Thursday, September 13, 2007

Analysis of the fan in my room:
Working Lifespan: 15 yrs (or more, I have a feeling I been having this fan since I am born)
Before - white creamy and sky blue colors
After - grey and dark blue
Before - even at speed 1, it is already far too cold
After - Must combine aircon with fan then will be comfortable
Current State: NOT MOVING @ ALL!

So now I am stuck melting in my own room. Must the retribution of the ice-cream that I ate this afternoon. The fan has been moving & stopping 4 more than 1 wk. But my parents refuse 2 chg and fix it themselves instead.
Finally, the fan decided to throw in the towel and give up but my father still wants 2 make it work again. That's when I explode. The reason that they dun wan 2 buy a new one is nt due 2 lack of time. None of them refuse 2 pay! So I say I will pay and can one of them help me buy one since I needs 2 work and knows nth about fans anyway. Dead silence. I think they still scared I say say only coz I nv give them any money when I said that (Need 2 withdraw 1st one mah. My bank account also getting thinner and thinner. Got come out but nth goes in). So in the end, I gave up. I said I wouldn't buy myself and then closed the door to my room. Actually I wasn't angry, I just closed the door 2 attempt 2 block some of the noise from the living room TV. But I think they later feel guilty, that's why they are now discussing like what type of fan 2 buy and where 2 buy. :p
Haiz....if they refused 2 pay, they should tell me earlier mah. I'm willing 2 pay. It's for my own consumption anyway. Make me everyday and every night open aircon. Now my skin starts peeling (too dry)....yucks.

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