Thursday, August 21, 2008

Try it~

Found this somewhere & cut & paste over. Lemme try it out...

A:​​Beaut​iful eyes
B: Amazi​ng kisse​r
C: Great​ kisse​r
D: Very easy to fall in love with
E: Makes​ peopl​e laugh​
F: Loves​ food
G: Doesn​'​​t give a ####!​​
H: freak​in'​​ hott
I: has the best perso​nalit​y
J: easy to fall in love with
K: kind
L: crazy​
M: reall​y sweet​
N: Has a Smile​ to die for
O: very very hot
P: Funny​ as hell
Q: An anima​l lover​
R: good frien​d
S: nice body
T: reall​y sweet​
U: Very Good Kisse​r
V : Not judge​menta​l
W: Very broad​ minde​d
X: Never​ let peopl​e tell you what to do
Y: hot hot hot
Z: Has a great​ body

T: reall​y sweet​ (erm....)
A:​​Beaut​iful eyes (nt exactly...)
N: Has a Smile​ to die for (true. I personally will die 2 have it changed)

W: Very broad​ minde​d (define 'broad-minded')
E: Makes​ peopl​e laugh​ (Maybe..sometimes...mostly 4 stupid stuff)
I: has the best perso​nalit​y

S: nice body (R u being sarcastic or sth?)
H: freak​in'​​ hott (No comments.)
A:​​Beaut​iful eyes
N: Has a Smile​ to die for

I dun really think it's like all that 100% accurate. And did u notice it's like all very vague and positive kinda stuff. I prefer sth that tell me my pros & cons. Waddaya think?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Training from Hell

Some of you might have known, some of you didn't. It doesn't matter. I've applied for position of bank teller in OCBC and last thursday is the 1st day of an 1-mth training aka Camp Hell.
That is the 1st time I wore high heels like after 20 yrs? So nw my front and back of my legs are 'skin-less', all rubbed away by the heels. Hurts like hell when I bathed. The ulities fees this mth, at least the water part, should dropped a bit cause I bathed super fast. Cannot tahan la~ Who invented heels anyway? He/she is gonna 2 get it from me when I found out!
So tiring la. Everyone in the training (not a lot, only 11 of us) r complaining of 'no life'. Go 4 training den go hm 2 sleep. Den at least 1 exams every wk. U know hw much is their passing mark? 75% siah! If I can get that high, y would I be there? I'll be in uni by nw with sch fees supported by the govt! Duh~
Still gt so many yrs 2 go. My future looks like the weather right now - Dark & Gloomy. Wouldn't be long before I got the urge 2 say - "Goodbye cruel world!"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MiniGames - Yummy Drink Factory

Been playing this game for 2 days now. Liked 2 play mini games like these. File size awefully small & you can finished in within 2-3 days. Good for impatient plp like me. Would had finished if not for the mission impossible last round. However all in all, it was fun.

It is kinda like a memory game cum time management game. Rmb the diff recipes 2 each beverage and prepare it. In the case of forgetting a certain recipe, just make sure to finish preparing the drink before the customer lose his/her heart and walk away from the counter.And instead of cold hard cash, you get cold hard gems. How cool/uncool is that?

Pretty interesting. I would say it is one of the best time management game I played (& believe me, I played a few dozens) and it pretty much captured the fun part of being in the beverage business minus the boring part like cleaning the glasses and closing down @ the end of the day 2 name a few.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not Ur Ordinary Food Pixs

Came across these @ some HK forum, thought it will be nice 2 share~

Guess what fruit/vegetable is used in each pix?

Actually my ultimate motive is 2 make u lose ur appetite. Especially after seeing those with faces. Muahahahaha~