Saturday, October 10, 2009


Was playing with Sim3 just now.

I hired a babysitter, a usual teenager one they provided in Sim3. Then I made my male adult chat up and hang out with the young baby sitter, in hope that sparks will fly and chemical reactions occurred.

Instead, the baby sitter got disgusted and make away with my male adult's baby brother! I tried to followed her to see where she went to but she disappeared halfway. Like a ninja!

She looks kinda Japanese she might REALLY be a ninja....but....

I know you loves children, Ninja babysitter, but give birth to your own! And return me my toddler! I tried so hard to make him the perfect child! And he's going to elementary school the next day! Who am I going to send there now?
p.s. I got the toddler back in the end. Ninja Babysitter gave him back (as a gift i suppose) when the adult male got married to the maid. By that time, the baby is already few days into childhood, and has already attended lessons by himself.

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