Saturday, May 28, 2011

GodsWar Online

Been playing lots of games recently. Since I am jobless and all....

This is about my latest conquest - GodsWar Online.

GodsWar Online is a mmorpg game. Kinda like World of Warcraft, a infant only version of it.


Its a really childish game that you can play via FaceBook and none of the people inside really speaks English unless you manage to connect to the super popular US server (good luck with that).

Today I met a dead end in my quest (along with my hip hop Panda. The panda is given to every rookie. Once in a while you can merge with it to become a bit more powerful. Just a bit only so don't get your hopes up) - I can't find the stupid harp tablet!!!

Okay bye. I am only here just to vent my frustrations.


Uodate: Found it~ Venting my frustrations helps!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lesbian Vacation


Looks like someone think that I need a lesbian vacation.

Wonders what criteria am I selected it because my facebook relationship status has been pretty much empty all this while? So they thought I have something to hide?

Or could it be my living status which is currently in Australia that did the trick? I didn't really see much gay couples in Australia though....

It caught my eye cause its so out of the ordinary but seriously....who need to go on a specially-organized lesbian trip? If I am lesbian I would just go on a normal trip and enjoy myself. Don't see the need to spend a few extra bucks just to look at an entire tour full of women.

I nearly want to submit my particulars though...since its free anyway, but I decided against it in the end. Not such if I can handle an entire tour full of lesbians, especially when they assumes that I am one of them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking back at my two major trips so far (major meaning that it requires taking a at least 6 hours flight to reach the destination), I realised that I am lucky that they both happens to be friendly places.

Then I start asking myself which places I prefer - Oklahoma City or Melbourne? Okay, I admit I am bored out of my wits. Therefore I am giving my brain a b
it of a warm-up exercise.

My conclusion to the question above? I prefer Oklahoma City more.

Not that Melbourne City is a bad place. It is a cheerful little place where everyone seems happy and bubbly. But its too cosmopolitan for me. There
are too many hotels and travel inns that its just feels like...well...A SECOND SINGAPORE.

Everywhere you go its like almost everyone are backpackers. It kind of gives me a lonely feeling that nobody is here to stay long. To put it in a more bizarre sense - it feels like everyone is here for a one night stand.

Oklahoma City on the other hand gives me less of a business feel and more of a homely feel. Although there isn't much people walking on the streets due to lack of walkways (I kind of hate that part. So not friendly to non-drivers like me T-T), the people there are looks more settled down and there isn't much tourists around. In fact I doubt many people know about this state except for locals and those that are there for the residency.
Ohhh...I also like the fact that you can get cheap stuff if you just search around. Basically there are things for everyone with different budget criteria and income group
in mind. So there are:

And there it goes infinitely...there are many more levels in between and after "Super High Income" but I am lazy to list them all out.

Whereas in Melbourne...these are the levels of consumer goods:
Some might argue that its due to the currency rate between Singapore and Australia. Okay, even if I take away the currency rate difference. Its still starts from medium-high income onwards. So not conducive for a cheapo like me.

Therefore conclusion is...if I have to choose between these two places to settle down and despite the crime rates and other stuff, I would still choose Oklahoma City.

Hmmm....does this means that I really really dislike touristy places? This aint good...If I really want to travel in the near future I have to do so much extra research just to travel to places without many tourists.

What a sad life I lead.