the world, including me and chee yong (imagine chee yong being a receptionist. Styro image. He so big size dat the desk even looks too small for him. Somemore he looks more like a gang leader"lao da" than a receptionist).