Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call me slow but I just watched Pirates of The Caribbean 3 - Dead Man's Chest.

WTF, Will Turner is dead? Or rather Will Turner is now a zombie with a hole in chest where his heart was, only appearing once every 10 years? I don't think the scriptwriter is going to fast-forward 10 years for Orlando Bloom just so he can return like every 2 sequels or something (every sequel is already out of the question since Bloom is confirmed to be MIA for Stranger Tides)? Guess either Orlando Bloom got tired of the franchise or vice versa....

And I nearly died when Jack Sparrow did not appeared most of the first half of the movie, It.Got.So.Draggy.That.I.Wanna.Die. Never thought I will say this but Jack Sparrow makes Johnny Depp lovable. Even my Mum paid extra attention to the "swaying hoppity guy".

Oh, and my Mum was tricked into watching this with me because I told her Chow Yun Fat (Seriously, Fat as a name?) was in the movie. Regretted it though since Chow Yun Fat only appeared for a few scenes therefore Mum keep asking me if he is going appear again and making pretty accurate conclusions like "I guess he isn't the male lead since he did not appear much".

And this sequel kind of make me dislike Elizabeth Swan. How many guys did she kissed in this sequel? First Mr Fat, then the British-looking man who died under the sword of Snr. Turner and then two or three times with Jnr. Turner. Well to be fair, she did pushed one of them away (aka Mr Fat)...but maybe she don't like old asians who looked every bit like a eunuch?

As I mentioned previously, this movie is incredibly draggy - especially the beginning. At the end of one and a half hour, we thought it must had been at least two hours already. However it seems like we both have another one hour and 18 minutes to go. Towards the end it got better though and there were more actions instead of boring yakkity yak.

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