Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a freaking slow day for surfing online using my internet. Feeling ever so impatient, i went to surf for ways to improve the speed of FF3.1. Then i came across an online article abt how much faster Goggle Chrome is comapred to FF3.1.
Using the same webpage, I decided to give Chrome a head start but letting it run for a few more seconds before I let FF3.1 do the same thing. Even so, when Ff3.1 finished loading the page, Chrome was only halfway through. This shows how reliable internet articles are, huh?
It might not be fair anyway, since Chrome is just in its Beta but the claim that Chrome is so much faster? Totally untrue.
Anyway, I am still keeping Chrome. Just in case my other 3 internet browsers decided to act up on me someday....

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