Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wasted Purchase ? 19 Dec 2012

I think this keyboard is great though it might be made and designed in China.

Okay. Random.

Erm...let me give you a little background. From the top, my current keyboard decided to infinitely until the end of time.Thus making it impossible to key in anything especially logging in to Windows since  will be press after every entry on the keyboard (if lucky), your 3 tries will be used up in an instant and you will go into Temporary Locked Out Heaven.
My Current Keyboard - For those interested or simply kpo

So...I bought this keyboard today at CyberActive CompassPoint cause I decided that the on-screen keyboard is about just as irritating as a faulty keyboard.

Comparing it to my current Dell keyboard which decides to work properly again for whatever stupid reasons (yes I am frustrated that I am now stuck with 2 keyboards despite them being perfectly good ones!), I still prefers the Dell wireless keyboard which I got free with the purchase of my workstation.

It probably is perfect for gaming, which is its primary function and what was advertised on the box. Either that or its brand name is Gaming. You can never tell what China manufacturers are actually thinking when they comes up with "innovative names" for their products.

I can only cross my fingers hoping that my keyboard will last.

I did tried to look for one that is not made in China though - Mission Impossible. In the end I settled for the value for money (??) set mentioned above.

Seeing as I would not be using this keyboard again for a very very long time, I can  only hope this keyboard will work as well then. In the meantime I will curse my current keyboard to malfunction just so that I can use this keyboard asap before it dies out on me.

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