Sunday, September 21, 2008

Moonpies & MCB

Okay...this might be a tad bit outdated but I seriously can't bring myself to blog about them previously. The lazy bugs in me is seriously getting out of hand. And multiplying!!!

First thing first, presenting.....Moon Pies!!

Hmmm...since 1984 and I've never heard of it before. I wonder how their business survive being so secretive?

Different flavors for different colors. But I die die also won't try the green tea one. Yikes!

My family is too poor that we got moon pies instead of moon cakes. Sponsored by one of my mum's colleagues. Although I not a hardcore mooncake fan, but I would say that if I am forced to choose between moon pies and moon cakes, the latter will win hands down. Moon pie taste okay but (o-oh~ there's a 'but' coming...) I dun really like the oily feel of it (maybe its just me) and what's more, it just don't feel like Mid-autumn festival w/o mooncakes.

Btw I took some photos of my...erm...I dunno what to call him. I'm not very good at all this heritage or family tree kinda stuff. Let's just call him My Cousin's Baby, MCB for short. He's only 8 mths old but I keep spreading rumors abt how he's already one yr plus and still cannot walk. My bad~
Anyway, he come over my house for 2 days this week cause there's no one else free to take care of him (poor MCB~),and my mum just nice got 'off days' for these 2 days (I dun believe it. It's too coincidental to be true) so my mum became the free nanny. Anyway he is quite cute, fat and chubby so I decide to let him be my 'toy' for 2 days. Everyday I rushed home just to play with MCB because when the clock strikes somewhere ard 7pm, Cinderella have to go home.

He's supposed to be laughing in this pix. But the stupid phone camera gets 'activated' a bit too slowly. Shouldn't had bought a Walkman phone...

He 's crying because he don't like to sit. He prefer rolling on the ground. Lazy bum!

He can't walk yet but hey, he's counting! One, two, three...

Btw we didn't torture him by letting him sleep on the floor instead of bed. He likes to roll around so much that we don't have a bed that is big enough for him to roll happily. Thus the lying on the floor part.

He's sitting now but it's only one of those rare times. This only last less than a min. And we have to distract him with sth....

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