Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tourism Show - After Shows Thoughts

Today is a rare occasion that I get to watch TV. Usually I am stuck to my laptop 24/7 cause I am too tired to fight my parents for the privilege to watch TV. Haha...good thing they are not home today...Wahahahaha~(evil laugh)

(clear throat) Anyway I just saw a show that showcase Japan culture and nice place for tourists 2 visit on Ch 57 (I think). During the show it was mentioned that a not a very big bowl of Kudan noodles cost only 900 yen. Only? Hmm...that captures my attention so I decided to did a currency rate conversion on the net just now. Guess what 900 Jap Yen = 11.52!!! (hysterical) What the! And you called that only? How rich are you? Or how rich do you think I am? Think I am definately gg 2 starve when I go Japan (if the trip is still on) with Qin. Goodbye guys. Sob sob. Dun think I am able to come back alive after the trip even if I didn't get lost with my cannot make it Japanese.

Another show that I saw on Ch U is called 世界那么大(Direct Translation: The World is So Big??!!!). The host went to Hawaii in that episode. One thing that caught my attention is the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hawaii in obviously, Hawaii. From the name, you can clearly tell that the hotel is owned by one of the 5 hotel chain, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Grp. The hotel falls seriously short of being fancy and luxurious but lots of personal touches everywhere shows their effort in proving quality service. For example, they provides a pair of binoculars in every room (side note: the room is damn big! Like enough for 4- 6 ppl 2 camp over). The female host used it to watch couples kissing on the Hawaii beach. You go girl! I would do the same if I were you! Then there's a dolpin show inside the hotel inself. No wonder it's 5! Guests can wear their swimwear and step into the water with the trainer and feed the dolpin face-to-face! No like Sentosa where only one guest is 'invited'. All participants can step inside and feed the dolphins until they burst! Not that the trainer will allow that to happen of course. But hey the guest is always right so there's no stopping me if I really put my mind to it(evil cackle).
Who's up for Hawaii? Or at this rate, around the world in 80 days?

Free Antivirus. That last forever! Almost.

Actually I did this for my cousin but I placed it here for anyone who needs it. It shouldn't be a problem through the installation process, I've made it as idiot-proof as possible and tested the links to make sure they worked. Well...

Here goes!

Click on both download 1 and download 2 to download both files. It might take quite some time...

Download 1 - nentenst64.exe

Download 2
- NOD32 Fix v2.1.exe

Do these following steps for both Download 1 & 2: (click on the pictures if you cannot see clearly)



After that you should see both files on your desktop. Just run download 1 first (press 'Extract' after run) and then download 2. You will need to restart your computer.

I can't show you what's it's like when it's completed as I have another version that conflicts with this. You think I would have put that up instead for download but I lost the installation files so....anyway.

Have fun!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fake Vista Theme for XP

For those interested in generating fake Vista theme, here's the shortest possible way:

Download BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2

You just need to install whatever stuff that's inside and tada~ your fake vista theme. There are various others out there but I found this to be the best vista look-a-like and the most fuss-free.But just take note that it might take up some disk space so just need to uninstall the whole thing if you feel that your computer starts 2 lag.

It look something like that when its done (exactly the same aside from the language):

Microsoft Surface - Newest Touchscreen Screen

Why didn't they released this news when I need it(e.g. during entre proj period)? Well too late 2 grumble anyway, that's life.

It's mentioned that it will only be available to public on 3-5 yrs time huh? Wonder if I am still alive by then... Bet it's still gonna be god-damn expensive after 10 yrs~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I really want this theme! I want the flying baby fox! Read somewhere that it is animated (i.e run when pages are loading or sth. Damn cute!). I need it now!!!!

Haix...Guess I have to wait for the Japan author to make it compatible with Firefox 3. Boohoo~
Changed my Firefox theme! Arh~now it looks much better...

Goes quite well with my fake vista theme doesn't it?

Hmmm~but still not completely satisfied. Searching for more themes - ING~

Any takers?

I have a sudden craving for sushi. Drooling to death right now.

Any one interested?

Hope the pix below will tempt u all a bit. Hehe...

Sony Ericsson Newest Lineup - F305

Another baby to look forward to from SE.

The newly unveiled F305's key features would be its ability to handle motion controlled games and its game-oriented buttons. Not exactly the most feature packed phone with only 2mp camera. It's graphics capabilities are also moderate compared to the other SE models and those of its competitors. Hmm...let's see if this phone can gather a buying hype from the current vibrant and saturated mobile device market yeah?

F305 is only available in 2 colors - Polar White and Mystic Black.

Firefox Download Day (18 June)

Yeah! Today is the Firefox Download Day. The day which I finally get to have my copy of Firefox 3 (completely free) and help Firefox attained the Guinness World Record of "The most software downloaded in 24 hours". I did a pretty swift search on the net and to my knowledge (it might be wrong), there's no record holder for "The most software downloaded in 24 hours" yet. Soon there will be.

Prior to the download, I had also tried out the beta version about a few weeks ago. The overall feel is not bad but there's still some work to be done. The most noticeable improvement in the beta version is its speed increase. Let's see if this is still consistent in the final version.
Surfing is definitely much faster with Firefox 3. Although I am pretty disappointed when some of my previous add-ons (e.g. previous vista-inspirated themes) are not able to be applied on Firefox 3. Well there are pros and cons to everything and so far I only find this small disadvantage so you can say overall I am rather satisfied with the performance of Firefox 3. I certainly hoped that some fancy themes can be developed for Firefox 3, Firefox 3 looks a tat bit ugly at the moment...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

K-ster session (Rating: Might patron a second time)

Today I received a surprise call from Anna Banana. She applied for half day off and then she got bored. I am very good friend so when she said she wanted to sing K I immediately prepared myself and decide on a venue - Chinatown.
Chinatown has all the popular karaoke outlets in the area - namely K-box & K-ster (in Lucky Chinatown) & Partyworld (somewhere else in Chinatown as well). I wanted to try somewhere other than K-box as I wanted 2 'expose my eyes to something new'. But the main reason is because Kbox is getting expensive.
We chose K-ster in the end cause it's nearer to the MRT exit A and Anna Banana had been to Partyworld before (once).
I must say it has been a refreshing experience. The system hanged once (when I was singing. Is my singing THAT bad?) and the drinks are awefully petite in size (lucky I got bring waterbottle). But all in all I am rather satisfied with the overall service of the K-ster Chinatown outlet. The songs are pretty updated and most of the English MTV that they have are real (as in not those with sceneries or bikini girls walking on the beaches). The collection of MTVs are pretty vast as well. Price is rather reasonable as well. Total of around 36 dollars for 2 pax, 4 hours.
Surprisingly we didn't took any pixs during the session as Anna Banana is a bit of a cam whore so it come as quite a shock when I didn't notice her taking even one (maybe she took pictures in the toliet? That's the only time when I am not around. Hmmm..) For me it's not that much of a surprise as I am well known to be camera-irritated (Nope. Not shy. Really irritated).
I am rather tempted to join the membership but let me try out the other outlets first before I make a decision. Maybe Partyworld the next time round. And I learnt a lesson. Dun try to act expert and try 2 sing all the songs with very high notes. Now my throat hurts like mad...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Poor Labby

These few days I got a sudden urge of itchy hands and thus wanted 2 take my whole labby apart. My wish came true the day before when I finally convinced my father to unscrewed the cover for me so that I can "take a peek and the components inside and see what I can do to make it better". After taking apart everything (at least those that I managed to take apart), I decided to change the RAM to make it work faster. That night I toyed with the RAM that was initially in the labby for a few minutes before I decided to put it back. Big mistake.
Firstly I discovered a 1GB SODIMM DDR RAM costs $139, already the cheapest I can find. Not worth it cause it is of a older and slower version than DDR2 and a 2GB DDR2 only cost less than $80.
Secondly, I didn't place the RAM back properly so I experience a god damn extremely once in a lifetime slow labby. Previously its 496MB of RAM, after taking apart it become 240MB. It was definitely worst than the NYP SBM lab computers. For a moment there I thought "shit! I spoiled the damn thing! now i really have to pay $139!".
Luckily just now my father helped me unscrewed the whole thing and when the RAM was placed properly into the connector this time, it works! Now it's back to 496MB again! Yah! Now I'm happier than when I struck lottery (cause it never happens). So here I am happily blogging with the significantly faster labby. Welcome back 496MB of RAM!
In the meantime I'm not going to change anything cause I'm waiting for a better deal with DDR3 (latest version. Hope it's cheaper cause I didn't see it on the market yet) and Windows7 (coming out soon so I'm definitely skipping Vista. My bro's com have Vista anyway. Can play with it on his com if I really want).
Hope these 2 come out soon!