Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hate cowards.

And unfortunately, most of the people around me are cowards.

Too hesitant for dunno what shit.

It's not gonna make things better. So why not get it over and done with, you idiots!

Not asking for dare-devils. Some dare-devils are stupid, not courageous. I don't find 'daring' to eat drugs or go for bungee jumping courageous. The same goes for one night stands.

But cowards are the worst sort. As if its possible, they worsen the situation by finding reasons for their lack of courage. Speechless. And they don't listen to anything you say. They are always right.


No idea why I'm living around these people. Gotta find someway to get rid of them somehow. Or at least not see them so often.

They make me sick.

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