Friday, December 7, 2007

NEWS- Weeeek lyrics

weeeek – NEWS
Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Yume no hibi wo daiji ni ikimashou, mou iccho!
Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Bokura hibi wo tanoshinde ikitekou, saa ikuzo!

(Ikimasu! Yay!)

Getsuyou hajimatta itsumo no hibi omoi kogareta shuumatsu tooi
Kayou suiyou naretekita goyousu
Tsukutta egao hikitsutta kamo!?

Ki ga tsukya mokuyou soutou juuyou
Asu no yoru kara no yotei wa mitei dakara
Kinyou ichinichi kangaeyou jiyuu de kabe wo buchikowashi ikou
Hibi ikinuite kokoro wa kumori bokutachi wa sugisatte iku
Ayumu kokoro wo akirametara soko de make da okiraku ni ikou

Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Yume no hibi wo daiji ni ikimashou, mou iccho!
Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Bokura hibi wo tanoshinde ikitekou, saa ikuzo!

Mou doushiyou mo nai moyou
Yaru koto ippai de kimochi wa kanpai
Ichinichi yojikan suimin de hibi kono tairyoku wo sosogikonde
Otona ni narutte dou iu koto?
Sotozura yokushite sanjuugo wo sugita koro oretachi donna kao?
Kakkoii otona ni nareteru no?
Hibi ikinuite kokoro wa kumori bokutachi wa sugisatte iku
Yukkuri de ii yamenaide itsuka suiteki kanarazu ishi wo ukatsu!!!

Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Yume no hibi wo daiji ni ikimashou, mou iccho!
Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Bokura hibi wo tanoshinde ikitekou,

Kurikaeshi no mainichi de ikiba no nai kono kimochi
Meguri meguru memagurushiku mawaru
Mainichi wo oyogunda megezuni Laugh Laugh, mou iccho

Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Yume no hibi wo daiji ni ikimashou, mou iccho!
Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Bokura hibi wo tanoshinde ikitekou, mou iccho

Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Yume no hibi wo daiji ni ikimashou, mou iccho!
Ashita kkara mata nichi getsu ka
Hora sui moku mawatte kin do nichiyou
Bokura hibi wo tanoshinde ikitekou
weeeek – NEWS
From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
Let’s treasure the days of our dreams, a bit more!
From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
We’re enjoying living out our days, so let’s go!
(Let’s go! Yay!)
Our days always start with Mon, the weekend we yearn for is far away
We seem to have gotten used to Tues and Wed
Has the fake smile taken over!?
Before you realize, it’s Thurs which is pretty important
Because the plans from tomorrow night aren’t set yet
Thinking all day Fri, let’s break the walls freely
Surviving the days with murky hearts, we pass by
If we give up on our walking hearts, we’ll have lost, so let’s take it easy

From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
Let’s treasure the days of our dreams, a bit more!
From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
We’re enjoying living out our days, so let’s go!

A quite pathetic figure
So much to do, my heart is defeated
Four hours of sleep a night, pumping in this physical strength
What is being an adult all about?
Put on a good appearance, what will we look like when we’re 35?
Will we be attractive adults?
Surviving the days with murky hearts, we pass by
Slowly is fine, don’t give up, slow and steady will win the race

From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
Let’s treasure the days of our dreams, a bit more!
From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
We’re enjoying living out our days, so let’s go!
Everyday’s the same with no place for our feelings to go
Spinning around and around hectically
Undiscouraged from swimming through each day, Laugh Laugh, a bit more
From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
Let’s treasure the days of our dreams, a bit more!
From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
We’re enjoying living out our days, a bit more!

From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
Let’s treasure the days of our dreams, a bit more!
From tomorrow it’s Sun, Mon, Tues again
See! Wed, Thurs will turn to Fri, Sat, Sun
We’re enjoying living out our days
weeeek – NEWS
明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
僕ら 日々を楽しんで生きてこうさぁ 行くぞ!


月曜 始まったいつもの日々思い焦がれた 週末遠い
火曜 水曜 なれてきた ご様子
作った笑顔 引きつったかも!?

気が付きゃ 木曜 相当 重要
金曜 一日 考えよう
自由で壁を ぶち壊し 行こう
日々 生き抜いて 心は曇り僕たちは 過ぎ去っていく
歩む心を 諦めたらそこで負けだ お気楽に行こう

明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
僕ら 日々を 楽しんで生きてこうさぁ 行くぞ!

もう どうしようもない模様
やる事いっぱいで 気持ちは完敗
一日 4時間睡眠で日々 この体力を注ぎこんで
大人になるって どういう事?
外面良くして 35歳を過ぎた頃オレ達 どんな顔?
かっこいい大人に なれてるの?
日々 生き抜いて 心は曇り僕たちは 過ぎ去っていく
ゆっくりでいい 辞めないでいつか水滴 必ず 石を穿つ!!!

明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
僕ら 日々を 楽しんで生きてこうさぁ 行くぞ!

繰り返しの毎日でいき場のない この気持ち
めぐりめぐる めまぐるしく回る
毎日を 泳ぐんだめげずに Laugh Laugh もういっちょ

明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
僕ら 日々を 楽しんで生きてこうもういっちょ!

明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
明日っからまた 日 月 火
ほら 水 木 回って金 土 日曜
僕ら 日々を 楽しんで生きてこう!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Success Quotes

These are meaningful but I dun quite get the "surest way to go broke" that one. Help anyone???

Saturday, October 27, 2007

So cute! So small!
Any1 knows where to get one?

Since Spore is so persistent on holding the F1 race (I dun really care where it's held as long as nt next 2 my flat. If nt I everyday throw water bombs @ the racer 4 creating noise pollution), I decided to contribute some pics 2 help the organizers have an idea on how races was held in other countries(I know F1 is not similar to motor racing, but both are races mah. Make do lah...).

Will you bear to eat these?

I think I dun dare 2 eat, just put for display until it turns bad...
Btw, my bdae coming soon(26 Nov, dun pretend 2 4get). Any1 wan 2 get 1 for me? I promise 2 cherish it (put until turns bad lor, cherish enuff?)....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

High crime rates in Jap lead to this????

Hey check this out! And dun say my fashion sense is bad anymore okay? Compare to this, I feels that I'm pretty alright....


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Analysis of the fan in my room:
Working Lifespan: 15 yrs (or more, I have a feeling I been having this fan since I am born)
Before - white creamy and sky blue colors
After - grey and dark blue
Before - even at speed 1, it is already far too cold
After - Must combine aircon with fan then will be comfortable
Current State: NOT MOVING @ ALL!

So now I am stuck melting in my own room. Must the retribution of the ice-cream that I ate this afternoon. The fan has been moving & stopping 4 more than 1 wk. But my parents refuse 2 chg and fix it themselves instead.
Finally, the fan decided to throw in the towel and give up but my father still wants 2 make it work again. That's when I explode. The reason that they dun wan 2 buy a new one is nt due 2 lack of time. None of them refuse 2 pay! So I say I will pay and can one of them help me buy one since I needs 2 work and knows nth about fans anyway. Dead silence. I think they still scared I say say only coz I nv give them any money when I said that (Need 2 withdraw 1st one mah. My bank account also getting thinner and thinner. Got come out but nth goes in). So in the end, I gave up. I said I wouldn't buy myself and then closed the door to my room. Actually I wasn't angry, I just closed the door 2 attempt 2 block some of the noise from the living room TV. But I think they later feel guilty, that's why they are now discussing like what type of fan 2 buy and where 2 buy. :p
Haiz....if they refused 2 pay, they should tell me earlier mah. I'm willing 2 pay. It's for my own consumption anyway. Make me everyday and every night open aircon. Now my skin starts peeling (too dry)....yucks.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another stupid game to test your wits.
Quite hard to solve. I until now still stuck.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

After 2 weeks of internship...

After 2 weeks of internship, all I can say is ...... I wan 2 quit already!! I have particularly no social life! Wake up, go to work, finish work, go home, eat dinner, sleep and then wake up again the next day...the cycle continues.
And which idoit thinks that an working in an advertising firm is such an adventure? What I have learnt during the past period of more than 2 yrs is wasted la!! None can be applied. I have to learn everything from scratch and apply at the same time. It's much more worse than school, feels like i'm taking exams everyday. Haiz...what's more what I earn (the pitiful sum of so-called allowance of only $450 per mth) is not enough to even buy my food there.'s bugis for goodness sake! One bowl of fishball noodles which is not in the least bit tasty sold inside a aircon-less and service-less coffee shop cost more than $4! I am not telling that you should give me money to cover my transport, at least give me money to eat!
Not to mentioned the number of times I do free-OT for this stupid co. My eyebags are getting worse and worse!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

3 logic games.
The 1st one is where you play the role of a boatman and you have to row a sheep, a crate of cabbage and a fox over a river. you can only carry 1 in your boat and if you leave the sheep with cabbage, the sheep will eat it up. the fox with the sheep....well you can guess what will happen next.
No fantastic graphic and frustrating to play with. Still it's nice when you finally beat them.
I manage to solve all 3 in about 10 mins, the 1st one i got it at one try. How about you?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

hey guys, share with u sth interesting. Here are the steps:

1. save the picture below.
2. then view it from windows explorer
3. view as thumbnails

tell me what did ya see?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

What's in a definition of a friend?

I am not a clown - I dun want be there just because you want 2 laugh.
I am not your mum - I am not required to attend to your every needs and let you use everything that I own w/o getting a simple 'thx' in return.
I am not your dog - I would not change my emotions juz bcoz u dun like it.
I am not your boyfriend - I am not required 2 do everything for you just bcoz you wan somebody 2 rely on.
I am not thick-skinned - if you dun like me, just tell me so & I'll go away. But dun expect me 2 come back after that.
I am a human - I got emotions too.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Management Exam

The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you are qualified to be a professional manager. Scroll down for each answer. The questions are NOT difficult. But don’t scroll down UNTIL you have answered the question!

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the animals attend… except one. Which animal does not attend?

4. There is a river you must cross but it is used by crocodiles, and you do not have a boat. How do you manage it?

The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

Did you say, Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator?
Wrong Answer.
Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.

Correct Answer: The Elephant. The elephant is in the refrigerator. You just put him in there. This tests your memory. Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

Correct Answer: You jump into the river and swim across. Have you not been paying attention? All the crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting. This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Egyptian Zodiac

I came across a website on eyptian zodiac and suddenly felt inspired 2 find out more(kena possessed i think. I gt things 2 do and here I am drifting away...). Did a search on Yahoo! Search & to my surprise find out 3 totally different outcomes (actually I too lazy so only click on 3 websites, if I click on 24 websites, I wouldn't be surprise that I will have 24 totally different sayings). I paste the 3 here and see which one you like most... (Wahahah..someone complain no pictures, now I flood you with pictures)
1st one (Key in birth month & date. The rest u see urself)

2rd website(got details such as suitable jobs bla bla blah)

3rd website-here! Dun need 2 click anything! (Mostly on relationship approaches)
Ammon - God of Prophets - January1 - February 2
Those born under this sign have a sure talent for recognising Mr./Ms. Right the first time they see him/her - for them it’s often a matter of love at first sight. When this happens, usually at a chance meeting in public places like shopping malls or restaurants, you can attract him/her by radiating happiness. You’ll find it will captivate him/her.

Suchos - God of Sacred Nile - February3 - March 4
Better known as the Crocodile god, Suchos guarded the treasures of ancient Egypt. Those born under this sign are attracted by beauty, and ancient wise men warned them not to be blinded by it. “Look beyond an attractive appearance and find the real man beneath” they warned, “Listen to your heart, instead of what your eyes tell you.”
Osiris - God of Fertility - March 5- April 9
If you were born under this sign, don’t expect to fall in love at first sight. Those ruled by Osiris need time for love to put down roots in their hearts, but it will grow stronger until it blossoms into a romance that will last a lifetime.

Ptah - God of Truth - April10- May2
Ptah’ s people are very sincere and have to be careful to avoid being hurt in romance. You’ll find your Mr/Ms Right practically on your doorstep because you’ve known him/her for a long time. Because he’s / she’s a down-to-earth type who appreciates sincerity, he’ll / she’ll be attracted to you sooner or later, so don’t be pushy when you recognise him /her.

Horus - God Of Life - May3 - June16
The hawk-headed god rules a fickle sign - those born under it have roving eyes and a passionate nature. Life for them is finding a series of Mr/Ms Rights, and they have no trouble doing it. For true romantic happiness, you need a very strong, steady type of man/woman who can tame your restless spirit and still give you the excitement you crave.
Nephtaphis - Goddess of true Love - June17 - July 21
Beautiful Nephtaphis watches over this most dreamily romantic of all signs. Her children are incredibly loyal to their lovers, and are actually capable of becoming one with them in body, mind and soul. For this reason they have to be careful to choose men/women as caring and considerate as themselves, or they will cruelly be taken advantage of.

Seti - God of Thunder and Lightning - July 22 - August 18
Like their turbulent guardian, those born under this sign have quicksilver temperaments and have to keep their thermostats lowered if they want their love lives to heat up. You need an even-tempered, understanding type who can put up with your occasional outbursts.

Annubis - Protector God -August 19 - September 21
If you were lucky enough to be born under this sign, you can look forward to life-long romance that will never stop growing. Mr/Ms Right for you is the mystery man type who has a multi-faceted personality and will Forever be revealing new and fascinating aspects of himself/herself, Thereby continually giving you something new about himself for you to love.
Ra - Sun God - September 22 - October 15
You’ll have no trouble finding Mr/Ms Right because you’re what every man/woman is looking for - tender,understanding, passionate, and Intensely loyal. Men/Women will flock to you, so you can afford to be choosy. Pick the man/woman who is most deserving of the prize you are, and don’t look back. Your only fault is a tendency to wonder if you made the right choices in the past, so keep your eyes peeled on the future. Isis - Godess of Miracles - October 16 - November 9
Those born under the sign of this ancient Egypt’s chief goddess have a magic touch. With a smile, they can captivate any man/woman who attracts them. Finding Mr/Ms Right is easy for Isis’ sons/daughters - they can spot him/her a mile off and snare him/her with their great charm.
Thoth - God of Light -November 10 - December 3
Thoth’s children have a hard time displaying their feelings, especially the romantic ones. When you meet Mr/Ms Right, show him how you feel - don’t keep him/her guessing.

Hathor - Godess of Music and Arts- December 4 - December 31
Hathor’ s children are in love with love. They tend to fall head over heels in love with the first man that shows any interest in them, and they stick to them like glue. Keep a level head and be sure he’s really Mr/Ms Right. Your type of man/woman likes harmony, and you have to show him/her that you’re the one who can provide it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jac used 2 say that there's a type of person you can play with, talk with, joke with but cannot do projects with for some wierd reasons.
I think I'm this kind of person. I have no problem with making jokes and making frenz but I have a feeling I might not be a gd leader. Take for example today, we are meeting for MR in PS Starbucks. I think halfway through I looked a bit angry towards the middle cuz I was frustrated at the all the diversions. Many of the members have 2 go b4 3 pm so there's a stress of finishing as much as possible b4 3pm. However no one else xcept me seems 2 mind. During the journey home I reflect and thought 2 myself was I wrong in getting angry? I mean the members who are in a urgent nd 2 go doesn't seem 2 care, why should I bother so much?
I mean I understand that we still gt a bit of time before we have 2 hand up the thing. But there's still a lot of other projects that we have 2 do and I dun wan 2 fight for the same timeslots when sch reopens and everything comes at one go. That will be very tiring. Moreover I feel that since I'm put in charge I have the responsibility 2 see it through and make sure that every1 stays on the track. Was that wrong? I seriously have no idea.
Maybe it's just me though, I am getting easier and easier 2 get angry and I think my friends has seen in more than one occasions when my face just turns black. Whether they understand the true reasons behind, I have no idea. I seldom make an attempt 2 explain anyway, I just clams up. I dunno what's wrong with me, maybe it's just a phase that I have 2 go through. I hope it will pass soon. I'm finding it harder and harder 2 laugh whole heartedly.

Till then, ciao~

Friday, June 15, 2007

Meet yy 2day 2 shop in Vivo in the afternoon. Was shocked at so many plp on the streets (dun they need 2 work and study? I thought Thurs should be a day with not so many plp?) den saw a ad stating that it's World Blood Donors Day (though it still doesn't make sense). Onboard the train on the way there, a guy was dozing off on my left. The reason why I say dozing off instead of sleeping is bcoz I keep pushing his head back before it touches me ( This is a male for goodness sake! I dun wan what Wanti experienced 2 happen 2 me). Another girl was sitting on the guy's left and she push the head back coz I push 2 hard and the guy nearly fell into her lap(the guy is still sleeping! I push really hard leh! Can't he feel it?). Lucky afterwards the guy wake up so I dun need to push the head back again. Whew, what a relief!
I was late but yy still haven't reached yet so I shop ard in Giant in the meantime. I must look more mature nowadays bcoz the promoter aunties start offering me samples which never happens before! Yeah! My lunch is settled!
Meet yy and then we walked ard 2 see what freebies we can get with the blood donation coupon/card(it's a card full of coupons). In the end, we manage to get free shampoo and conditioner from The Face Shop and yy get a free eyebrow trimming from ZA (It's really trimming. They never pluck juz shave) and we get a lot of balloon sculptures (In the end yy get a balloon sword and I get a flower which I threw away secretly coz the flower does not look like flower).
We decided 2 watch movie since we got the $5 coupon and there's nth else 2 do. There's only 2 choice - Ocean 13 and Legend of The Sea. Yy say JJ Lin who dub one of the characters sounds wierd so we go for Ocean 13 in the end. Vivo got a long queue so we take mrt 2 PS instead (OMG! 2m I'm gg 2 PS again for MR! Sianz...go PS so many times). The guy @ the ticketing booth has a wierd slang. Think he try 2 sound like ang mo. U think I should be used 2 slangs by now coz got so many foreigners in our class but I still have 2 think for a few secs b4 I can make out what he is saying. Yy on the otherhand keep sayng "huh?'" and look @ me 2 see if I understand or nt. Lol..
Ocean 13 is nt bad although I never watch the previous dunno how many Oceans b4 (It starts from Ocean 10 or 11?) and my bladder reached it's max capacity halfway through the movie. Confusing though coz the scenes are like skipping here and there and the subtitles is really nt reliable so I become independent after a few attempts. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon still looks old as usual and there's a chinese extra inside the good guy's team. Really extra la, nt much scenes and when sitting beside the other plp he looks like a dwarf (U can imagine how he looks when he is standing beside the others. And he is not in the least bit handsome). Oh there's a woman working for the rival (bad guy) who has the most disfigured arms I had ever seen. I was so disgusted that for a few moments I can't enjoy the popcorn (is this suppose 2 be a horror movie?). Her arms are cabbage looking - a few lumps or meat here and there (dun think it is muscle. looks more like tumor so sth).
On the way back, yy bumped into an ang mo's (again?!! They are everywhere! Help!) backpack and complain that her nose will be getting flat. I think she expect me 2 sympathize with her os sth but instead I laugh and say her nose wasn't tall and sharp in the 1st place(cannt blame me, I dun tell lies) so she beat me with her balloon sword.

Till then, Ciao~

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Got nothing to do so blog about my shitting experience. Qin had heard it already this morning so I think she can just skip this part (if she ever sees it).
I'm finally free from constipation!!! Only for 1 day.
The day before when I reached home I finally feel that sth is coming out of you know where, so I rush to the toliet. At that pt in time, my mother and father is in the hse. So after one or 2 mins of struggling, the thing (you know wat. Okay okay, shit la!) finally comes out. Den 2 my suprise, I heard my mum's voice outside the toliet. "Come out le mah? Got come out?", said my mum. "Think got la, so long nv come out. Shan, got shit out?", said my dad. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!!! It was like I'm preganant or sth la, and they are waiting outside so they can celebrate. So in the midst of pushing the thing out (so long nv shit le, hard until can cut my backside), I still have 2 find energy 2 reply them. So i said,"ya, shit le", hoping that they will go away and let me shit in peace! I was so afraid that they would cheer me out while I'm shitting or run out 2 tell the neighbors that their daughter have finally shitted. I would have 2 commit suicide after I shit.
I am now having constipation again. I really dreaded the next time I have 2 shit. I make sure my parents are not ard. I would try 2 ctrl until they are out of the hse.

Monday, June 4, 2007

I dunno when I become so high speed. Better than flash or superman, whoever is faster. Finish rsm on fri (started @ 10pm, finish @ 2am) and finish ps&n on sat. All took juz 1 day 2 finish. Somemore all meet the min. no. of words required. The quality surely sucks big time one. Intially I tot rsm should be the harder one but i juz realised that i was so wrong. Rsm i can copy the info from internet but ps&n muz think off craps to say. Somemore need so many words - 2000 leh! So in the end i juz ask myself questions & answer myself. For example the question: "why....?" The answer immediately follows: " But I think it might be bcuz..." Fail big time la that proj.
Now I am trying very hard 2 avoid revising 4 the rsm 2m. She-ren already "encourage" me this morning le, but still really no mood. From morning 2 now I've been reading novels, play com games, surf internet, watch tv, steam bao, eat bao, wash plates....trying to do everything to avoid studying for the test. Hate studying la. Now already run out of things 2 do so come up and blog (I juz realise I always blog when I gt nth 2 do). But now already nth 2 blog abt. Help! I dun wan 2 study!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flavor of Life by Utada Hikaru

This song was first introduced 2 me by YY. Not bad, fall in love with it @ 2nd listen. Found some romanji translation on the web by some jap expert(I learn jap for so long and still dun understand a word. No wonder the name of the course is call "beginner course"). Yah! Now I can sing a long with Utada!

宇多田ヒカル - Flavor Of Life –ballad version-

"arigatou" to kimi ni iwareru to
nanda ka setsunai
"sayounara" no ato mo tokenu mahou
awakaku horonigai
The flavor of life

tomodachi demo koibito demo nai chuukan chiten de
収穫の日を夢見てる 青いフルーツ
shuukaku no hi wo yumemiteru aoi furuutsu

ato ippou ga fumidasenai sei de
jirettai no nannotte baby


amai dake no sasoi monku
ajikke no nai tooku
sonna mono ni wa kyoumi wo sosorarenai

omoidoori ni ikanai toki datte
jinsei suteta mon ja naitte

"doushita no?" to kyuu ni kikareru to
"uun, nandemo nai"
sayounara no ato ni kieru egao
watashi rashikunai

shinjitai to negaeba negau hodo
nandaka setsunai
"aishiteru yo" yori mo "daisuki" no hou ga
kimi rashiinja nai
The flavor of life

忘れかけていた人の香りを 突然思い出す頃
wasurekaketeita hito no kaori wo totsuzen omoidasu koro
降りつもる雪の白さをもっと 素直に喜びたいよ
furitsumoru yuki no shirosa wo motto sunao ni yorokobitai yo

daiamondo yori mo yawarakakute
あたたかな未来 手にしたいよ
atataka na mirai te ni shitai yo
限りある時間を 君と過ごしたい
kagiri aru jikan wo kimi to sugoshitai


The Flavor of Life

*Somehow, it's painful when you say "thank you" to me,
The lingering magic after "goodbye" is bittersweet
The flavor of life, the flavor of life

We are green fruits dreaming of harvest day
Somewhere in the middle point between friends and lovers

All because I can't take just one step forward
What's vexing me so, baby


Saccharine sweet words of enticement, bland talk
Those things don't pique my interest at all

When things don't go as planned
Life isn't something thrown away

When I'm suddenly asked, "What's wrong?" (I reply) "Nothing."
(Now that) my smile has disappeared after "Goodbye", this isn't like me (at all)

Somehow, the more I pray that I can believe, the more painful it is
Isn't it more like you to say "I like you" than "I love you"(2)?
The flavor of life

When one suddenly remembers the fragrance of someone just forgotten
I want to honestly be able to enjoy more the whiteness of snow piled thickly

Softer than a diamond and warm is the future
(Which) I want to hold in my hand
I want to spend my limited time with you


(2) Cultural note: Crash course on the difference between 恋"koi" 愛"ai" and 好き/好む"suki/konomu". Koi is only used for romantic love aka eros; if someone says that they 'koi suru" you then that means they really really would eat a barrel of liver and onions love you. Ai is less romance-only oriented but still is more romance oriented than 'suki.' Someone mentioned the difference between koi and ai is that koi is focused on one specific person whereas ai is a 'wider' sense of the term 'love.' Whatever, if someone 'ai suru's you then it still means they're pretty serious. "Suki" is most often translated as "like" however I'm not to pleased with that translation because 'suki' is used a lot to convey what we would call love. The difference between "ai' and "suki" is that "ai" connotes "let's get married and have 2.5 children" whereas 'suki' is more like "let's date until we get bored/find someone better" aka less hot and passionate. However, you'd look like a fool if you asked someone out by saying "Aishiteru, please date me" so in this case "suki da yo, let's date" is more appropriate even if you really, really, really like them. Therefore; this line means she's pissed off that he keeps on saying an ambiguous affectionate phrase.

I copy entirely from her post in her own blog. I wonder if I will be caught for plagiarism?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Changed Blogskin Again

Changed blogskin for dun know the how many times already. The old one can't be seen in my firefox browser anymore so have 2 change. Going for the space instead of the design now but manage to find a perfect 1 with excellent design and wide space - the 1 that you are staring @ rite now. Cute rite? Suits me rite? I know, I know. Dun nid 2 say anything more. If you praise me any further I will blush.
Anyway enjoy my new blogskin while it last ( who knows when I will change again. Fate is so unpredictable). And watch out for the bear in the corner coz it winks!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Article Full of Shit (parental advisory)

I am full of complaints today cuz I just found out that my life is really full of shit. I mean literally.
Eversince I came home from sch yesterday at abt 6pm, my poor fat butt has been kissing the two toliet bowls in my hse for dunno how many times already (Why 2? Cuz the toliet paper in one of the toliet is used up so I have 2 use the other one until I got time away from shitting 2 replace). Ironically I am well known for constipation so this is probably the most I have shitted in my 20 yrs of almost-shitless life.
The worst thing is I have 2 trial and error bcuz I dunno whether I shit is bcoz of the food I eat or bcoz I am too hungry (shit 2 much until there's nothin inside)? Lucky everytime I trial and error I gets the correct answer, if not I will have 2 sleep later than 4am (been lying on the bed since 6pm but have been shitting ever since). But even if I eat I also can eat bread coz my mum likes to cook with lotsa oil so I cannot eat anything xcept bread which looks cheap(so thick. might as well dun cut), taste cheap and is cheap by the way(i think 70 cents for a loaf).
Then the poor me have 2 sort out a time from shitting 2 visit the doctor. Alone. Poor me! What is I faint on the way? What if I didn't bring wallet and have 2 embrass myself in public 4 attempting 2 see doctor for free( Like duh, the doctor is not even half handsome. Erm..sorry doctor. But u are a nice person though. Haha. Ha.{nervous laugh})? Or what if..? Alrite alrite, I admit I juz wan someone 2 accompany me coz I hate seeing the doctor. The entire process is so boring, esp the waiting process. Nth 2 do except 2 see guys trying 2 weigh themselves when they thought noone is watching. Boring!
As if it is not enough, even since I came home yesterday my mum has been scolding me & saying that serves me rite for eating heaty stuff (I admit I did eat quite a lot of heaty food lately. Spicy cuttlefish, spicy prawn rolls, kfc X2, Mac, toasted bread cramped all in 2 weeks. Waahh! Now it's all wasted. All float into the sea le lah!) & making me feel guilty. Den when I go and see the doctor today...ah ha! The doctor says there's a higher probabilty (he also not quite sure :P) of it being food poisoning than flu as I dun have the relevant symptoms like running nose etc.Then this time my mother feels guilty and offer me better food ( but still not food to me) - mee hoon with veggies and soup (soup contains water and pepper. Yuck! Taste like water!). Although it still doesn't taste nice, but it's better than eating bread again. Thanks mum for the effort!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Games Review by Renowed games expert Saggy

Downloaded 3 games yesterday. Know I shouldn't do this since I still have a lot of projects untouched & unstarted (is there this word? Heck care la) but can't resist it. Life's so boring la.

This is the 1st game I downloaded - **The Apprentice Los Angeles**. Didn't see the real time variety last time coz there's no handsome guys inside but the game is whole damn lot of fun(But still no handsome guys inside. Nt even cartoon ones! Boo hoo~)! Quite similar 2 **Diner Dash** actually but a whole lot easier although they are both as stressful.
Didn't really finish the game yet so dun really knows what will happen @ the end but as far as I know there are total of 6 different levels but only 3 scenes so the 3 scenes get to repeat 2 times ( u will know wat I am talkin abt when u play the game). The 3 scenes are namely the sushi bar, the boutique & the water sports shop.
Some screenshots from the website ( I lazy 2 do my own screenshot la. Somemore I suddenly feel like bloggin so didn't really prepare) below.

The Sushi Bar (Why are they selling cakes inside the sushi bar)
The fashion boutique
The water sports shop (most troublesome of the 3 coz you have to replace equipments that the customers return urself)
2nd game is **Agatha Christie Death on the Nile**. Dun know why but I have a certain fetish 2wards hidden objects games recently. Use 2 think that they are a waste of time in the past....well, plp chg.
In this game u are a detective on board a cruise tryin 2 solve a murder (or sth else. Dunno yet coz haven yet solve the crime. Well let's juz say someone die, ok?) by collecting clues. U get 2 talk 2 suspects (but have no choice of what 2 say. it's already chosen 4 u), collect & examine the clues. Quite interesting actually. If u are into the same kind of stuff as I am.
Screenshots time:

Haiz..getting tired already. Thanks heavens it's the last one. Okay the last one is **Nanny Mania**. As suggested by the title, it's all about being a nanny. So expect to see a lot of babies inside. U get 2 play the role of the nanny of a mayor and his crazy family (Cause the mayor stupid wife give birth once every year. Thank goodness they stop at 4. But it's still not normal), the wife & the mayor respectively(but at different rounds) but I feel more like a maid inside coz aside from cleaning the sh*t of the baby and preparing milk bottle, I get to do random maid stuffs like preparing dinner from the whole family, washing toilet, doing the laundry & tons of other maid stuff. At the end of the game I was always cursing the whole family bcoz they kp creating new mess 4 fear of nt value for money. Lucky I never do OT. But dun get me wrong, the game is really fun (I am lucky this time round, all the games that I downloaded are all interesting. Last time round none fits my taste) but similar 2 **Diner Dash** & **The Apprentice**, you have finish within a certain time limit so it's really stressful. But fun.
Now I stop @ the wife stage, I wan 2 get to the mayor stage faster coz I wan 2 see if he dares 2 create so much mess (He's the one who create the most mess & the hardest 2 clean eveytime) when he's the one cleaning up.
Screenshots! Screenshots!

All the screenshots in the website is on the 2nd level where the wife starts cleaning up. At the 1st level it's the nanny (the girl with the big head below) who do all the work. I kinda missed her now..
From now on, it's the wife who cleans up.
The pig is laying on the sofa. I hope the wife divorce the mayor soon.
That's all. It's time 2 sleep. Ciao~