Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah....Jesus! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah....Jesus!"

It's nt the 1st time I heard christian god-praising songs. But I gotta admit, this is the 1st time I heard anything this.....unique.

I wonder who the composer is. A kindergarten kid? I could make a song similar as well. Just play ard with the words. Here goes: 'Jesus, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!' or 'Hallelujah, Jesus, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!'. Kinda like the SG Poolz 4D combinations yeah?

And what are they trying to do? Praising god with a karoake system in a HDB flat in the middle of the night?

Singing must have make them too hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggh!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Crap Tok

I just discovered I am a very 'mood' kinda person.

I do things depends on mood.

I was abt 2 go badminton-ing with 1t later on and that was bcoz my bro wanted 2 play & dragged me along.

If nt I am fine resting on my bed till dinnertime.

The last time I play any sports is also with my twin. Abt 1 mth plus ago? And that day cause I have so much 'mood' 4 sports, straight after badmintoning I do late nite basketball. Then comes muscle ache and then 'mood' runs away. 

Until now.

My bro says that I am gg outta shape, which I retorted that cylindrical is also a shape. But I have 2 admit what he says is true. I've been having the likes of pastamania, pizza hut or mac for lunch, followed by a heavy dinner and then a heavy supper. Which results in the heavy me.

Everything abt me is growing xcept my wallet, height and breast. Though I am quite happy the last one did nt grow. Better if it shrinks or burst.

Nt working for like abt close to 7 mths has make me very lazy, though I am no better before.

And still I am nt keen 2 find a job. Call me a spoil brat but I am afraid of hardship and rejection. And I know that it wouldn't be easy since everyone is fighting for limited edition rice bowls,
with no rice included. 

Wat's more I hate being controlled.

A bad character of Saggitaurius that I seem 2 develop 2 the extreme but nah, nt gg 2 chg it.

So nw I am running away. Wanting 2 study. Easier. I am still the boss of me, and the lecturers as well. Nice~

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rubbish Tok

I wish plp will stop trying 2 matchmake me?

Which part of me screams desperate?

And I have completely no probs with becoming a nun. I am a vegetarian anyway. Just hope that they allow me 2 bring my psp & labby & provide internet access @ the monastery/convent.

Seriously even my mum start 2 ask why am I nt getting a boyfriend. Lucky I nv mention anything 2 her abt my 'so-called passion' 4 gays. If nt she might question my sexuality as well.....or will it be better if I do?

Or am I uglier than I realized? But seriously I dun mind, guys & girls! I dun nd a bf! Unless he's a millionaire and can send me all over the world w/o putting me in the cargo section!

Man, I really love $$ more than I thought. Maybe that's y I quit being a banker. Cause I can't stand holding $$ that I have 2 return 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FOC I Like!

Went 4 massage yesterday, complimentary of my elder cousin - Shrimp Plp (a nickname between me and my brother that she will nv known), right after I complained tat I've nv been to a massage or spa before.

So she and her friend Agnest towed me along to the Body Contour centre near city hall mrt and use her package to pay for me.

Both of us got a oriental massage, body scrub and a steam bath in the end. Even though I feel like I was overcooked during the steam bath since I am the 1st and last 2 get out, being forgotten by my therapist.

After that I found out the whole package cost $3k plus, inclusive of 24 treatments.

It will be less painful if u just kill me.

Lucky for me its FOC, and the massage is rather relaxing. Although at some point (my neck), it gets rather ticklish.

It is rather enjoyable (esp the part where I dun haf 2 fork out a single cent), but I have to say I dun really like steaming since this is what I did 2 myself everyday during bathtime. And I dun overcook myself.

Btw, where's the spa part???

But I gotta say, it's nice having a cousin this rich yeah?

And yes I am gloating abt it.

Afro w/long potatoes coming up~

Monday, February 16, 2009

Interesting World

It's raining over @ my hse rite nw.

And I'm having fun hearing the remix of the splattering of the rain and the roaring of thunder combined with the screams of my young neighbour.

She gave off 'kena raped' sound rite after each thunder roar. So it goes like this: 'Ka-boom!''Arhh~!' then quiet. Then'Ka-boom!' 'Arhh~!'. It goes on and on for a while.

After that I think someone knock her out or something. What a pity.

She really brings sth new 2 the rainy scene.

Babies Making Babies

Saw the article of 13 yr old UK father?

Quite a laughing stock yet?

Reminds me of the time when I mentioned abt kids having gfs/bfs (which is when? before I'm born?).

And now (22 yrs down the road) kids are having sex with each other. What's next, babies having sex and thus making more babies. 

Yew~ Sorry sorry. Cut that thought. That's digusting. Pretend I nv say/type that.

And I saw the girl too. I mean her picture. On the newspaper. 

This might be mean but she's pretty ugly. Nt saying I am any better but surely there are better choices out there? I mean she's fat(might be due 2 the pregnancy) & with hhuuuuuggge eye bags (might also be due to the pregnancy). And she sounds like quite a slut. Nope nt gg 2 censor anything. Anyone who reads this (which is me, myself & I) already know of the word and most prob use it more fluently than ABC. 

Okay back to that girl, she said she's taking birth ctrl pills very often and missed 1. And she got a truckload of bfs. If that isn't a slut then pls help 2 edit the defn in my dictionary. They must haf printed wrongly. 

And the stupid young boy father? When reporters ask him hw is he gg 2 support the baby girl financially, he shrieked and asked for the def of financially. Seems to me he is too immature and quite terrified of any unknown. Wonder hw he accept the fact that he is a father?

The UK govt could go further than just saying that they will be giving some financial support. Hw abt some lessons on  birds and bees and parenting? Although the boy's father promised 2 tok 2 him abt beehives and bird nest, I seriously doubt anything useful will come out of someone who elope with his daughter's friend.

I might sounds old and naggy but seriously if that is what the younger generation had become. I'm glad 2 be old. I'm in my twenties and enjoying it. Afterall, at least I am nt appearing on the world news due 2 some unglam stuff. Ego boosting time!

Now let's watch the afro guy with long potatos stuck 2 the side of his face~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yabber Yebber

Figure I share this, regardless of whether u know already or not. (I dun care! I just wanna share!).

This website Yebber is for those in Singapore to share their shopping or dinning experiences, regardless of location (as long as its in Singapore), regardless of how famous or ulu the places is & regardless whether the shop is brick & motar or just click.

Their motto is 'Hear and Be Heared'. So far I've done a lot of the "Hear' part. In fact I've know this site for like 2 years plus ?? and all I do is 'Hear'. I might take a go @ the 'Be Heared' part. But god (nope,nt christian here and nt gg 2 be anytime soon) knows when it will really happens.
I will just say I will try my best but as every other 'try my bests', it probably will not be taking effect during this lifetime.

Anyway the main reason I am sharing this is 2 appeal (strongly!) to those photo-fanatics friends out there who I hope (pls???)  will read this entry. Best if those who like taking fotos of foods (u know hu u r. Come on come on), so that it will serve as a better guide for Singaporeans (better yet, me!) to decide where they will be going for their next quest 2 conquer the irrtating sound from down below or for any other special events. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am very frustrated.

Now I understand why my bro only keep this game of a slightly over 1gb in his psp and nothing else.

Yes its fun, its intesting, full of twisst and turns & often make me wonder who the hell is the game designer because its really packed with a lot of stuff which I would nv ever thought of if I was the designer..etc.

But now I've been playing this for a year now and I still didn't get half close to finishing it. 

And the worst thing is its nt that I can't stop playing whenever I want. But there's an itching in my heart if I do. And it will nv rest till I see the credits.

If only I have this passion for other things that I do.

But anyway, so now I'm frustrated. Very frustrated.

Why on earth did I relent to my bro's constant nagging in the past and start on this boyish, tomboyish, full of combat and never ending route?

Oh yeah, I have nth better to do -_-

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Like She-Human likes 2 customize her blog, personalizing my phone has always been my passion. Although many phones are 'sacrificed' in the process (lemme see, there's N80, N82, 6280...), but there's no stopping me. Even I can't stop me. 

But unlike SH, I tap on things that other plp have done & all I have to do is mix and match. Fun!

So far, with my W960i, I have changed themes (duh), bricked it, flashed it, changed fonts & changed my battery and menu icons (unlike Nokia, UIQ devices does nt include changing icons with themes. U can chg them seperately). I could have install that make my phone look like Windows Vista or have a keylock that operates like Iphone. But its senseless. If I wan Vista, I could have go and 'molest' my bro's laptop and if I wan Iphone, why would I even buy W960i in the 1st place?

But I gotta say, due to my constant 'poking' into the phone's supposedly 'secret' place, I have to so call 'update' it a few times due to it suddenly becoming un-usable. 

So I have to keep a update of EVERYTHING on my phone, if not I would be bleeding in my heart like the 1st time I destroyed the phone. 

Lucky its still usable after all this while. Should I say I am pretty fortunate or should I say this phone is pretty durable as it is still standing strg despite all my abusings?

The ♥ of my life - W960i

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have to admit Sony engineers and designers are pretty hardworking. 

It wasn't long before they released a 3000 and now they are exploring the possibilities of a 4000? Somemore there's still errors like fine lines across the display but instead of fixing that, they just say sth weak like they are 'powerless' and then go straight to preparing 4000?

I must say they move on pretty quickly. Wonder if they do that in relationships as well though its really none of my biz. 

Lucky I nv buy 3000. Heng arh~

Some of the proposed designs by PSP users are pretty interesting though if ever PSP is made to a phone, I will nv ever buy it.

As I've mentioned before, a phone is a phone. You can customize the phone to have different fones or u can install simple and stupid time wasting games but no more than that. It's primary function should still be a phone. What's more I am still on my honeymoon period period with my 960 (and I have a feeling we will honeymoon 4eva) so there's no way I will be letting it collect dust and spiderwebs in some unknown and unexplored corner of my room. 

Anyway dun u think the old but quite handsome guy looks stupid with the psp beside his ears? Like he come out of Hougang chalet or sth... -_-III

But if its designed like the black one in the first pic, I might consider emptying out my pockets in xchg 4 one.

Friday, February 6, 2009

8MP Craze

Someone close to my family brought a Pixon, another templating a C905.

Seems like 8MP phone craze is really turning those ard me on. 

Nt gg 2 influence me one bit though. IMO, I always feel that if you wanna take gd pics, get a camera. I can tolerate using a phone for music player or video viewer, but somehow using a phone as a laptop or camera is stepping across the grey area.

It's just isn't the same surfing web, viewing documents or capturing pictures with a so-called multimedia smartphone or a cameraphone, no matter how 'smart' it claims to be or how alike a camera it looks.

And the crazy thing is - you pay so much more for a phone with 8MP than a digicam with the same quality.

Seriously tell me, what's the point?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Me, Myself & I

This blog entry will be all abt me....isn't it always?

First, I will like to say I am extremely proud of myself!!! Wahahaha~ Although I admit that I've made a lot of decisions that I've regretted in the past, I've realised today that I made tons of good ones as well!

Esp the ones that I've acted despite of peer pressure, I must say I am gooooooooood!!!

I really heaved a sigh of relief when I read on the paper that if I've made a wrong move in the past, I will be drinking coffee in the police station by now!

Really boosted my ego. But hey it's nt like I do it everyday did I?


Okay, I did it everyday. But not to worry, I will try my best to keep in under control with 'try' as the keyword.

Moving on the no.1 topic that keeps appearing and will always be appearing as long as I lived - my figure. It's has never been S-shape and will never be but I dun wan 100cm as my waist length as well! 

I've a feeling I know how that happened though. The weather has turned colder in the recent time and I had many a times wished that I am not so afraid of cold.

Then I start eating bak gua as my lunch, abt 200g each meal. 

So I kinda made my own wish come true?


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saggy Quote of Da Daz:
If you don't have the means, find other ways. Time is not a question, but your will is.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fake Chingay

When I go out with my mum, I am usually forced into doing auntie moves. 

My recent auntie accomplishment is 'camping' for fake Chingay parade @ the Sengkang area. 

Having nth better to do, I tried to flim every single ride that gets in my sight using my Walkman phone. But being a WALKMAN phone, it's camera sucks like hell. It's looks like it has astigmatism, causing it to be blurry esp when meeting lights.

But no matter what its the best I've got, so here's my lastest flim release:
p.s you can vaguely see my mum fliming in front of me too