Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 2-headed spider is back!
And it grew bigger! Now it's the size of my palm. Combined with the legs of course (cause the body is so damn small. looks like black sesame seed from far).
So it has been living in my room all along! i saw it went out of my room and came back like less than 5 mins later. I wonder what's so nice in my room...and what it ate to make it grow this big in this short amount of time. I will be sure to get rid to get rid of whatever that is attracting that spider. Imagine! A spider staring at you and crawling all over you when you sleep (I wonder it spun web on me b4?)! Yucks!

P.s. I think the 2 heads combine to become one. But I can't be sure. Dun dare 2 grow too near in case it jump onto my face.

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