Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mum called me around 7plus in the evening to check if I am coming home for dinner. I walked through the door while she is still holding the phone listening to the dialing tone. I asked, "Looking for me?"

Its little coincidental moments like this that makes me chuckles.

I am such an easy person to please, aint I?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mummy's Reactions

Almost everyone arounds me knows that my Mum wants me to have long hair for like...FOREVER. I am sick of having my hair "controlled" and the many inconveniences that comes along with having a long hair so I went to have it chopped off just now. It now looks like this.....

Not a bad do right? I mean... I looked more energetic now.

As expected, my Mum is extremely displeased. I find it pretty funny so I am gonna record down her every reactions with regards to my hair here.

Mummy's "Hair-raising" Experience

4/4/11, 9.13pm

I just stepped into the house. She looks at me with disgust and refused to look at me unless necessary. A few more minutes later, she snorted, "Now you look more like china woman. Right, Daddy?"

4/4/11, 9.40pm

I stepped outta the shower and walked past the living room to get to my room. My Mum starts to drill me about how much I spent, where I cut my hair and who/what "pushes" me to cut my hair. She thinks it might be because of bad company. After that she hint my Dad to continue with the drilling cause she don't wanna talk to me anymore.

4/4/11, 10.05pm

She can't reach a certain good in the storage room. She ask my father if "the crazy one" (aka me) can reach it. My Dad managed to get it out though. So...I lost the chance to confront her on that one. Maybe next time. Although I do admit I look a bit felony cause the hair-do is kinda coming apart.