Thursday, January 13, 2011

Saddest day ever - I LOST MY WALLET.

Inside is a bunch of important cards and most importantly my IC.

WTF replacement of IC needs SGD100. Since when is it so exp? It used to be just SGD50 a couple of years ago? Inflation also affect your plastic?

To the lousy thief that took my wallet - I am praying hard that your entire bank account kena hacked and all your money transferred to mine. Bwahahah~ Need to cover my loss somehow...

Fuck! 2011 is turning out to be a lousy year. Rabbit years also sucked for me. The worst thing always happened in Rabbit years =(

Not to be superstitious but I really need someone/something to blame to prevent my emotions from spiraling downwards more. At least its inevitable will make me feel so much better. I think.

My parents are not going hear a word about this. Last time when I NEARLY lost my wallet, they already holler at me even before I managed to finish the story. This mood to hear them holler.

Then again, stress and negative emotions really help me to perform today in the gym! I wonder if the same goes for strong positive emotions?

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