Sunday, March 23, 2008

One of my friend suddenly took an interest in pubbing cum clubbing and has kinda tempted me into going with her. The place that she has selected is St James Power Station. Heard that it's a very happening place and its revamped from the old coal-power station (is it haunted then? * excited*). And that's about all that I know about the area. Realizing that this little bit of info is not sufficient for me 2 act like an expert in front my friend (as the chinese saying goes - life is like a drama. And I usually act as the expert in the dramas), i decided to do some research.

I didn't really surf like mad like info, only go to the official St James website due to convenience sake. After which, I had selected 3 places which I feel is a 'must-go' (at least I 'must go') - DragonFly, Mono and Tiger Live.

Dragonfly interest me because its a pub that plays mandarin pop songs. I been wanting 2 visit a pub for like eternity and its relatively hard to find a pub that plays mandarin pop. A pub that plays mandarin pop is 2nd on my list of my most-wanted pubs, right beneath gay bars *grin*

Mono is a just a karaoke centre cum bar (i think. Didn't really read in detail. Too many words in the 'About Us' page). Not much 'wow' factor there but I just wan 2 try singing karaoke in a so-called 'high class' place (i am that kind of person who has gone bankrupt but still wan 2 eat in 5 star hotels. No wonder my bank account is 5 figure - -$20.512)

Tiger Live is more of a historic gallery kind of place than an entertainment outlet. It's a pub with diferent themes all linked to what Tiger is about like its history and stuff. My real motive for going into the place is actually to see if they really practiced what they preached - they say must serve beer between 4-6 degrees and stuff like that. So i really wan 2 see if the beer taste different compared 2 the ones served in coffee shops or similar places.

Anyway, this research is done waaaaaay before hand of the actual event. I don't think I'll be visiting St James so soon. I hope I rmb to take some photos by then so that I have sth 2 blog abt. If not, this blog is really going doooowwwn~

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