Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exam is over and I hafta say I am ashamed. I did not do too well. Not much of a surprise there considering how much I am considering and that I am still exploring an effective study method.

I figured that for those that comes with diagram, best to study it with diagram la. And...not to act clever, remember too much extra info for what?!!! Its not required lor.

Haiz...and to think I almost pride myself on the clever brain...

Brain! U should be very ashamed!

Next thing on the agenda, I signed a tour package w/o my mum's approval. The tour package will NEVER HAPPEN with her approval which is why I go ahead with the purchase, which is super cheap as hell at $139-$10 (discount per pax at NATAS 5*s). Me and Lily is heading on 21 April. Well something to look forward to but...let's see how it works out. Cause passport is still held as hostage.

That's all for today. Ciao~

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