Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome to the Family - Mocha & Latte

Welcome to the Tan family! 1 month old baby Syrian hamsters Mocha & Latte!

Frankly giving you names give me headache and I am pondering whether to leave you guys nameless like the previous hamster. The previous one is just called "Ham Ham" for convenient sake. The major factor that prevents me from naming you guys/gals - I have no idea what your genders are! Even the all so mighty Mr Internet is left speechless this time round.

Then Mr Internet decided to throw me one piece of internet that I didn't really ask for, but got me real interested. I can conditioned you guys to react to me! You have no idea how tempting this is considering how you guys didn't exactly warmed up to me (is it my face? blame my mama...).

Therefore the unisex names - Mocha and Latte are born! That, and the fact that I luv Starbucks!

So once again welcome to the family and I will try my best to remember your birthday - 25 November 2010. Haven't really decided yet whether to do an yearly or monthly celebration but leaning more towards monthly or quarterly considering your short life spans. Let you know when the time comes.


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