Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guilty as charged

Yesterday I met up with Steph as she comes to visit during her winter vacation.

She bought me my huge load of purchase of skincare and makeup products from Korea. And after that we bitch about other people. I think noone "innocent" was spared. Lolx. She's such an awesome friend! And perfect bitch buddy.

I'm constantly pondering over what I did to deserve my wonderful friends. And I have no idea at all. I'm nothing special but I have friends who sparkle wherever they are. Even though I have no (fixed) religion, I gotta say I'm really blessed.

Now looking forward to my two big trips in year 2012 (imo) - Phuket and Korea 2012.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sorry darling...

I broke my hamster's waterbottle.

Now my Hamsters have to survive an entire day without water until I buy a new one on my way back home.

I'm a bad bad pet owner.

Heaven has a way of making u poorer when you're already have pockets full of holes.

Especially considering that I'm already in some sort of financial crisis. Just this week, I tear my only pair of contact lenses (abt sgd150 to replace) and I transfer sgd440plus to pay for my brother's insurance premium.

Can I get any poorer?

Okay forget I asked....

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Just booked an awesome trip to Melaka with Shereen! The friendly and helpful sales girl at Luxury Travel is the best! Gonna booked from them again if this trip turns out well.

Our hotel is freaking gorgeous! From the website la. I am sure it wouldn't be far from the truth anyway...

Gonna pull through next week and then...time to R&R!

Hehehehehehhe......*can't contain the excitement*

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I want a vacation man!

But I do not want to go during peak seasons like the school holidays etc...

That leaves only Korea.

I want to go Korea so bad!!!!

Time to find cheap air tixs =)

Monday, July 25, 2011

This forum thread really echos my current feelings.

What can I do now?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call me slow but I just watched Pirates of The Caribbean 3 - Dead Man's Chest.

WTF, Will Turner is dead? Or rather Will Turner is now a zombie with a hole in chest where his heart was, only appearing once every 10 years? I don't think the scriptwriter is going to fast-forward 10 years for Orlando Bloom just so he can return like every 2 sequels or something (every sequel is already out of the question since Bloom is confirmed to be MIA for Stranger Tides)? Guess either Orlando Bloom got tired of the franchise or vice versa....

And I nearly died when Jack Sparrow did not appeared most of the first half of the movie, It.Got.So.Draggy.That.I.Wanna.Die. Never thought I will say this but Jack Sparrow makes Johnny Depp lovable. Even my Mum paid extra attention to the "swaying hoppity guy".

Oh, and my Mum was tricked into watching this with me because I told her Chow Yun Fat (Seriously, Fat as a name?) was in the movie. Regretted it though since Chow Yun Fat only appeared for a few scenes therefore Mum keep asking me if he is going appear again and making pretty accurate conclusions like "I guess he isn't the male lead since he did not appear much".

And this sequel kind of make me dislike Elizabeth Swan. How many guys did she kissed in this sequel? First Mr Fat, then the British-looking man who died under the sword of Snr. Turner and then two or three times with Jnr. Turner. Well to be fair, she did pushed one of them away (aka Mr Fat)...but maybe she don't like old asians who looked every bit like a eunuch?

As I mentioned previously, this movie is incredibly draggy - especially the beginning. At the end of one and a half hour, we thought it must had been at least two hours already. However it seems like we both have another one hour and 18 minutes to go. Towards the end it got better though and there were more actions instead of boring yakkity yak.

out of

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Did a career evaluation test on Ivillage and these are my results:

This description is a generalisation. If it rings true, you've found your career type.

You would be very happy in a career that utilised your level-headedness, and allowed you to work mainly on your own. You want a career that allows you to be creative, without having to be involved with lots of people. Some careers that would be perfect for you are:

  • Artist
  • Historian
  • Banker
  • Novelist
  • University Professor
  • Photographer
  • Vet
  • Paralegal
  • Graphic Designer
  • Online Content Developer
  • Webmaster
  • Producer
  • Managing Director
  • Nutritionist
  • Advertising
  • Nursing

You like working and being alone. You like to avoid attention at all costs. You tend to keep to yourself, and not interact much with the people around you. You enjoy spending time with a few a close friends. You like to listen to others, but don't like sharing much about yourself. You are very quiet and private.
You are very practical, and only act after thinking things through. You don't like being forced to answer quickly. You have to evaluate the situation completely. You make decisions based on what you can verify with your senses.
You like to be deeply involved in one or two special projects. You like to be behind the scenes. You are very logical and fair. You feel you should be honest with others and protect their feelings.
You trust your gut instincts. You are easily inspired and trust that inspiration. You are very innovative. You analyse things by looking at the big picture. You are concerned about how what you do affects others. You worry about your actions and the future. You tend to use a lot of metaphors and are very descriptive and colourful in your choice of language.
You are very creative, and get bored easily if you don't get to express yourself. You like to learn new things. You don't like the same old routine. You like to leave your options open.
Finding a career that is right for you isn't always an easy thing. However, if you secure a job that is suited to your personality type you will enjoy going to work, feel great about yourself, feel appreciated and look forward to what's ahead.

This test was adapted from C. G. Jung's famous personality types.

Hmmm...if the above hits the bull's eye regarding my personality and the career descriptions, why does my ex-employer dismiss me for not being able to become very socially-active within a immensely short period of time?

Friday, June 17, 2011

It's been a long time and I'm still confused, pondering about stuff that I am not sure if it matters.

Quite frankly I am not sure what I want to do with my life. My brain is useless for complicate matters such as these. All these years of education and mind boosting games gone down the drain.

Should I live my life the way everyone else (besides me) wishes? It would be easy, making everyone else happy.

Now I see why most just live the 'normal' life. Its obvious, socially acceptable and all you need to do is just go with the flow. I wanted to do the same. Kind of wasting life away. Then somewhere back in my mind something doesn't agree with the idea of "wasting" anything, thus the idea is put to rest... for now.

Decisions, decisions. Why is life so full of them? Deliberately making things difficult for lazy harry like me.

Now I have to think. Oh boy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

East Coast Fun

Arranged for cycling with Gena yesterday. Its so sad that Liz and Jayvern (Get well soon~) are unable to make it. Its so much fun!

I took Bus 43 from the bus stop opposite my block of flats and it took abt 45-an hour to reach parkway parade. Once again...I hate inconvenient Sengkang.

We rented one of these at $30 for two hours. Erm...not exactly. The one shown above is called a "Quad-Velo". Ours is more of a "Bi-Velo", difference being that our vehicle was missing the two seats at the back.

There are two steering wheels in the front but the only one working is the one sitting on the left of the vehicle (aka the right in the picture. Aka the old man is the one steering). In the first part of the trip, Gena was in charge of steering and the ride is smmmmooooottthhh. Since I am also given a wheel, I was steering too. Just for the heck of it. My hands and legs seem to feel the need to moving in unison, which Gena soon find out in the second part of the ride after we switched seats.

Oh by the way the above picture is clearly not of us. Its stolen from a fun to read parenting website called Parent Times. So please forgive me for stealing the photo, Parent Times? I said you are a fun to read website~ *pleading tone*

Working the Bi Velo was about 3 times more tiring than riding a normal mountain bike, with the weight of the metal structure and all. Going upslope is the most torturous of all. And bikers of all ages, shapes and sizes passed us by and start mocking us. The heat got to Gena's head a few times and she start pedalling hard trying to overtake those that had just overtaken us. Are you kidding? In this monster of a vehicle? Hell no!

The heat got to my head a few times too and I keep having the urge to try to park our Bi-Velo in carparks meant for actual vehicles such as lorries or a sedan. Then again, it might not be the heat. That's probably just me acting up again.

Midway the severely out-of-shape duos decided to take a rest and chitty chat about everything under the sun. I asked Gena about how she got her Christian name and whether it was given by her parents. She answered that she came out with it herself and it originates from....A SBS ANCHORWOMAN?

After a few attempts, we realised that she was talking about an anchorwoman from the former identity of Mediacorp - TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore). Ahh~ The good old times~ So much to talk about, but that would probably be another post saved for another day.

The vehicle travelled at such a crawling speed and it drained so much of our energy away so quickly that we took about half an hour to travel probably a quarter of the east coast park and that already results our knees knocking when we hopped out of the vehicle.

All in all, its fun! I'm totally missing the vehicle already! Someone other than me should be in charge of the steering wheel though. Gena lost 1/4 of her 70plus years long life in that short 45mins (???) while I was steering. Even there's no need to be moving the steering wheel that much, I still like to constantly making circles with the device, therefore making the Bi-Velo did huge sudden turns or travel snake-like in a drunk manner.

Now you understand why I said its fun? I am planning to make Gena lose another 1/4 of her lifespan soon. Anyone interested?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 Amazing Drowned Churches

7. Potosi, Venezuela

potosi venezuela 01 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
potosi venezuela 02 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
potosi venezuela 03 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
potosi venezuela 04 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
potosi venezuela 05 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
potosi venezuela 06 7 Amazing Drowned Churches

6. St. Nicola’s Church, Macedonia

st nicholas church macedonia 01 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
st nicholas church macedonia 02 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
st nicholas church macedonia 03 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
st nicholas church macedonia 04 7 Amazing Drowned Churches

5. Church of the Holy Rosary, India

church of the holy rosary india 01 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of the holy rosary india 02 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of the holy rosary india 03 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of the holy rosary india 04 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of the holy rosary india 05 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of the holy rosary india 06 7 Amazing Drowned Churches

4. Church of Old Petrolandia, Brazil

church of old petrolandia brazil 01 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of old petrolandia brazil 02 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of old petrolandia brazil 03 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of old petrolandia brazil 04 7 Amazing Drowned Churches

3. Church of Krokhino, Russia

church of krokhino russia  01 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of krokhino russia  02 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of krokhino russia  03 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of krokhino russia  04 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of krokhino russia  05 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of krokhino russia  06 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of krokhino russia  07 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of krokhino russia  08 7 Amazing Drowned Churches

2. Church of Lake Reschen, Italy

church of lake reschen italy 01 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of lake reschen italy 02 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of lake reschen italy 03 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
church of lake reschen italy 04 7 Amazing Drowned Churches

1. Kalyazin Bell Tower, Russia

kalyazin bell tower russia 01 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
kalyazin bell tower russia 03 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
kalyazin bell tower russia 04 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
kalyazin bell tower russia 05 7 Amazing Drowned Churches
kalyazin bell tower russia 06 7 Amazing Drowned Churches

*These pictures are taken from PictrMania.

Aint these architecture uh-may-zing?

Perfect examples of the combination of the genius of the architect and the wonder of nature.

Being a free-thinker, I had never been a fan of churches. Just the thought of getting "tied down" to a religion makes me me wanna S.C.R.E.A.M.

However these churches below are different, I DEFINITELY wanna visit them someday.

Especially the Church of Lake Reschen in Italy. Absolutely fascinating. Gotta find a way to witness its glory in the 4 different seasons.

I just love seeing things get destroyed. *smile*

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm pretty stressed out over the new job.

And I have no idea WHY, I HADN'T EVEN STARTED YET???


Saturday, May 28, 2011

GodsWar Online

Been playing lots of games recently. Since I am jobless and all....

This is about my latest conquest - GodsWar Online.

GodsWar Online is a mmorpg game. Kinda like World of Warcraft, a infant only version of it.


Its a really childish game that you can play via FaceBook and none of the people inside really speaks English unless you manage to connect to the super popular US server (good luck with that).

Today I met a dead end in my quest (along with my hip hop Panda. The panda is given to every rookie. Once in a while you can merge with it to become a bit more powerful. Just a bit only so don't get your hopes up) - I can't find the stupid harp tablet!!!

Okay bye. I am only here just to vent my frustrations.


Uodate: Found it~ Venting my frustrations helps!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lesbian Vacation


Looks like someone think that I need a lesbian vacation.

Wonders what criteria am I selected it because my facebook relationship status has been pretty much empty all this while? So they thought I have something to hide?

Or could it be my living status which is currently in Australia that did the trick? I didn't really see much gay couples in Australia though....

It caught my eye cause its so out of the ordinary but seriously....who need to go on a specially-organized lesbian trip? If I am lesbian I would just go on a normal trip and enjoy myself. Don't see the need to spend a few extra bucks just to look at an entire tour full of women.

I nearly want to submit my particulars though...since its free anyway, but I decided against it in the end. Not such if I can handle an entire tour full of lesbians, especially when they assumes that I am one of them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking back at my two major trips so far (major meaning that it requires taking a at least 6 hours flight to reach the destination), I realised that I am lucky that they both happens to be friendly places.

Then I start asking myself which places I prefer - Oklahoma City or Melbourne? Okay, I admit I am bored out of my wits. Therefore I am giving my brain a b
it of a warm-up exercise.

My conclusion to the question above? I prefer Oklahoma City more.

Not that Melbourne City is a bad place. It is a cheerful little place where everyone seems happy and bubbly. But its too cosmopolitan for me. There
are too many hotels and travel inns that its just feels like...well...A SECOND SINGAPORE.

Everywhere you go its like almost everyone are backpackers. It kind of gives me a lonely feeling that nobody is here to stay long. To put it in a more bizarre sense - it feels like everyone is here for a one night stand.

Oklahoma City on the other hand gives me less of a business feel and more of a homely feel. Although there isn't much people walking on the streets due to lack of walkways (I kind of hate that part. So not friendly to non-drivers like me T-T), the people there are looks more settled down and there isn't much tourists around. In fact I doubt many people know about this state except for locals and those that are there for the residency.
Ohhh...I also like the fact that you can get cheap stuff if you just search around. Basically there are things for everyone with different budget criteria and income group
in mind. So there are:

And there it goes infinitely...there are many more levels in between and after "Super High Income" but I am lazy to list them all out.

Whereas in Melbourne...these are the levels of consumer goods:
Some might argue that its due to the currency rate between Singapore and Australia. Okay, even if I take away the currency rate difference. Its still starts from medium-high income onwards. So not conducive for a cheapo like me.

Therefore conclusion is...if I have to choose between these two places to settle down and despite the crime rates and other stuff, I would still choose Oklahoma City.

Hmmm....does this means that I really really dislike touristy places? This aint good...If I really want to travel in the near future I have to do so much extra research just to travel to places without many tourists.

What a sad life I lead.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mum called me around 7plus in the evening to check if I am coming home for dinner. I walked through the door while she is still holding the phone listening to the dialing tone. I asked, "Looking for me?"

Its little coincidental moments like this that makes me chuckles.

I am such an easy person to please, aint I?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mummy's Reactions

Almost everyone arounds me knows that my Mum wants me to have long hair for like...FOREVER. I am sick of having my hair "controlled" and the many inconveniences that comes along with having a long hair so I went to have it chopped off just now. It now looks like this.....

Not a bad do right? I mean... I looked more energetic now.

As expected, my Mum is extremely displeased. I find it pretty funny so I am gonna record down her every reactions with regards to my hair here.

Mummy's "Hair-raising" Experience

4/4/11, 9.13pm

I just stepped into the house. She looks at me with disgust and refused to look at me unless necessary. A few more minutes later, she snorted, "Now you look more like china woman. Right, Daddy?"

4/4/11, 9.40pm

I stepped outta the shower and walked past the living room to get to my room. My Mum starts to drill me about how much I spent, where I cut my hair and who/what "pushes" me to cut my hair. She thinks it might be because of bad company. After that she hint my Dad to continue with the drilling cause she don't wanna talk to me anymore.

4/4/11, 10.05pm

She can't reach a certain good in the storage room. She ask my father if "the crazy one" (aka me) can reach it. My Dad managed to get it out though. So...I lost the chance to confront her on that one. Maybe next time. Although I do admit I look a bit felony cause the hair-do is kinda coming apart.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesome day from the start! We slept until we feel like waking up, then we head to the Gabbie's to get Gena's coffee fix. Unfortunately the coffee machine is outta order. Like every fairytale, there's a happy ending to this sad situation. The owner (I bet he loves us a lot. We are his faithful patrons) brewed us some of his turkish coffee. Potent stuff! I like!

We met Geoffrey for some quick catch before he head to a bush party which he spend his entire savings on. Apparently a bush party is a party in the forest where they invite renowned DJs to play techno music in the jungle. Its pretty common in summertime in Melbourne. And the one Geoffrey is heading to is one of the big ones. Thus the high ticket price. I also get to clear my doubts on whether Geoffrey is a drug addict by asking him directly. I scare myself sometimes.

We headed to Ben Sherman where Gena saw one pretty shirt with nice prints (I never like any of her "vintage" outfit but this one make me go criminal - I wanna steal the shirt from Gena after she bought it) and POST. We went to the 56th Moomba festival since we kinda run of things for the day. Its pretty fun! Its like a huge carnival with concerts, funfair etc etc. We went on a ride called SPEED and its awesome! You really feel like falling down and I kinda like the feeling! Woohoo~ 10AUD well spent. Certainly the highlight of the day.

P.S What's with the trams today? Its so stuffy I gonna die!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10/3/2011, Thurs

Today will be a short and simple entry....I hope.

We signed up for the Great Ocean One Day Trip by Wildlife tour (heavily recommended by our Habitat HQ front desk personnel). We woke up super early at about 5.50am to prepare and send Ah Pek (our European grandfatherly roommate who snores quite loudly --> Gena misses this part) out. In Habitat HQ, if you are checking out, you have to gather your own bedsheets and bring it down to the reception. I have to remember to do this on the 15th.

The trip in general was quite okay. I wouldn't describe in detail about the itinerary since its about the same for the Great Ocean Road tour. Just look up one in a tour agency and you will know roughly what's it about.

One thing I love about travelling with this tour agency is the thought that goes into it to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable. There's a self-introuction at the beginning of the trip which I find it abit extra at first but I realised that the tour guides are really remembering the names and your other particulars such as occupation! I especially love the Minties given to us after we eaten our lunch as that is an awfully nice gesture to help clear our stinky breath after a meal. And the Minties taste great I am telling ya.

I also like the part where we stopover at an area with koalas and parrots. Although the parrots left rape-like scratches on my arms, feeding them is awfully fun! They are pretty heavy though. My hands weighed down a little when the first parrot landed on it but I slowly come to expect that and so I will get prepare for it whenever I know a parrot was going to land. I can barely handle it when there are two or more parrots landing at the same time though. AND I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT WHEN THEY LANDED ON MY HEAD. Its heavy enough without fat birds on it, thank you.

Dinner is at Red Rooster - a fast food restaurant with fried chicken just like KFC. I wasn't really hungry at that moment so Elene (did I spell it correctly? heck care la~) and I just grab something really light. Elene is from Paris and she's on the same Great Ocean tour as us. She's here on a working holiday and now she's starting to travel around and see some sights. I find that pretty fabulous.

Side Note: Gena is right - I gotta find a job, save up some cash, and then go on a long trip. A trip, not a tour. I enjoy myself much more when when I'm getting lost, wandering around figuring what to do next. Probably backpacking around several continents. I might be lazy but that isn't big threat to my survival as I seldom panic and is willing to ask for help when needed. Key word being "needed". In fact I like "getting lost" as most of the time it often brings you to places unexpected. A pleasant surprise. Challenges are always welcome.
Now that I finally have a direction in life (yes I previously do not have any), the next step will be to...find a job. always come back to this. Why must the first step always be the toughest????????!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holla from Melbourne Part II

9/3/2011, Wednesday
Pretty eventful day. I refused to leave my bed until Gena shake me up (I think she's been wanting to do that since Day 1. She is totally smiling when I opened my eyes). I was actually awake by then but I simply refused to get out of bed.

After that we went to do our laundry. Freaking exp! It cost us a total of AUD6 including washing powder. Lucky we are sharing though so it turns out to be aint that bad. I think the price is actually considered to be cheap as the machine is huge. Its just that we don't have that much to wash in the first place. If I am gonna stay here again, I'll be sure to stay longer so that I can bring more clothes to wash.

After laundry, we went to the Cabbie's pizza and pasta restaurant across Habitat HQ for lunch. Pizza is nice and according to Gena - so is her lasagna. My pizza is AUD10 including a drink which I didn't know is included in my meal.

We went to Melbourne Aquarium. This place is pretty easy to find. Its just around the corner from Flinders Station. I actually find it pretty interesting. Quite worth the money in fact. We paid about AUD30 each after 10% discount. My favorite exhibit there is the Axolotl. Freaking cute!!!!

I want it as pet! He can join Mocha, Latte and their 6 children as part of my ever-growing safari.

The sharks exhibit is pretty disappointing but I guess that is partly due to the fact that the divers show is canceled due to renovations. I enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless.

Gena picked up a brochure about a camera museum so we decided to head over. Turns out that Michael's is a shop selling cameras and accessories and only part of the 2nd level is where the "museum" is. Despite all that I still enjoyed the place. I even found some photographs that I liked. I like the effect of Pop Art and Dramatic Tone filters whereas Gena prefers Dramatic Tone and Grainy filters.

I love to have a good camera someday to capture my precious moments abroad and even back home. It does not have to be a DSLR like Gena's D90. I probably can't afford that even if I slave for 2 years. I just need something that is non-touch screen (it take forever to get the right focus), focus that is adjustable, high optical zoom....AND CHEAP! If you guys can ever find that I will be eternally grateful. Cause it seems like no such thing will ever happen in my lifetime unless I custom make it WITH MY OWN HANDS.

Dinner is at a Vietnam restaurant due to my sudden Vietnam food craving. I saw many Vietnam restaurants along a certain stretch in Lonsdale (or was it Elizabeth) St and got real tempted. Gena's beef noodle was delicious! My chicken noodle soup however just tasted like Chinese Guo Tiao Tang. Not that it wasn't delicious. Quite the contrary in fact. I am just not happy with the fact that I keep buying cuisine that taste like Chinese food but were labelled otherwise.

At the end of the day, we head back to our hotel (we were early today, about 7 plus?) and start surfing the net. Its an awesome way to end the day and help us get into sleep mode.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hola from Melbourne

Its been like what...3 days since I stepped on the land of Melbourne. And so far I am still loving it!

5/3/2011, Sat

MK Teng (Gena's & Jayvern's friend), Jayvern and Sendya sent Gena and I to the Changi Airport. Jayvern is the one driving and its pretty evident its has been a long day for her. Later I learnt that she's bee driving the entire day, I feel so guilty!!!

Sendya give us a treat at Popeye (my choice. I'd been craving for it since the day before) to celebrate her new job among other stuff that I can't quite remember....I love free stuff!

Me and Gena love the Emirates plane since the air stewards (its only one of them IMO) are hunky! Eye candy for the long flight!

6/3/2011, Sun

30 minutes before we landed, the pilot told us that the temperature in Melbourne is ONLY TEN DEGREE CELSIUS!!!!! WTF, me and Gena is certainly not prepared with all the summer clothes in our luggage. Later we found out that its was actually quite sunny with rather chilly winds and the cold temperature only happens in the early morning (we landed about 8.45am). We tend to avoid the early morning after that but that's because we can't bear to part with out super comfy beds.

We stepped into our home-to-be for the next week plus a few more days - Habitat HQ. Check in isn't till 2pm though so we went and get ourself lost in the streets of St Kilda. What I love most about Melbourne is that the architectures in the area is a mixture of modern and gothic buildings. Its a real awesome and refreshing mix I tell you.

Anyway we met Geoffrey (is that how its is spelled?), Andrea and Jason at the park. Geoffrey appear us with a random question about whether the grass is greener on the other side. I have no idea what Gena was really thinking by that time but I was like "Wow, totally random. I better run".

After a game of catch and some chit-chatting, they turned out to be awesome people. We suspected that Geoffrey is on drugs though - he is too hyper to be normal. Geoffrey left us his email and phone number which we hadn't really been utilizing till this date. We might utilize them though. Soon.

The day ended with a dinner comprising of cheap subway meal (foot long for AUD7) which we shared between the both of us and a "laptop convention" which we discuss about what we gonna do for the next day.

7/3/2011, Mon

After a lunch at a suspiciously Chinese Thai restaurant, Gena and I head to RMIT to enquire more about Gena's potential future course. The consultant wasn't really that helpful and Gena got to speak to the head of the program in the end, which was a blessing in disguise. We layed on the grass patch in the campus for more than an hour (???). This is a new habit that both of us picked out. You can see people sitting or laying down on grass patches in Mebourne anywhere. It feels fantastic to do so! Now we make it a "at least once a day" thing.

We walked over to Yarra River which is like Singapore River but wider and about 5 times longer, camwhore on the floating platform and then head off to a mall akin "The Central @ Clarke Quay) for dinner at food court. Both of us got a 1/4 pizza with salad for AUD9.50. The portion is fucking huge!! We wasted food =( but I finally got my GG mobile sim! =)

8/3/2011, Tues

Collected Loreal Fashion Fullstop tickets from TicketMaster at a theatre whose name I forgot. Excited! Lunch at a cafe in Federation Square (I think the name of the cafe is called Gig if I rmb correctly). Gena's treat cause she feel pity for the penniless moi. Our coffees are awesome even though I don't like the coffee art (I feel that it could be better) and also the coffee taste could be stronger.

After that we head down to Abbotsford Convent - the freaking boring place. Stupid me didn't realised that our tickets could be used for both trams and buses so I went to purchase another. KNS no money still wasting money. The areas around Abbotsford Convent is pretty interesting though. Kinda like a mini-zoo with sheeps, goats, peacocks, horses. My favorite is the donkey. I love the cute face! The Yarra river at the site is freaking polluted though.

We walked along the mountainous trail. I love walking when I am either in sneakers or Gena's flats. Heels and platforms aren't really for me but I made a promise to learn walking in taller heels. Starting from...erm, let's talk about it when the time comes. Thus I stole Gena's sandals and she has to suffer in her platforms. I am such a "nice" person sometimes =)

We came back early cause we might be doing laundry tomorrow thus we took a early shower and immerse ourselves in the cyberworld...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Goodbye world!

Tonight I will be boarding on a flight to Melbourne, Australia!

So I will not be updating unless the internet there is super fast and I got nothing much better to do...

My hammies will be under the care of my brothers. Hope they survive.

I wanna see the 6 babies and 2 adults when I'm back okay!!!!!!

Till then, ciao~
Look how big they have grown!!!!!!!!

Getting darker too! All of them have dark patches on their skin except for one.
Today my brother told me there's only 6 left....looks like it =-(