Saturday, May 28, 2011

GodsWar Online

Been playing lots of games recently. Since I am jobless and all....

This is about my latest conquest - GodsWar Online.

GodsWar Online is a mmorpg game. Kinda like World of Warcraft, a infant only version of it.


Its a really childish game that you can play via FaceBook and none of the people inside really speaks English unless you manage to connect to the super popular US server (good luck with that).

Today I met a dead end in my quest (along with my hip hop Panda. The panda is given to every rookie. Once in a while you can merge with it to become a bit more powerful. Just a bit only so don't get your hopes up) - I can't find the stupid harp tablet!!!

Okay bye. I am only here just to vent my frustrations.


Uodate: Found it~ Venting my frustrations helps!

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