Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Hamster Nanny - Escape Artiste, Latte

Now I am breathing a sigh of relief.

To cut a long story short, Latte (the female white hamster, breed unknown. Can't tell between Roborovski and Syrian hamsters. Should be Syrian judging from its sharp face) jailbroke while I was hanging out with Mama and Daddy yesterday. Mum found it when she opened the storeroom door just now.

Till date, how it escaped is still a mystery since the cage is still firm and secure when I got back and found Latte to be nowhere in sight.

I am so glad it didn't jumped out from the window as what my Dad said.

So ironic that the only person scared of it is the one who gets to find it though.

Mama said that if she opened the door wider, Latte will be crushed to death. Or at least end up with broken bones all over. Coincidentally the night before I was so worried about Latte that all my dreams end up to be about her, and the one that I remember the most vividly is that I found her behind my parents' bedroom door, crushed to death!

Anyhow I am gonna take extra precaution to make sure the cage is secure. Most probably I will get a new cage after all the scare.

I feel like I lost a few years off my already short life. I am gonna die at 76 remember? Only 53 years to go! Oh....that seem like a long time...

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