Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What should I do??!!!

Times passes so fast. At the blink of an eye, its already Sept.


My god, that means I have less than 2 months to prepare for my trip to oklahoma, usa at the end of the year!

I am super clueless on what should I do now. Ever since I bought the luggage last month, i had been staring at it (and I think its staring me back as well. What a defiant luggage) wondering what should I put inside 1st.

Till date, the inside is still clean and shiny. And empty.

I can't pack the clothes cause I will still need to wear those. I have no thermal wears and thermal wears are super exp in Singapore. No turtleneck sweaters as well as I am quite reluctant to purchase those as I dun like the feeling of something struggling me.

Aside from clothings, can I put other utilities inside...erm...I scared it kena squashed by the clothings leh. That's y I wanna put those hygiene or watever products on the top.

Arghh!!!! Frustrated!!!!

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