Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Eve

Today is 31/12/2006. Last day of 2006. I just found out this morning..haha. Lily tell me abt 7am this morning. If nobody mentioned, I would have thought 2m is still in the year of 2006. Don't know y this yr I seriously lost track of time lah.
Yesterday, Lily slept over @ my place. As usual, I am not used to entertaining plp so as a result she slept on a floor with only a blanket (no pillow, nothing). She complained that she would never sleep over @ my place again. Haha..sorry lah. I will try to learn how to be a better host b4 I invite u over again. :P
Now my brothers are not @ hm rite now (one go to work, another go vivo city 2 countdown), my parents haven't return back frm work yet, so I'm currently alone in the hse. I wish my parents would come back fast. I'm hungry!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day

Jul asked me to go to her church's christmas play and on account that she sounds so worried and disappointed (coz she bought too many carnival tickets), I went along.

When I arrived, I was once again amazed at the wealthiness of city harvest. I mean, d you know how much it is to book ONE ENTIRE EXPO HALL? Not to mention, 2???? (There might be more but I have only seen 2) Also it also takes a lot of $$ to prepare the play, stage and the cameras....

After the play, I went to play one of the carnival games. (forgot the name). It was fun!

After that, I rushed to somerset to meet YY. I thought it will take me at least an hour to reach somerset from expo mrt. Surprisingly, it took only less than 25 mins! What a surprise! And i even took EXYRA CARE not to walk too fast le. So in the end I have 2 wait 30mins 4 Yy bcoz i told her to take her time and walk V~E~R~Y slow.
I have fun today and it will definately stay in my memories ever as one of my best christmas.
Merry Xmas! (and enjoy the scary pix below)

Me and Jul holding candles near the end of the service. Background music: silent night.

Wedding Dinner @ Malaysia

Yesterday, I attended a wedding yesterday @ Hyatt Regency Hotel, Malaysia. I was spell-bounded by the spectacular ballroom that my cousin booked for his wedding. This is the youngest and last son of my aunt in Malaysia that was getting married thus my aunt pratically threatened my mum into attending it. Haha...

All in all, I don't really consider the wedding a success. Firstly, The servings are too small (and too halal) and it's only a 6-7 course meal for a whole table of 10/++ pax. Thus I'm still hungry after the entire wedding finally ended. Secondly, although I heard from my mum that it is the 'trend' nowadays to go up on stage to give a speech abt how hard it is 4 ur parents to raise u up and all (don't know whether true or not), I've decided that I would NEVER, EVER do that during MY wedding. People wouldn't be listening to your speech once the dishes started to arrive and it doesn't matter if you cry on stage or not. Food is more impt.
There's also a live band in a corner of the ballroom which helps to provide some entertainment during the entire dining process. And I've got to admit, the band is gd (alhtough 2 out of 3 guys in the band are gays. The other didn't even open his mouth. So I can't tell whether he is gay or not). Clever in the selection of songs too. To me at least. The songs are relatively up to date and most songs complete the effect of setting the mood of the atmosphere.

So all in all, the wedding earns abt 2 out of 5 stars from me, for it's decoration and the fact that it is all free-of-charge.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Monday, 4/12/06. 9.30pm

Today is the day to pass up personal selling and tep summary report. I burned the midnight oil until 4pm yesterday and I woke up by 8pm today, so my mental level is not very well and alert today (actually my alarm rang at 7.30am, but I usually won't wake up the dream/story has an ending. It took the dream 30 mins to conclude). Ben is on flexi today and Li Qin went to do sth for BD, so left only me and Shereen in the store. We passes time by making fun of customers and doing art lessons (teacher-in-charge: Shereen Tan, again). When it's time for closing, my brain was already on shut-down level so when Shereen ask me whether to press 5 (close shift, actually is press 6 then press 7 to end day), I just anyhow nodded my head. What a big mistake! We make Ms Lim as angry as hell as she stormed her way up from her office to help us solve the mistake we made. The end day slip also shows a shortage of $2.50, wonder where that money goes to?
Abt 8-sth pm, Lily msg me that she has met with an motorbike accident the day b4. I panicked. Is the person smsing me now a ghost or a person? If it is the latter, is she in hospital right now? Is her condition critical? (of coz not, right? if not how she sms me? But my stupid brain doesn't function that way. It choose to think the worse of everything.) I felt a sudden urge to rush to hosp. Lucky I never do so, coz she later tell me that she is at home DANCING right now (one min she is telling me she met with an accident, the next min she tells me she is dancing at home. Is that freaky or wat?). Both she and fadley got away with minor bruises.2m I'm gg 2 blanja her ice-cream and at the same time find out more abt the accident in details. Stay tuned..haha...

Friday, December 1, 2006

I Finally Gets 2 Donate Blood !!!

Friday 12/1/06, 11:19pm

Woke up this morning with the feeling of wanting 2 skip school, as usual. :p But I still pull myself 2gether & finally get 2 sch, sleepy and tired. I ask my new friend, Liyana, whether her friend want 2 donate blood 2day,cause I wan someone 2 accompany me..haha...
I quicky rushed out of Fusion, leaving Ben & Shereen alone 2 tend the shop, when I heard that Liyana's frenz also wanted 2 donate. I dun wan the free Mac breakfast voucher so I give Ben in the end, but I heard later that he gave it 2 someone else. Ungrateful fellow. The blood donating process is quite fast this time, except for the real thing. Cause I have 2 be moved around here & there cause they cannt find my veins in my left hand, so paiseh.. Even after donating, they still moved me here and there. Lucky I not dizzy if not they die. I sue them until they die. I met Hui Huang and Pushpa in the blood donation area. Dunno y but I must be in a gd mood 2day coz I super-talkative 2day. I ask Hui Huang abt his gf thingy and said that he doesn't look like the type who have gf. Its a gd thing my mouth didn't get me into trouble coz he didn't get offended. Heng arh~
Den after the msc closed, Shereen wanted 2 go 2 J8, so I 'mian wei qi nan' and accompany her lor. We tried a lot but never buy anything. Haha...cause Shereen says she always managed 2 see a better product in another shop after she buys sth. So in order not 2 have any regrets, we try a lot. Gd excuse rite? Haha... Den Shereen discovered that she didn't bring her NETS out, so we have 2 cut our shopping trip short. No money wat, how 2 shop. Anyway, it's getting late anyway. Oh yeah, we met Xueli and a couple of friends in J8. What a surprise.
2m I gg out wif Siang Gek, hope we gt things 2 say la. Coz now diff sch, common things nt same anymore, so less thing 2 talk abt..Haiz...