Sunday, May 20, 2007

Games Review by Renowed games expert Saggy

Downloaded 3 games yesterday. Know I shouldn't do this since I still have a lot of projects untouched & unstarted (is there this word? Heck care la) but can't resist it. Life's so boring la.

This is the 1st game I downloaded - **The Apprentice Los Angeles**. Didn't see the real time variety last time coz there's no handsome guys inside but the game is whole damn lot of fun(But still no handsome guys inside. Nt even cartoon ones! Boo hoo~)! Quite similar 2 **Diner Dash** actually but a whole lot easier although they are both as stressful.
Didn't really finish the game yet so dun really knows what will happen @ the end but as far as I know there are total of 6 different levels but only 3 scenes so the 3 scenes get to repeat 2 times ( u will know wat I am talkin abt when u play the game). The 3 scenes are namely the sushi bar, the boutique & the water sports shop.
Some screenshots from the website ( I lazy 2 do my own screenshot la. Somemore I suddenly feel like bloggin so didn't really prepare) below.

The Sushi Bar (Why are they selling cakes inside the sushi bar)
The fashion boutique
The water sports shop (most troublesome of the 3 coz you have to replace equipments that the customers return urself)
2nd game is **Agatha Christie Death on the Nile**. Dun know why but I have a certain fetish 2wards hidden objects games recently. Use 2 think that they are a waste of time in the past....well, plp chg.
In this game u are a detective on board a cruise tryin 2 solve a murder (or sth else. Dunno yet coz haven yet solve the crime. Well let's juz say someone die, ok?) by collecting clues. U get 2 talk 2 suspects (but have no choice of what 2 say. it's already chosen 4 u), collect & examine the clues. Quite interesting actually. If u are into the same kind of stuff as I am.
Screenshots time:

Haiz..getting tired already. Thanks heavens it's the last one. Okay the last one is **Nanny Mania**. As suggested by the title, it's all about being a nanny. So expect to see a lot of babies inside. U get 2 play the role of the nanny of a mayor and his crazy family (Cause the mayor stupid wife give birth once every year. Thank goodness they stop at 4. But it's still not normal), the wife & the mayor respectively(but at different rounds) but I feel more like a maid inside coz aside from cleaning the sh*t of the baby and preparing milk bottle, I get to do random maid stuffs like preparing dinner from the whole family, washing toilet, doing the laundry & tons of other maid stuff. At the end of the game I was always cursing the whole family bcoz they kp creating new mess 4 fear of nt value for money. Lucky I never do OT. But dun get me wrong, the game is really fun (I am lucky this time round, all the games that I downloaded are all interesting. Last time round none fits my taste) but similar 2 **Diner Dash** & **The Apprentice**, you have finish within a certain time limit so it's really stressful. But fun.
Now I stop @ the wife stage, I wan 2 get to the mayor stage faster coz I wan 2 see if he dares 2 create so much mess (He's the one who create the most mess & the hardest 2 clean eveytime) when he's the one cleaning up.
Screenshots! Screenshots!

All the screenshots in the website is on the 2nd level where the wife starts cleaning up. At the 1st level it's the nanny (the girl with the big head below) who do all the work. I kinda missed her now..
From now on, it's the wife who cleans up.
The pig is laying on the sofa. I hope the wife divorce the mayor soon.
That's all. It's time 2 sleep. Ciao~

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