Thursday, September 6, 2007

After 2 weeks of internship...

After 2 weeks of internship, all I can say is ...... I wan 2 quit already!! I have particularly no social life! Wake up, go to work, finish work, go home, eat dinner, sleep and then wake up again the next day...the cycle continues.
And which idoit thinks that an working in an advertising firm is such an adventure? What I have learnt during the past period of more than 2 yrs is wasted la!! None can be applied. I have to learn everything from scratch and apply at the same time. It's much more worse than school, feels like i'm taking exams everyday. Haiz...what's more what I earn (the pitiful sum of so-called allowance of only $450 per mth) is not enough to even buy my food there.'s bugis for goodness sake! One bowl of fishball noodles which is not in the least bit tasty sold inside a aircon-less and service-less coffee shop cost more than $4! I am not telling that you should give me money to cover my transport, at least give me money to eat!
Not to mentioned the number of times I do free-OT for this stupid co. My eyebags are getting worse and worse!

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