Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MiniGames - Yummy Drink Factory

Been playing this game for 2 days now. Liked 2 play mini games like these. File size awefully small & you can finished in within 2-3 days. Good for impatient plp like me. Would had finished if not for the mission impossible last round. However all in all, it was fun.

It is kinda like a memory game cum time management game. Rmb the diff recipes 2 each beverage and prepare it. In the case of forgetting a certain recipe, just make sure to finish preparing the drink before the customer lose his/her heart and walk away from the counter.And instead of cold hard cash, you get cold hard gems. How cool/uncool is that?

Pretty interesting. I would say it is one of the best time management game I played (& believe me, I played a few dozens) and it pretty much captured the fun part of being in the beverage business minus the boring part like cleaning the glasses and closing down @ the end of the day 2 name a few.

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