Thursday, October 1, 2009

Snow White of the Swamps

Seen this before?

It's a white alligator or white crocodile (frankly I could never tell the difference). I saw this just now in a Hong Kong forum and thought that's something I might like to share.

I will try my best to translate from Chinese to English...

Here's how the article goes:

A 22 years old pure white alligator weighing 227kg has recently appeared in Florida, America. According to experts, this species of white alligators are very rare, with only 12 left all over the world.

British media reported that this white alligator is named 'Bouya Blan' meaning 'white mist'. It and three other white alligators presently cohabited in the famous Gatorland in Florida, America.

"Visitors to the zoo felt spooky when they saw this white alligator," said Mark, person in charge of Gatorland. "Its blue eyes make you intimidated."

This alligator was first discovered by scientists at a swamp in
the state of Louisiana, and brought it to the Audupon Zoo in New Orleans. Many rare reptiles were dead as a result of the move to Gatorland.

"Our zoo has the most number of white alligators in the world, " said Demor, person in charge of Audupon Zoo. "White alligators is not the result of
Albinism, contrary to popular belief. They are born white with blue eyes, with colour pigments only in the mouth and tail."
According to experts, this species of white alligator can be grow up to 3 - 3.3 metres long. Due to their entirely white skin, they find it hard to survive in the wild and are thus rare.

The white alligator is very sensitive to direct sunlight, thus are allowed only a minimum amount of sun exposure by the keepers. Demor said tha
t they hope to breed more white alligators in the near future.

Here's the original article:

Unbelievable right?

I didn't believed it as well till I saw this picture.

Crocodile hunter verified the news with his (late but) royal presence!

I mean if Steve is in it, it must be true. After all he's the 'crocodile hunter' right? And I actually got this picture from a different source. Unless they are so bo-liao to create so many different sources just to justify their 'lies', it must be true.

Looking at the alligator photo again, it looks so weird...yet so cute! It looks like something outta a cartoon or something!


And how I wish I have deep blue eyes instead. All I got is brown/black eyes, which is fine if not for the fact that one is so much smaller than the other!


P.S. I did my best with the names. I verified the names of the states and places, but I am helpless with the names. That's why there's weird names like 'Demor' appearing...T-T

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