Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cleaning up? So NOT me!

I'm not a clean freak but my twin bros has a knack of making me angry over this matter.

Esp when i always found the mess in the morning and my blood pressure is always low then.


That's what happened just now as well. My bros took my modem and router to his room to do some exp and then when it failed they return the router and modem back. Fiiiinnnneee~ But why do they have to 'rojak' my wires just like what they did in their own room? I fine when they do it do their own room but its really stressing and ugly to see ur few wires crawling and tangled all over the floor. And then I have to do this early in the morning also.

Have to spend 30mins untangling the wires and hide it from sight so they don't all drop on the floor.

My bros are REALLY GONNA get it from me when they wake up later.

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