Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I'm back! REVIEW - Brazilian Wax Down Under @ The Strip

Feel like updating this blog for no good reason. God knows how long this craze will last this time. 

Anyway, Vanessa has been harping about this awesome and affordable place where she did her underarm waxing so I manage to persuade her to let me tag along today. 

I asked Van to book me for bikini line Brazilian waxing at 2.45pm and was totally late. Can't help it. I tend to drag leaving home when my parents are around. Love talking to those old fellas. LOL. 

Anyway I got there about 2.50pm plus minus, strip down bare from waist down removing everything including my undies and that's when the lovely Malaysian lady told me that i don't have anything along my bikini line to wax! For a moment I was deciding between to be proud (hey, its kind of a privilege!) or to be paiseh (feels like I deliberately come and strip down to show off my private parts). In the end, I decided to do the full pubic Brazilian wax which cost $58 (before GST) by the way. Can even smell my pockets burning.

As you probably could tell from the "lovely Malaysian lady" part then I rather enjoyed my session. Not to say it wasn't painful. Mind you I even burst out Hokkien curse words in front of a cantonese speaking lady. Crossing my fingers she don't understand a thang I've said. However she was caring and helpful the entire session so it really makes the burning wax (and pockets) all worthwhile. I am always a sucker for good customer service anyway.

I will definitely head back again, probably to do my underarm waxing next time. The LML (Lovely Malaysian Lady) said that it grows super slow and there's nothing in the first place so I am gonna heed her advice and spend my 60 over bucks on something else. The Strip definitely provides professional service and as long as it continues to stay that way, you can be assure I will rain money on that place for a long, long time.

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