Monday, September 28, 2009


I keep losing things while I'm in the so-called 'safe' premise of my own room.

The last time it was the battery cover of my psp slim. No idea how that could even happen since I never EVER took the cover off after the purchase. NOT EVEN ONCE.

The latest on the 'WANTED' list is the earpiece of my LG RENOIR.

The entire set. Adapter plus earpiece.

Is it just a coincidence that they are all gadget-related?

I'm lucky that my bro has a LG phone that has a earpiece that fits into my RENOIR, and he is now away on a 'leisure trip' to Tekong so he has absolutely no need for it ATM (not automated teller machine). So currently your buay paiseh-ness is 'borrowing' it. Will ask him for permission later....probably.....

I now have the feeling that I have a rat in my room. A rat that is rather informed on the latest IT news and that knows just when to strike. And probably using all the parts he/she collected from my gadget to make a monster machine to destroy the world!






Knowing when to strike is the hardest part I suppose as I always kena insomnia so my sleeping pattern & time isn't always stable. Then again, I'm as blind as a bat at night w/my contact lenses off so as long as the culprit doesn't make any sound whatsoever, I can be treated like I'm didn't exist in the 1st place.

Haiz...why doesn't the rat/whatever/whoever takes other stuff that I laid around my room? I'm such a gadget-freak that any gadget taken away from me causes me extreme heart-ache. I placed so many sweets and other stuff around the room also. Take those la...I'm fine with you taking anything except for money and IT-related stuff. Really!

So please don't make my desktop your next target....T-T

Friday, September 25, 2009

She's Gone...

It's quite a relief actually.

She probably died in her sleep but I didn't probe. Her sons and daughters are probably too busy to entertain me.

I think...never tried.

But I have a feeling she died in peace...of knowing that all her sons and daughters are married and with children. No regrets in this world.

Physically she might be suffering though. She could hardly breathe the last time I saw her. Panting and groaning.

So letting go is a good choice.

God bless....

And whatever that's up above can bless as well....

I'm not picky. I'm a free-thinker anyway....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Sadness

A week of break and I got nth to do...

Everyday FB and then read e-books and then FB again...

Lousy vicious cycle.

Kinda missed sch and kinda dun missed as well...Really 'rojak' feeling towards it.

Hard to describe la.

Really think I will flop this exam. Really scared. 1st exam only leh! Really paiseh if I really flop it lor. But the format really sucks. 10 marks for those short short ans qn and 5 marks for those ' list and describe' questions. Really think NEW water got into my lecturer's brain. All shit water.

Then again maybe not...since I wrote answers which I rather positive its correct for most questions. Those 5 marks 'list and describe' ones...


On a side note, just went back from visiting my aunt. The eldest one from my father's side. I called everyone aunt la. No matter which side. Not really good with the 'family tree' stuff. Not gonna bother too. Even if I have kids in the future. Everyone will be 'auntie' to him/her. Easier for him/her and me. Nonsense-free.

Anyway, my aunt suffers from kidney failure from ages ago. Among others like heart disease, high cholesterol and other shit. The visit was kinda like the last farewell kind. Though there was a lot of false alarms and 'last farewells' in the past, I really hope that this 'last farewell' will really be the real 'last farewell'.

Not to sound un-filial or evil. But it really pains me to see her suffer.

She's in so much pain that even she herself begged the doctor for drugs to 'let her die'. And I mean literally 'begged'.

So speechless when I saw her right hand. It's almost as big as an elephant trunk. No joke. Blood is unable to circulate to her hand due to too many operations and kidney treatments. It's literally black and swollen. And it's covered with operation scars.

It's so heavy that she can barely hold it up.

My mum said she got the diseases cause she indulged herself in unhealthy food previously. I told mum to control Dad's eating habit as well. Cause he was a bit like his sister - like to indulge himself in big portions of delicacies.

It's really not worth it. You can enjoy delicacies but when it's really not worth suffering in pain and turmoil for several years for it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is the baby I would want to own if I got enuff $$. Just saw it on XX's blog and it reminds me of the struggle I had between wanting to own this and parting with the already thinning pad of plastic and paper in my wallet.

This is a tempting for me due to two simple reasons:
1) It has a plastic keypad.
2) You don't have to totally rely on your touchscreen for navigation.
Of course there's more like 16m colors but let's not go that far.

The 2nd reason is of utmost importance cause that's the main reason I have to part with m W960i...The touchscreen doesn't work anymore. So in an instant, the most powerful device I ever had turned into just a combination of plastic and metal.

That also had a devastating effect of my very teeny weeny phobia of ever buying a touchscreen again. But it's so teeny weeny that in the end I bought another touchscreen phone again cause I'm used to using touchscreen.

Though teeny weeny, it's still there.

That's why I am frantically abusing my Renoir now...hoping to destroy the touchscreen within its warranty period so that I can get a replacement for free.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breaking News

Whatever below should be in inverted pyramid, AP style:

Saggy has finished today her Post Assignment for her news gathering module.

Saggy was enrolled in BSA of Mass Communication under MDIS, UO. The post assignment was given to her by her US lecturer on Saturday night and though she met many obstacles and stopped for numerous times, she managed at 5.40pm, Sept. 12 to finished the article.

"I am very relieved. I have quite a number of commitments next week and for a moment there I thought I was going to die from the stress," Saggy laughed.

Saggy said that the first few questions was easy as they only require either a few words answer or just one sentence, the challenge comes when she got to question number six and seven which in total took her about two to three days to complete.

"I have no idea whether the answers are correct but I'm not going to make any change and just leave them as they are. I don't even know whether I answered question seven at all! I will just see how it goes and if it comes out well, I might disclose what I had done on my blog,"said Saggy.

Saggy is having her exams next week and till date has completed zero modules of her one year and three months course.

It was now that I realized why nobody write blog entries this way. It takes a huge amount of effort and nearly makes me sweat a dam and the end result?

It looks stupid.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Contract for the Dummies..and I mean it

They called me last Fri night to go down the next day to sign the student contract.

Thanks but no thanks. I'd already had my last lesson that afternoon.

So I just said I'm gg to Malaysia for the WHOLE of next week and insist that they scan and email me the contract.

They did yesterday. Which leads to the my fuming state now.

Firstly look what appeared on the 1st page:
Though I knew that CASE is a good fer nothing organization since birth (Exaggeration. I knew completely nth at birth. Noone does.), I never realised that they will insist on a CASE-approved contract that tells you to fight your own battle!!! Then what the hell does it matters if the contract is CASE-approved or not? I might as well put SAGGY-approved and it wouldn't be making any difference! Or if you want a more prominent name, how about 'LV-approved' or 'GUCCI-approved'?

Then another thing is the increase of school fees due to them 'forgeting to state the 7% gst' the 1st time round! Thanks! Now it increases from 23,800 to 25,275! Well if I'm god-damn rich I wouldn't care a freaking bit. Too bad I'm in the opposite state. But my mum doesn't seem to mind and since she's the one paying the school fees. I wouldn't fighting with them. My mum would scold me if I did that anyway. Due to her 'The school is always the biggest' mindset....I give up.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Need to Feel Needed

I'm a bad person.

Just to satisfy my need to feel loved, I did some pretty evil things.

Though harmless in general, I guess it did put a strain on my friends and family.

They said nothing, but at the end of the day I keep wondering how long will it last...then I start doing it again.

It's no good.

I dunno how to stop myself.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Announcement thing to note. I've decided to do blogging in AP style from now on. Make it a kind of habit so I apply what I learnt and don't just forget about it as my life proceeds.

Cool rite? Let's do it then!

Should I do it using the different leads and structures as well?

Let me consider that....

楊丞琳 - 半熟宣言

OT:Geisha Dream
原詞曲:Gary Mill/Nick Williams/Jakob Skarin
製作人:薛忠銘 編曲:陳歆儒

過程不需要導演 慶祝的煙花沒出現
彷彿經過排練 成人禮正開始上演

在一夜間 像卡通片 開始慢慢改變

我的天 開始變 任性想保留一點
我的臉 怎麼變 鬼臉不能常出現
無所謂 正在變 我擁有兩個世界


封存天真的信件 開始收集高跟鞋
昨天存檔照片 我知道童話不會實現

我的可愛 該藏起來 當成一種紀念

那個男孩那張臉 突然覺得不那麼起眼
偷偷做的卡片 就偷偷藏在心裡面

想像幻滅 原來可以 治好我的失眠

Friday, September 4, 2009

I wanna invent a SIM card with photo-tagging features.

End of story.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doesn't matter if no one including myself is reading this blog anymore ... Cause its primary purpose is just to keep a log of my daily activities and rantings anyway... ¶ The thing abt writing a blog entry using a mobile phone like renoir is that you can't place paragraphs... Even if you did put the paragraph will get worried abt the end effects. Well there's a 1st time to everything so to speak so after this entry,I'll most probably have an idea how it will turn out in the end...

Pixs I Took Using Renoir...

...but somehow they don't look like the 8MP pics that thery're supposed to be...

Oh well...
Ignore the messy bedroom...Same messy bedroom in the dark using only the flash...Fav pix! Looks so artistic!