Saturday, February 2, 2008

Went to search for the 3 designs for Kallang Stadium and managed to find them (JY bluff plp one lor, can find lor) in ST photo essays.

Crumpled tissue design (Alpine Consortium) :

Exterior - Translucent plastic outer stadium layer, which allows for different lighting configurations at night. Asymmetrical design, with an elevated west section for VIP stands, museums and library. Beach along the Kallang waterfront.

Exterior: Water sports/urban beach

Interior: Retail outlets

Horseshoe design (Singapore Gold Consortium):

Exterior: Horseshoe-shaped stadium design, with open end that looks out into the Kallang Basin and city. Stadium capacity can be boosted from 55,000 to 80,000. Sports Quay: a 25m-wide, 2.6km-long waterfront promenade for fans to watch watersports events.

Exterior: Iconic designs

Dome Design ( Singapore Sports Hub Consortium):

Exterior: Dome-shaped stadium design, with plastic outer membrane allowing for different lighting configurations at night.Roof material allows images to be projected on it, like a giant IMAX screen. Youth and community-oriented activities to make the Sports Hub vibrant year-round.

Interior: "Premium park" with lightweight retractable roof

Personally i still like the horseshoe design best. Too bad that it didn't work out.

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