Monday, January 31, 2011

Power Shopper

Shopping is not really my kinda thang. Those who know me well enough knows that its relatively hard to get me out of the house. You literally have to drag, seduce and force me to agree. Unless I am in the mood. That's the reason why I am late most of the time - still bonding with my desktop computer.

My Mum decided to drag me for to buy a new pair of shoes for CNY. I had bought nothing this year - no tops, no bottoms, no underwears...nada for CNY. I have told her that I wanna try heels this year (an inspiration I got from a anime with a short female lead. It makes me realised that I am short too...), that's why I put up no resistance when she drag me along to Hougang. I forgot exactly what the place is called, the whole thing is like right next to the Hougang Police Station.

Kawaiiiii~~~~ rite? Erh...not really....

I went into the first shop I see, saw the shoes, fell in love. Then I let my Mum bargain with her over 90 cents and got out with my trophy. Frankly my Mum and I was shocked at the speedy purchase. I usually take quite long to find what I want, but once I found it the rest is in fast-forward mode. If not for the shoes, I wouldn't tolerate the shop auntie who talks and behave just like my bitchy cousin. My face turned black for a minute there but I still held tight to the shoes, not wanting to let go.

Shows how much I want those shoes yeah?

Too bad they run out of black for my size (size 7, according to the shoes). It will be so much low-maintenance compared to this pair of white platforms.

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