Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finished my AOW exam today. Don't think I did too fantastic cause nothing went into this dumbass of a head even after studying for so long. Think I'm getting old....

No more school after this.

Anyway I checked whether my salary was banked in today and I got more than I deserved! Mandy I LOVE U!!! I didn't work so much but I got more pay? Haha...don't mind if I keep coming back for more~

Only like about a month to the day when I am supposed to depart for the states. Its coming too fast yet not fast enough. One moment I was dreading to go to a foreign country to chiong studies, another (moment) I am like hoping it will come faster so that I can have no exams no more. Super weird mindset but its okay, don't mind me.

Preparation for departure is like only 45% done! OMG! WHAT ELSE DO I NEED??!!!! PANIC ATTACK!!!!

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