Saturday, January 31, 2009


My FF3 broke down on me. Keep giving me popups ranging from antivirus ads to Google -_-III

Seriously if I need to google sth I can just simply type it in the address bar. And I don't have the tendency to make a search on google every 3 mins. 

So here I am chewing on fried cuttlefish and uninstalling FF3. It's time for a change.

Nowadays browsers are so common that I can just install and uninstall one every month and still have much to experiment on. 
My current experiment being Google Chrome, so far its performing up to satisfactory. Browsing speed is comparable to FF3 and seems quite light on my already draggy system (sth FF3 can't seem to do). It's also relatively easy to use and definately has a faster startup time than FF3. Startup time has always been one of my biggest concern when using FF3. When you need something urgently and FF3 takes it damn sweet time to startup, I really feel like smashing the laptop on the floor. Which isn't hard to do since My laptop is pretty lightweight and I would have done so if I didn't constantly remind myself that this is my only laptop and I really DON"T WANT VISTA on board any PC I'm using.

But it's too early to tell as well. This is only the 1st day I'm using Chrome. FF3 tooks a few mths before it starts giving me probs. So I'll just have to wait and see. 

I've already chosen Opera as my next experiment anyway.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I should have kept my mouth shut.

When the conservation gets draggy and dry, I tends to panic and blurp out stuffs that I'm not supposed to say or didn't meant to say in the beginning.

Wished that I can reverse time and hit myself on the head until I fainted so that I will not be able to say those things.

Now its best to wish that no big damage is done. I will not be naive to think that no damage will be done but I just hoped that it wouldn't be too harmful.

If that's really the case, I will turn myself in and hope for a light sentence.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Different New Year

Due to the boredom of the new year 'spirit' (and I am nt joking. Most of our cousins are already adults. So age gap brings about distance. And we always make sure we stay at least 2 rooms away from them), me and my bro starts to look for stuffs to do other than watching the clock tick.

And our solution is 怪谈 (pronouced guai tan. search it up in youtube if u wan), watching spirits in the true form of the world.
One of the sub-series of guai tan. This one is called 'before corpse, after death'.

It is a pretty 'hot' show in HK with lotsa episodes and series and its really cool! Although we didn't really see anything that really frightens us too much so far but I got to admit the buildup is pretty solid and the effects is pretty cool. I am pretty sure they make chubby priest Situ Fazhe a star out of the show in HK. He and one of the host from the show will visit famous hauntings all over asia. I watched one exorcism that happens in Malaysia. One female priest (Situ did nth in the episode) perform chinese kung fu to fight the ghosts and put them into water bottles. Funny but it might be the way Malays did it.

Some ghost stories are pretty tragic too, like the girl in Thailand who accidentally knocked over a guy with her bike and kena killed by 3 guys in the end, including the one she knocked into. Her corpse is also raped by the 3 (WTF!). Killed for a stupid reason but she is a kind girl. After her death she will come back at night to help her parents tidy the house and perform several housework tasks.

Then at night before I sleep I read some ghost stories that I downloaded from the net previously. It was accidental. I couldn't tell that they are ghost stories from the title and I usually download novels to read before I sleep anyway. Such a concidence that they happen together though. Luckily I am able to get to sleep with no worries even after watching ghost videos and ghost stories in a row (although I have the premonition that I will not be able to get to sleep easily tonite after sleeping for18 hours in a row in the morning).

Most of the ghost stories tell me one thing 'do what you do with a clear conscience cause there's one thing call retribution'.

All in all, it's a really unique and exciting CNY this year. Makes me drop onto my bed with racing hearbeats for a few nights

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy CNY ????

First day of CNY and I woke up with weird dreams.

Can't rmb the first few but the last one is still flickering in my mind. Might as well blog it down before it runs away.

In the dreams I was climbing a few flight of stairs for some reason and I know my motive is to get to the top. There was a monk behind me asking me irritating questions which is pretty funny now that I think of it. He keep asking if I eat dragon meat and I keep saying 'No' while running up the stairs. This continues till I get to the last flight of stairs. I sensed the urgency in the monk's voice as I get higher and higher. Dun know why he is so keen to fail me. I stole his wife maybe? But a monk have wife meh? And I was thinking 'Ha! This is really easy' and then the monk asked questions again. This time he asked if I eat fish instead. And I say 'yes' but was thinking 'oh shit!!' in my head soon after I say it out. Didn't turned but can sense the monk grinning and then I dropped down to somewhere dark. Think I mission failed or sth. The monk voice streamed down from the top 'Fish meat is also meat' and repeat until I wake up.

So the point is to say 'no' to every meat? Oh and all this happens in Chinese. I seldom talk English in my dreams anyway. Later not fluent.

The older folks says that dreams meant something that will happen soon, like a warning or something. So what this means? No head no tail one....

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Gong Xi Fa Cai! In fact this will be my quote for the next few days. Repeating it over...and over..and over again.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Changed new skin 4 the umpteen time!

Really hate changing blog skin.

Very troublesome.

This shows me to anyhow choose blogskin and 'pia' on my blog.

But I gotta change the previous one somehow. It does nt give any access to my previous blog entries. Making them totally lost.

Now looking back, I am really proud of myself. Maintaining a blog from end 2006 till now! 3 yrs! Longest I had ever done anything in my whole life.

I should know. Given my short temper and 3 mins heatness.

Plp usually says maintaining a diary or something alike (like a blog) helps to improve your eng. Bei Dei (dun tink its spelled liddat. I'm using the jap romanji way) ~~~ I am one obvious example that eng drops from bad to worse even while maintaining a blog for such a long time (to me it is). Might not be the effects of having a blog that helps 2 worsen my eng standard BUT STILL it shows that having a blog doesn't really help much, does it?

However this skin has ugly fonts. Must find somedae 2 do sth 2 it.

The thought of it makes me.....HAAAAIIIIIZZZZ~ (big sigh)

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
In order of importance: Family, Friends, Career, Wealth, Love. Shows how ruthless I can be yeah?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sporty Dae!

Finally managed to play badminton with 1t after all these years.

Must be a big disappointment to her. Cause I sucked at everything sports.

At nite, played basketball with my bro for about 45 mins.

Must have used up all the stamina that I had build up while slacking @ hm all these while.

I am starting 2 dread 2m. When I wake up, my muscle is gg 2 torture me till I cry 4 help. Even though I did min. running, I still did run and jump a bit here and there.

Maybe not 2m. Cause my senses is as slow as my thinking, it usually takes 2 or 3 days. So roughly abt sat? Still it's nt sth worth looking 4ward 2.

Wish I can sleep through all these. At least until the muscle aches die down. Like a sleeping beauty or sth. Sleeping ugly also can. Just let me get through this w/o feeling anything! new year resolution is finally born!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


I missed my MS Office.

Itchy fingers go and reformat my laptop for the 'n'th time. And malfunctioning brain seems to forgot that I had lost my previous copy of MS Student & Office.

This sucks.

Now I can't do any simple screenshots cause I dun have anywhere to paste them to. And I am simply too tired (or lazy) to search for alternatives.

Dun like Window Vista so the constant hesitation in buying a new laptop as I always did in the past. Window Vista sucks. They simply as for permission for every single shit even whether to download when you already click 'yes' twice! Stupid OS!

My parents must be truly grateful to Mr Gates for coming up with Vista. It helps to stop my spending spree on laptops at least. Now they must be targetting the chairmans of Nokia and other mobile manufacturers.

I was given $50 to spend on CNY clothes. A major improvement to me. I still rmb that I was given $20 abt 3 years ago to spend on 2 tops and 2 bottoms. That one I really crack my head also no use. Garanguni also don't wanna sell me. Think I only managed just a top for that one.

Hate shopping for clothings. Techno stuff, I'll be glad to go along. Shoes, bags, clothes....etc, count me out. I always thought I will go bankrupt in Japan faster than in a casino. Maybe that's why my mum kipnapped my passport. She scared that one day I might go bonkas and put myself in the cargo section of a plane to Japan. She might be right. That is my lifetime ambition.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mummie's Bdae Celebration

Look at how 'professional' I am when it comes to dragging things that needs to be done. I intially planned to blog on this on the nite of the event which is the beginning of the week, and now the week is coming to an end.

Anywayz, rmb I said abt dragging my mum to a restaurant?'s hard to decide whether to declare that I passed or failed in this mission.

Let's start for the beginning. Me and my bro planned a week before and finally decide on the day before (too many mouths = too many different thinkings = too many time wasted) that we'll be having steamboat. Steamboat is the perfect choice as my mum nagged a lot if you bring her to other places such as stir-fried stores as she always wanted to compare to what she ate at her catering company. Both irritating, frustating and demoralizing at the same time. And she will also say things that makes me want to kick her down the stairs like she can cook exactly the same thing (seriously she can't. Ask my poor suffering stomach) for a cheaper price with more variety. Steamboat usually have a large amount of variety and it gives my mum a learning experience so that she won't screwed up during CNY reunion dinner.

Unfortunately, we forgot one thing. She is not the type that is willing to travel far for good food (cause it involves spending $$), unlike me and my bros. We planned on going to the one at Turf City but she said its too far and she dun wan t celebrate anymore and thus wanted to cook at home.

Den I give her a black face (forgot to mention that we celebrate her bdae one week b4hand as she is afraid that she is unable to get leave on the actual day. So I kinda feel not so guilty giving her a black face).

Den she panicked.

Den she related. She prepared and stationed herself by my bedroom door,asking me where we are going. I am starting to pity her for giving birth to me. I am such a devil.

But she still complained its too far.

So in the end we went to the closest one - Compasspoint. Just 5 -8mins walk.

And got pizza hut instead.

We wanted to drag her into Swensons but she stayed glued to the ground and look over wishfully at the KFC next door.

So don't care, pizza hut. She thought its cheaper. Actually IMO it's no big diff. It all amounts to the same price in the end.

We got the Golden Harvest Meal and add-on 2 garlic breads.

Didn't managed to take any pics though. It won't look nice as my mum look all panicky (think she was scared that we will have to scrub dishes for pizzahut after the meal) and my dad put all a very black face with arms folded (he still wants to eat stir fried. but he's been having that close to 10 times this month!). Only me and my bros are all relax-y. Come to think of it, we are a wierd family. The ones paying the money are happy and the ones NOT paying looks like they have nails on their chairs.

Generation gap maybe?

In the end it amounts to a little more than $64. Still reasonable to me as we are like all so full in the end. And Mr Black Face (my dad) ate double the slices than anymore in our family.

But I am starting to dread the next birthday in our family. I have a feeling that it will be another round of tug-of-war. And it might be so much harder than this time round.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Freak out a little bit

This is so different from all the previous times. I must admit I am a little at loss of what to do.

In the past there's only 1 @ a time, now there's four marking the different parts of my face (one is @ the cheek, another forehead...).

And it's been almost a week now. I have a feeling they are going to stay there until they are granted PR or something.

Total annoyed.

And the weather had been so freaking cold lately. Sleepness nights and early mornings (culprit for waking me up is either my parents trying to preform Stomp music while washing pots and pans or other weird occurrences like sudden tribal singing) total encourages the acnes in their quest for PR status.

Sooner all later I will go for plastic surgery and make my face all plastic-y so that nothing can grows on my face except moss.

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
The past is a dead end. The only way is moving forward.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Counting down to O'level Results Release 2009

My bro is getting his o'level grades 2m after 2pm.

So our family has to go through the anxiety of hoping that he will pass this time round...again.

I have no idea why I am feeling this instead of my bro but I now have butterflies in my stomach.

No matter how many times I cursed that he will fail and that he will never get into NYP (the fact that he wants to go there so much makes it so much more fun. Although I have completely no idea why), I really hoped that he will make it through this time round. Seriously he dun mean to really do as I predict - be the 1st person in SG to take O'level 10 times and get into Guinness Book of World Records?

Oh shit, I better eat some food now to crush the butterflies in my stomach to death. This feeling really creeps me out.

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
Memories is a strange thing. It plays hide and seek when you need it, and haunts you when you don't.

Friday, January 9, 2009

2nd day of tribal gathering.

The tribal chanting continues but I heard a few familiar ones such as 'London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down'.

Wonder the tribal leaders (OGLs) are also from the same school. Some looks quite old to me, secondary level or older.

Today I managed to sleep until I am happy. Either I am dead beat or they save the tribal chanting for the afternoon. Either way, good job!

Look out the window and saw that they are having fun. Playing games like untangling themselves from themselves (make sense? Doesn't matter). My bro says they have a good life. Don't need to study and just play games all day long. True true. But this might be more tiring than just plain staying in classrooms all day long though. Cause you have to act 'enthu' from morning till 6pm in the evening. Really hard esp for old plp like me. If you are just plain studying, doesn't matter you pay attention in the classroom or not, and you can just drop into bed in the afternoon after school. Just need to prevent to protect yourself from any questions teachers throw @ you during lessons. But that is really easy to escape.

I am really anti-social ain't I?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pri 1 Orientation Camp???!!!

Was awaken by the song of tribal singing this morning. It goes like this - I voice,"Wa fa fa si mo!" Lotsa of voices, "Oiiiiiiiiiii!" and then over and over again. At the volume that covers an airplane that just passed by.

WTF. Doing this 11am in the morning. I slept @ 3 plus okay!

And I'm the kind that sleep in one shot. Once awaken, that's it. End of sleep. Drink milk count sheep also no use.

Currently pondering whether to throw my 2 clothing cabinet down to the primary school below. Being wanting to change it anyway.

Really want to thanks my mum. Of all location why move house to locate ourselves beside a freaking primary school which mic is so damn loud that I close windows, close curtains, close door and put on ear plugs and still can hear???!!!

Freaking annoying. It's not like we are going to primary school anytime soon or ever.

Cannot tahan so look out my bedroom window which is the one closest to the school (purposely one rite mum? Urs the furthest and biggest, mine the smallest and closest?) and saw a scene similar to OGLs leading groups to do stupid stuff like cheering (that sounds like chanting) and climbing on ropes that touch the ground (your point pls?).

Didn't rmb primary 1 students ever having orientation camp. Did the younger generation became so unsociable that they need camps to bond them together? Or are they shy-er than what I remember? Sounds wierd. Pri 1? Shy? They are freaking pri 1 for goodness sake! I tot this is the age where they are supposed to be young and act cutey and totally shy-free.

I must be getting old. Yesterday at one taiwanese variety show, there's a couple - both of 8 yrs old!! They said they had been dating for 2 weeks. Ooookkkaaay. But 8 yrs old dating is so wierd. To me it totally feels like babies falling in love. YUCKS.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What I want for CNY - Bread Notepad

Japan Phone Booths

Doreamon Office

Nowadays, plp really gt nth else better to do. Don't they need to work or something?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~Venting ventilations~

Went curtain shopping with my mum for 2 days - yesterday and the day b4.

Damn tiring.

For the 2nd day, one of my bro join us (I dunno hw 2 refer 2 him. Since I got 2 bros and both are the same age). I always hate it when he went shopping with my mum. If I know I wouldn't have joined. We stepped into a shop which sells 4 curtains for close to $600 and somemore they are those ready-made ones. My bro den complained that my mum is niao. Seriously secretly I dun think the curtains are all that nice so its not really worth it. I support my mum on this one. Seriously my mum doted on him so much that he lost all sense of knowing the hardship that most (but not him) have to go through to earn the bucks.

So my bro complain complain & put on a black face all the way (irritaing!).

In the end we did brought the curtains, all except the living room one. Cause I convinced my mum to let us have different curtains for different room this year. And the one that my mum liked for the living room is like very....flowery. Really her style but I tremble when I imagine that in my living room and I have to see it everytime I go to the toilet. Yewwwww~

But she did get a hue hue (hokkien) one for her room. Still keep asking us for opinions. Since its her room I wouldn't interfere so I say no comments. But she like cannot make up her mind. Still keep asking us. Dun force me la! I nearly blurb out the words 'Damn ugly! Too much flowers!'. But dun wanna heard her feelings so I vomit the words back.

She also brought those wood for hanging the curtains cause we are currently having those old style metal types that you need hooks to hang the curtains. So in total she spend abt $300 plus. Really a lot sia~

Really can hurt plp is you carry those things ard. So me and my bro wanna take cab. Damn paiseh la if you walk around carry those stilt-like stuffs. My mum say bcoz my hse is so far from the venue so it would be very exp. I blamed myself for not bringing my nets card ard that day. In the end my mum got stuck on the entrance when boarding the bus (she is carrying the slits cause we wanna make her realised how hard it is to carry those ard. Too bad we failed so in the end we got those back from her). I suddenly have the urge to run away and pretend not to know her.

My mum is thrifty which is a very good habit of hers but I always have the idea that she knows no limit and do not know how to enjoy life. Would it be scary is you suddenly have to die and then realised that you did even have a moment of fun in this life? Anwayz, her birthday is coming up and I am determined to drag her to a restaurant. She always stand at the doorway refusing to step in. I also wondered why is she so scared, its me who have to pay in the end (u ask what abt my bros? dream on!). Anyway its a once in a year event, so what if we spend too much?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
What most plp failed to realised is that there's no 'real' winner in comparison. There's always sth/sum1 betta.