Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Work is getting pretty fun. But its tiring at the same time. 

Fun is where the friends come in - play & chit chat in between customers. Tiring due to long hrs of standing & nasty customers that thinks the world of themselves. Oh, and the long hrs of standing helps to wear me down as well...

Anyone heard of the new Takashimaya song? It totally sucks. Think their new motto is 'we can do' but the song is so damn irritating. And they have to play it so loud in the toliet that it nearly deters me from peeing or whatever shit.

Btw next time u see me, i might be talking in some kind of slang of whatever. Cause currently this friend that works alongside with me has a serious slang from I dunno where. And I usually 'parrots' the person which I am talking to. So...bear with me till I lost it. If nt....just bear with me forever.

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